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Freshen your smile with Jordan Stay Fresh Formulated Toothpaste

Oral care brand, Jordan, continues to innovate and trailblaze with its scientifically-developed and tested Stay Fresh™ adult toothpaste range. The Jordan Stay Fresh toothpaste is a combination of zinc, mint, fluoride and xylitol. Zinc and mint reduces bad breath and gives you 12 hours freshness, and fluoride and xylitol give extra protection against plaque and strengthens the teeth.
Freshen your smile with Jordan Stay Fresh Formulated Toothpaste

Jordan Fresh Breath, the flagship of the Stay Fresh range, is the ultimate breath freshener with the added component of Optafresh®, clinically proven to reduce oral malodour. Specifically zinc destroys bad breath by reducing the volatile sulphur compounds in the mouth that cause it and the mint injects a cool freshness, while fluoride and xylitol safely and effectively bolster teeth.

Jordan Cavity Defence and Jordan White Smile round-off the Stay Fresh range, both having been independently tested at Indiana University. While they respectively tackle specifically cavities and colour, no damage is caused to the enamel and is safe for daily use.

In addition, Jordan Cavity Defence contains almost 10% xylitol, which when combined with fluoride delivers significantly higher remineralisation - or strengthening - of teeth than fluoride alone.

Jordan White Smile is aimed at removing daily stains, even from such strong colourants as tea and coffee, for naturally whiter teeth as well as gum protection.

The Stay Fresh technology innovation continues Jordan’s track record as an oral care innovator and the first in South Africa to #DropTheBoxSA for environmentally-conscious leadership.

#MadeForEverySmileSA, confidently #StayFreshSA all day with Jordan’s range of adult toothpastes!

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