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Trust the no.1* product for vaginal dryness

Dryness, itching, burning or pain in the female genital area is a problem for nearly half of all women over the age of 45. Too many suffer in silence and many don't seek treatment.
Trust the no.1* product for vaginal dryness

Local specialist brand-building distributor, ACDOCO SA is launching yet another over the counter (OTC) first in South Africa, Dr.Wolff’s Vagisan Moisturising Cream. The first hormone-free cream available without prescription for vaginal dryness.

With hundreds and hundreds of 5-star consumer reviews Dr. Wolff’s Vagisan Moisturising Cream with dual effect acts on alleviating the symptoms of dryness by providing both moisture and soothing lipids in the vaginal and external genital area. ACDOCO SA’s Marketing Head, Dana Leibovitz shares how vaginal dryness is a common occurrence especially during or after menopause. One of the major causes is when hormonal changes occur and oestrogen levels drop, resulting in less vaginal lubrication. The skin becomes dryer, thinner and more vulnerable and an unpleasant feeling of dryness, itching, burning or pain can occur.

While water-based gels are able to provide moisture, a cream provides both moisture and lipids and therefore might be preferred by some women. Dr. Wolff’s Vagisan Moisturising Cream is different, as most creams available up to now require a prescription and contain oestrogens (female hormones).

Dr. Wolff’s Vagisan Moisturising Cream provides noticeable relief from symptoms of vaginal dryness, even after the first application. Regular use can help to prevent irritation and inflammation in the vagina and external genital area caused by dryness. Through the addition of lactic acid, the pH of the cream is adjusted to the natural pH of the healthy vaginal flora leaving the skin feeling soft and supple.

*Pharmacy Sell-Out INSIGHT Health and DatamedIQ YTD 2020.06 Germany

2 Oct 2020 11:20