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OFyt creates new visual language for Jack & Coke

The new visual language will be used globally to solidify the relationship between the two brands
OFyt creates new visual language for Jack & Coke

Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola are two globally renowned American brands that when combined, make a smooth and refreshing beverage for any occasion. For the first time, these two iconic brands will partner with the launch of a unifying visual language created by Cape Town-based agency, Old Friends Young Talent (OFyt).

The work encapsulates the number-one on-premise bar call in the world, ‘Jack & Coke’. The partnership between the two brands dates back as early as 1907 with the delicious duo featuring as the mix of choice across stage and screen and even the pages of popular novels.

The new creative, produced by full-service marketing agency OFyt, is instantly recognisable, contemporary and authentic paying homage to the distinctive look and feel of both brands. The work incorporates the shape of both logos, unique packaging and bold colour palettes. It’s this cultural understanding that allowed the creative team to be unapologetic and push the boundaries with work that can be pulled through across various platforms.

Brandt Botes, Head of Design at OFyt, said: “These two brands are undeniably rich in history and celebrated around the world. It’s this cultural understanding that gave us permission to create a unifying visual language where these two icons meet, in our smooth and refreshing perfect serve.”

Consumers often refer to Jack & Coke as ‘old friends’ and new campaign is built on the smooth and refreshing taste of the classic pairing and its versatility to be mixed and enjoyed no matter the occasion and place.

Christian Richards-Ozzati, Division Marketing Manager, Emerging International for Jack Daniel’s, says: “What we wanted to achieve was bringing together the great story of the two brands that not many people are aware of and communicate it in a way that brings the brands to life and talks about their heritage. The result was authentic, and a new and contemporary way of bringing two iconic brands together. The team came together to produce this impactful body of work without having to leave their homes during lockdown in the UK and South Africa.”

Lockdown and distance were not a factor during the creative process. “The work produced is testament to the fact that you do not need to be in an office, or even on the same continent to create great work. It’s more about having the same mindset and a team eager to produce work that tells a story and stirs emotion,” says Botes.

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25 Feb 2021 13:15