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Omni HR Consulting appoints Tebogo Molapisane

Accredited by the Department of Education as a Private College, Omni HR Consulting (Pty) Ltd has been operating since 2009 in the education, training and development field. As an emerging start-up it has certainly been a tough journey but Omni has remained steadfast in delivering quality solutions which make an impactful difference from a skills development perspective within their clients and ultimately the learners within their classrooms.
Omni HR Consulting appoints Tebogo Molapisane

Lize Moldenhauer, Managing Director at Omni notes: “I am at a loss for words when I see all the activity and growth in the organisation and our people and the impact we are making. I am proud of all that we have become and with a deep level of humility I am so aware of the fact that we have not grown from strength to strength without our people and God’s favour.”

Known in the business process outsourcing and human capital consulting spheres, Tebogo Molapisane joins Omni HR Consulting’s’ management team effective 7th May 2018 in the capacity as Commercial Executive. “I believe he will add significant value in the field of sales and commercial management that will enable us to have a focussed approach in reaching our targets and expansion strategies. We want to be disruptive in the field of education and training with a global reach” adds Moldenhauer. When asked to comment on the reason for joining a progressive educational organisation, Molapisane notes: “Omni is a business that is driven by the need to make a difference in society: business, communities and individuals. The decision to join the business is driven by my personal alignment with this value system. I have always worked in development and employment of young people.”

Although it is less than two weeks’ since Molapisane joined the team, he was asked to comment on what he hopes to achieve within the organisation: “I would like to grow the brand into non-traditional markets, in addition to strengthening the brand as a partner of choice to business leaders for growth of their people.”
To enable the organisation to continue to operate in excellence and meet the demands of industry, its clients, learners and staff, it is imperative to operate as an exponential organisation. “Being exponential requires a management team that has the strength of 10 000 (10x factor of exponential organisations) to enable us to achieve this we need to ensure that our management team is equipped and sufficient. A warm welcome to Tebogo. We look forward to having him join our team and driving an even further exponential impact in the industries we serve” mentions Moldenhauer.

18 May 2018 13:06