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The Renewal Institute's '3D approach' to anti-ageing and wellbeing is what sets it apart

The Renewal Institute incorporates Skin, Body, Health, Sleep and Brain Renewal - a collection of aesthetic and wellness clinics that offer a holistic approach to anti-ageing treatments and healthcare.

Renewal Institute's aim is to encourage clients to optimise their health and wellbeing whilst looking and feeling their best too.

The Renewal Institute's '3D approach' to anti-ageing and wellbeing is what sets it apart

Steady growth

As a general practitioner with a special interest in aesthetic medicine, I initially offered anti-ageing treatments that reverse and preserve the ageing process from my home. Later, in 2005, I went on to open the first Skin Renewal branch in Johannesburg. Business boomed and it soon became apparent that my premises wouldn't be able to accommodate its steady growth, so I opened another branch that would lead to yet another. Today, The Renewal Institute consists of 16 luxurious clinics situated in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban.

I'm honoured to work with a team of 19 highly-skilled medical doctors, all with a special interest in aesthetics via holistically approaching the prevention and treatment of ageing from the inside out. We're quite the family as the doctors are supported by a team of 160 staff members, including 9 nurses.

Combination is key

At the Renewal Institute, the first port of call is a doctors consult. As each patient's needs are unique, no treatment plan will commence without a thorough assessment, especially when the concern is a health one. We don't simply treat symptoms, we diagnose and remedy a cause. Also, so often, aesthetic concerns directly relate to your health. Many of our patients come to us seeking solutions for concerns like acne, rosacea and eczema, not realising these are symptoms of an underlying health condition.

Only once there is a complete understanding of our patient concerns and a discussion of best outcomes will the doctor prescribe a treatment plan. This carefully considers the order, duration and effect of each prescribed treatment. Our doctors have over 130 solutions at their disposal, so we can accurately address each patients conditions in a way that's effective while also taking their budget into account.

Therapists and doctors work hand in hand, with the doctors offering continuous medical oversight to manage risk and ensure best results. Skin Renewal is not a medical practice, nor is it a beauty salon, however, it offers the best of both worlds.

When it comes to addressing skin and body concerns, experience has shown that a combination of treatments that enhance each other's effects is far more effective than stand-alone treatments. To use an example, if you were treating acne, a laser treatment and a peel would have different functionalities. However, when used in combination, they complement each other and address the issue much faster yielding much better results.

An integrative approach

Ultimately, it's our integrated approach that sets the Renewal Institute apart. No other anti-ageing company in South Africa tackles ageing, wellbeing and the development of self-esteem from as many angles. Our continuous investment in the latest technologies, products and staff training are what ensure our patients infinitely better results.

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8 Jul 2019 11:25


About the author

Dr Maureen Allem is the founder and Medical Director of the Renewal Institute. She is a general practitioner with a special interest in aesthetic procedures and integrative and anti-ageing medicine. Dr Allem was one of the first in South Africa to train other doctors in botulinum and dermal filler procedures. She frequently travels the world attending global anti-ageing congresses and laser forums to keep abreast of innovations in her sphere. She is one of the founding committee members of the Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Medicine Society of South Africa (AAMSSA).