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MD Codes is changing the face of aesthetic injectables

Skin Renewal's luxurious aesthetic clinics are known for excellent results, due in part to the company's ability to implement the latest innovations within its industry. I'm honored to work in a company with a nationwide footprint, within a team of 26 highly-skilled medical doctors that are always undergoing extensive training that keeps us abreast of current trends.
MD Codes is changing the face of aesthetic injectables

Crack the code

The 8-point lift is a highly specialised “liquid facelift” developed by one of the world’s most prolific aesthetic doctors, Dr Mauricio de Maio. It involves using dermal fillers and botulinum toxin in an incredibly strategic way to create a “lifted” effect. When it was first introduced over a decade ago, it was considered groundbreaking and Skin Renewal was one of the first clinics in South Africa to adopt his method.

After 20 years of practice, Dr de Maio further developed the MD Codes™, a finite guide that involves a series of injection points that don’t just treat the current symptoms of ageing but can act preventively too. Again, his pioneering method is one that Skin Renewal has been swift to adopt.

What are MD Codes™?

While many aesthetic doctors merely “point and shoot” based on what’s concerning a patient at the time, the MD Codes™ are a roadmap to a more youthful-looking face in the future. Based on a deeper understanding of the facial anatomy, it addresses what’s apparent as well as the underlying causes of ageing in a way that can prevent wrinkles, volume loss and sagging. Once fully trained in the MD Codes™ method, a doctor will take their patient’s unique skeletal structure and facial movements into account. They’ll also consider the face in its entirety, not just a single area, with the knowledge that working on one aspect can directly affect another.

They’ll then apply the technique that prioritises three levels – foundation, contouring and refinement – in a way that serves them immediately as well as in the future.

To use an example, if a patient wanted to minimise the appearance of dark under eye circles, our doctors wouldn’t just inject a little dermal filler beneath each eye and leave it at that. If left unsupported, it could end up migrating downwards and create a puffy look. This is why they’d also inject strategically placed dermal fillers at the top of the cheeks, just below each eye. This creates what is essentially a "dam wall" that keeps the under eye filler in place.

Instead of addressing exact spots, like hollow eye sockets or pronounced nasal labial lines, doctors view the face holistically, with an understanding of how to proceed in the most efficient way to get best results.

MD Codes is changing the face of aesthetic injectables

Discover the difference

If you’d like to benefit from dermal fillers or have been doing so, but want to discover the MD Codes™ difference, make an appointment with any of the doctors at Skin Renewal. They’ve all been extensively trained in this exciting new method and can use the technique to create the very best version of you.

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MD Codes is changing the face of aesthetic injectables

7 Aug 2019 14:39


About the author

Dr Lilliana Gilla Lulli obtained a BSC in Human Physiology and Psychology from the University of Johannesburg, and an MBChB from the University of Pretoria. She has a passion for anti-ageing from the inside out and enjoys sharing knowledge and innovations with her patients. She is currently consulting from Skin Renewal's Bedfordview, Morningside, Fourways and Illovo branches.