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about us

HOMEMAKERS create platforms where advertisers and discerning homeowners connect.


HOMEMAKERSonline is a great source of home improvement information with informative lifestyle content, guides, tools, how-to's with quick and easy access to trusted and vetted service providers.

As specialists in the home improvement industry we also offer full turnkey digital solutions including paid search campaigns, website development, hosting, social media marketing and content writing.


Six regional publications are distributed monthly with a combined print run of 290 000. This is SA's largest home related direct response publication, and it embodies the power of print. Studies have proven that print maintain a positive trust score, with homeowners believing in the reliability and credibility of vetted service providers.

We are experts in reaching the right target audience and our proven and very successful distribution strategy, combine street and stand distribution.

HOMEMAKERS stands, placed in high traffic strip malls and convenient stores, are neat, well branded and serviced weekly.

Regions: Johannesburg | Pretoria | Vaal Triangle | Cape Town | Durban | Bloemfontein


Exhibitions offer immeasurable value as a face-to-face marketing medium. There is no better way to connect, build rapport, compare, touch, feel, smell, and give consumers peace of mind before buying.

HOMEMAKERSfair is reputed as an event where exhibitors do excellent business. Three regional expos are presented in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pretoria.

With renewed focus on what makes a home, these events include an all-inclusive display of top brands and local craftsmanship, all under one roof. Exhibitors range from start-ups and artisans to multinational industry leaders, showcasing the latest products and trends from established professionals in their respective fields.