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Hot 91.9FM makes a meaningful difference touching 100 lives

100 years of Madiba Magic - 100 lives changed

Hot Cares, on Hot 91.9FM, assists the community each Monday on Joburg’s Hottest Breakfast. However, July 2018, Hot 91.9FM embarked on touching 100 lives to celebrate what would have been Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday and instead of a weekly Hot Cares segment, the station included this initiative throughout the day, Monday to Friday. Listeners were asked to nominate someone who they knew who were in need of a helping hand to help themselves and those around them.

The highlight of this was the Mandela Day Initiative which saw the Hlalisekani Crèche transformed when Hot 91.9FM together with the Sage Foundation and volunteers turned 67 minutes into a whole day of making a meaningful difference in the lives of those around us. Hot Cares together with various partners have been assisting the Hlalisekani playgroup in Kya Sands since November 2017.

The majority of the 135 children come from homes where the parents are unemployed and are unable to charge any fees and rely completely on donations.

The crèche was initially a small open area with no proper shelter for the children, no water or electricity, a few tables and chairs and a very small basic vegetable garden to help with food for the children. See the transformation here!

The 100 lives campaign, touched so many lives and here are a few highlights:

  1. Carene and Lily Rose Carene has been volunteering at the Love of Christ Ministries (TLC) in the south of Johannesburg since she was a young girl. In addition to this she has also pursued her dream of completing her Master degree in Occupational Therapy. Using her knowledge to help the less-fortunate communities, Carene met Lily Rose who was abandoned by her biological mother at TLC. After careful consideration in treating Lily Rose for her Dandy-Walker variant and cerebral palsy for three years, Carene decided to adopt Lily Rose. Being a single mom, Carene faces various medical equipment and medication costs in order to care for her daughter. To assist Carene in securing much-needed items for Lily Rose’s future, Hot Cares has purchased a bathing chair and walker for the two at the combined value of R40,000.

  2. Natalie gets help after loss Natalie is a mother of two young children, one of which has special needs and undiagnosed autism. Until recently she was a stay-at-home mother but following the tragic loss of her husband everything changed. Natalie’s husband was the sole breadwinner in the family and with that income no longer available, things looked bleak for her and the little ones. Hot Cares decided to assist Natalie and her family in their difficult time by matching her late husband, Chris’s salary for three months. Hot Cares has also contributed R10,000 towards medical expenses in order to run a series of tests to confirm a diagnosis for Natalie’s daughter.

  3. Matchbox Babies Chantal Landsberg is a volunteer at Matchbox Babies, a safe place for abandoned babies that was established in 2005. It was established by Nicole Morrison as a halfway house to take care of babies while their biological parents are found or until they can be appropriately placed in foster care. Matchbox Babies have 21 women who are approved to take care of the many babies they receive, either from Child Welfare Service or those brought directly to the home. The sad reality is that there are over 10,500 abandoned babies every year, illustrating the pressing need for care homes countrywide. Matchbox Babies are currently running out of space to accommodate all the babies and necessities such as clothing, formula and nappies are urgently needed. Hot Cares will donate a wendy house for storage as well as purchase babies’ necessities like formula, nappies, bottles, etc., all to the value of R15,000.

  4. Living Link The Living Link is a training centre for young adults between the ages of 18-35 who have special needs and learning challenges but who would like to develop independent living and work-readiness skills. The completion of the Living Link course is also an opportunity for these young adults to enter the open labour market, helping to become productive and economically independent adults. The Parkhurst premises does not have sufficient security to verify people before they access the premises. Hot Cares has undertaken to supply and install security cameras and screen for their main gate to ensure security for all staff, residents and students. Hot Cares will also be donating an industrial lawn mower to help with property maintenance to the total value of R20,000.

  5. Welcome home, Brandon Brandon-Lee was diagnosed with Asperger’s at the age of 16 but despite this he managed to complete his matric with seven distinctions. With his parents not in the financial position to afford tertiary education and Brandon unable to find any work after matriculating, he was selected among 50 other young adults to work abroad in China. However, the group became subjects of a criminal investigation there after their passports were found to have illegally issued visas. For months, Brandon was stranded in China, unable to work due to his visa complications and without any form of income. He also struggled without his medication. Subsequently Brandon could not even celebrate his 21st birthday with his family. The Chinese government arranged for the group to return home and Hot Cares took the opportunity to make his homecoming truly special. Hot Cares flew up his dad, stepmom and little brother Jayden to surprise him at O.R. Tambo International Airport upon his arrival from China.

    Through the generosity of Gold Reef City, Brandon-Lee and his family enjoyed a one-night stay at the multi-award-winning Gold Reef City Theme Park Hotel, inclusive of breakfast at Barney’s Restaurant & Bar. A special celebratory birthday dinner with the family at the famous Back Of The Moon Restaurant was arranged to celebrate the 21st birthday that Brandon-Lee spent in China. And of course, you can’t visit Gold Reef City without experiencing the thrills at the only theme park of its kind in the country.

  6. Ingrid gets her prosthetic eye Ingrid was a victim of domestic violence and was shot in the face, this led to loss of some sight capacity in her right eye. Following this incident, Ingrid had two eye surgeries but throughout all trauma and change in her physical appearance she has remained positive and resilient. As one can imagine, her medical fees have been extensive as her hospital plan covers only a small portion and she has had to raise an extra R40,000 from her own pocket. Hot Cares covered the cost of the prosthetic eye as well as helped to cover a few other medical expenses which were outstanding. Hot Cares also included a hair and nail voucher for Ingrid to enjoy some quality leisure time. Total value of R20,000.

  7. Harvest Project at the House of Compassion The House of Compassion Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation centre offers rehabilitation programmes for those suffering from alcohol and drug dependency. Like many NPOs the House is faced with the daily challenge of securing regular, sustainable funding. The vision of being self-sustainable has always been a goal that the House of Compassion consistently works towards. They have initiated a plan to develop a greenhouse on some vacant land they have, which would allow for the growing of vegetables for the centre as well as to sell to consumers together with plants and flowers. Hot Cares is happy to help with the required gardening tools and building supplies necessary to complete this Harvest Project for a total project value of R10,000.

  8. Animal Ark Rescue The Animal Ark Rescue Centre in Chartwell was formed in 2011 by Tracey Otto out of her great passion for the rehabilitation and re-homing of puppies, pregnant moms and small breed dogs from all types of backgrounds across Gauteng. Tracey aims to adjust the public’s perception of their responsibilities to animals through her holiday programmes. She says: “If education, legislation and welfare unite, we can alter the future of all animals in South Africa.” When Hot Cares visited the shelter, Tracy explained that donations have declined in the past few years and with food suppliers having smaller budgets, Ark often relies on the public. This has resulted in Tracey taking matters into her own hands, building walking paths and a picnic area, to create a space that can serve as an income generator to provide the money needed to care for the animals. Hot Cares has donated R10,000 to the success of this endeavour.

  9. Moses stitching together a happy life Moses Rombayi’s story is a testament to the strength and resilience that one can have, even against all the odds. At the age of 13, Moses contracted polio and became reliant on crutches and a wheelchair in order to move around. This did not stop him from starting a career as a tailor as well as a passion for toy-making. Moses had difficulty sourcing existing toy patterns but improvised with what he had and has created a range of African-inspired soft toy animals like giraffes, hippos, lions and crocodiles, available in small, medium and large sizes. Moses, who tragically recently lost his two-year-old son, has launched a new edition of his toys in his honour. To help Moses realise his dream of selling his toys globally and to open up a sewing school for other disabled people, Hot Cares purchased Moses a four-thread overlocker, an Empisal electronic sewing machine as well as a lockstitch machine all valued at over R16,000.

  10. Audrey gets mobile Audrey’s daughter was killed when she was shot through her arm and stomach in an armed robbery. At the time her brother was locked in the bathroom, so he was not hurt in the incident. In the months leading up to this tragedy, Audrey had been having a difficult time finding employment. She has since found a job, however she was constantly hindered by the fact that she had no transport to accommodate her holding onto a full-time job. The Hot Cares division has received an overwhelming response of people sending their messages of love and support and asking to help Audrey. In a true show of what a community that comes together is capable of achieving, with the help of our community and the assistance of our friends at Imperial Toyota Strijdom Park, Hot Cares has been able to secure a second-hand car in good condition for Audrey. Hot Cares will also be assisting with fuel and Insurance coverage for the car for six months.

About Hot Cares:

Hot Cares is the Hot 91.9FM community upliftment initiative that strives towards making a meaningful difference in the lives of those around us. Since 2015, Hot 91.9FM has provided much-needed assistance to those in need within our community. Beneficiaries have ranged from the development of crèches in informal settlements, previously disadvantaged entrepreneurs, NPOs needing guidance, resources and awareness of their programmes, medical assistance, educational bursaries and individual assistance to those who need little bit of hope and a helping hand at a particularly difficult time in their life.

About Hot91.9FM
Hot 91.9FM is an award-winning radio station, winning 10 Liberty Radio Awards in 2017 and 10 in 2018 including The Community Station of the Year in both 2017 and 2018. Lloyd Madurai, managing director and founder of Hot 91.9FM, is the youngest-ever radio personality to be inducted into the Liberty Radio Awards Hall of Fame.

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