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about us

OFyt is some very experienced advertising people working with some very smart, younger, slightly better-looking people.

We like to grow things. Our people most of all, because they are our business. We try and fast track young disadvantaged talent - the thing our industry needs the most.

We also draw on this powerful combination of young talent and experienced advertising professionals to grow our clients' business. Our work for Kia, Prudential, Crazy Store, Jack Daniels, Viceroy and Heineken speaks for itself. The results tell a great story too.

We prize authenticity and honesty - both in the work we do and the people we decide to work with.

Our agency is a bright place, you'll find that if you take a walk around, or talk to us, or talk to the plants. There are a lot of plants, they help us breathe, and they grow pretty well too.