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The biggest trend in aesthetics is to look refreshed, not re-worked

There once was a time when a frozen forehead was the order of the day, but now, the biggest trend in aesthetic medicine is a shift towards a more natural look. Now, rather than obliterate a line, we will soften it. Also, rather than overfill, we simply restore the structure that once existed and perhaps enhance it with a little gentle contouring. Ultimately, the goal is to look like the very best version of you, nobody else.
The biggest trend in aesthetics is to look refreshed, not re-worked

This drive towards more natural-looking results is not only a trend that we see within our patients, but is internationally recognised too, as it was listed as a top trend at last year’s Aesthetic and Anti-ageing Medicine World Congress (AMWC) held in Monte Carlo. It was here that an international survey among doctors attending the conference, including Skin Renewal’s founder Dr Maureen Allem, revealed that 85% of patients undergoing any kind of aesthetic treatment desire a result that’s striking yet subtle.

Naturally does it

As an aesthetic doctor, I can confirm that the majority of my patients don’t necessarily want to look younger. Instead, they want to celebrate every life stage with confidence. Fortunately, the desire for more natural-looking beauty is perfectly in line with Skin Renewal’s ‘you but better’ ethos.

One of the many ways we help our patients look refreshed as opposed to re-worked is via dermal fillers and botulinum toxin applied via the MD Codes™ method. The method involves injecting in a way that takes all the patient’s features into account, not just the initial concern, and can lay a foundation that may help prevent the need for more invasive procedures later on. The result is very natural, yet it can make a huge difference and improve your confidence in leaps and bounds!

Another popular non-invasive way we can ensure our patients look better for longer is via the use of PDO threads. These medical-grade dissolvable sutures, if strategically placed, can create an immediate lift. It’s a brilliant solution to sagging brows and jowls and can even be used to perform a non-surgical nose job. Better yet, while the sutures eventually dissolve, their effects can linger because their very placement stimulates the creation of new collagen. You’ll never look tight, pinched or pulled - just naturally refreshed!

The bottom line

Today, thanks to innovations in aesthetic medicine, patients can benefit from an array of incredibly effective yet non-invasive treatments. These can help them delay unnecessary ageing as well as enhance what exists to ensure they only ever look refreshed as opposed to overdone. Better yet, starting sooner rather than later may also delay the desire for traditional surgery later on.

If you’d like to discover the confidence that comes with looking the very best version of yourself, visit or make an appointment to chat with one of our doctors.

Dr Lestonn Lawn is a general practitioner with a special interest in aesthetic, anti-ageing and cosmetic medicine. He is based in Gauteng and consults from Skin Renewal’s Brooklyn, Irene and Morningside branches.

5 Jun 2020 09:09


About the author

Dr Lestonn Lawn is an aesthetic doctor at The Renewal Institute