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The Hot 91.9FM Radio Academy Awards

The Hot 91.9FM Radio Training Academy Awards for 2018 were held in November last year and saw another 70 students graduate into the business of radio. The three-month course is an intensive hands-on programme with weekly lectures by industry peers who have a deep understanding of what radio is all about.

The Hot 91.9FM Radio Training Academy has been in existence for four years and is a free course, as prescribed by Hot 91.9FM’s license agreement. It is a sustainable mentorship course feeding young talent to the broadcasting industry and is yet another example of Hot 91.9FM`s commitment to radio development and the broader community.

Hot 91.9FM Programme Manager, Tony Murrell, enthused: “The Academy gives students an opportunity to find their voice and to learn the business of radio from some of the industry`s giants. The overall objective is to create future broadcasting stars for the industry at large.”

The 2018 programme included a new award segment, “The Radio Star Award”, which was awarded to three passionate students: Mzi Kaka, who is now presenting on Hot 91.9FM from 3am–6am weekdays, Simone Tretheway and Lucy Bodumele who will be working at the station in 2019 to gain work experience and the opportunity to be “fill-in” presenters.

The course includes the following areas of broadcasting:

  • Understanding the business of radio
  • Broadcast Etiquette
  • Voice and Breathing exercises
  • Microphone Technique
  • Show Preparation
  • Accessing Content
  • Knowing what the role of a producer
  • Air-checking your show
  • Designing Presentation Clocks
  • Understanding Music Scheduling
  • Listener Interaction
  • How to develop story telling abilities
  • How to keep audiences listening for longer
  • How to incorporate social media platforms into the show
  • Playback system
  • Recording & Editing
  • Content Platform Transfer
  • Multimedia Operations
  • Audience Research
  • RAMS Diary
  • AMPS
  • ICASA, BCCSA, ASA (the broadcast industry bodies)
  • Music Testing and Research Tools
  • Building content opportunities for online radio

1 Mar 2019 11:21