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There is a wine for every occasion

Whether it is the physical act of choosing your wine, smelling it once you have opened it, or that first sip; wine can mentally transport you to a different place. It gives you a glimpse into a captivating history. It embodies not only the environment in which the grapes are grown but also the essence of the country of its origin.
There is a wine for every occasion

The art of making wine asks that the artists put their spirit, dedication, and pride into the wines, thus making each wine unique. It is this distinctiveness that allows us to be able to enjoy a wine for each occasion, milestone, and celebration.

Irrespective of what your idea of relaxing is, be it a holiday or taking a leisurely bath, there is a wine to make that experience even more enjoyable. If you would like your own personal escape to tap into your imagination, guess what? Wine can absolutely do that for you.

Sometimes, a romantic setting calls for sharing wine with your partner. Whilst wine can become a key ingredient of your celebrations and festivities that you share with friends and family.

Ambuj Agarwal, the CEO of Ujva Wines tells us about the best occasions to enjoy their wines.

Pinotage Reserve

Their Pinotage, which is a uniquely South African varietal, is their flagship wine. It best portrays South Africa as a successful wine producer and as a diverse country. The wine is from 2018 and matured in French Oak barrels to give you an exceptional wine experience.

The wine has a very smooth and velvety finish. Also, because of its versatile nature, it can be enjoyed with all kinds of food. It is best paired with rich game meat as well as spice-rich food. Their Pinotage is extremely well balanced and leaves a lasting impression on the consumer.


This wine has fresh fruity flavours – lime, grapefruit, and citrus. It is light yellow in colour, with a hint of green. It must be enjoyed now and within the next year.

The Ujva Chardonnay is very refreshing and an easy drinking wine. According to Agarwal, this is why the wine can be enjoyed at any time of the day and on any occasion. Be it lunch or evening drinks at a party, their Chardonnay is a sure winner.

Sauvignon Blanc

The ‘Sauv Blanc’ is a pale lemon yellow colour with an intense combination of litchi, melon, and gooseberries flavours. It has an energising acidity with a long-lasting taste.

You can certainly enjoy the ‘Sauv Blanc’ in most situations. Agarwal suggests trying it when you’re with family or friends and are looking for a fruity and crispy wine to light up the occasion. It is well paired with seafood, creamy pastas, and salads.

Beginning with the three wine varieties, Pinotage, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc, Ujva was started in 2021 when Agarwal and his co-founder decided to quit their corporate jobs to follow their passion.

“Our passion is wine drinking and hence our focus has always been the taste of the wine before anything else. This is reflected in the feedback we have gotten so far from those who have sampled our wines. We are proud of the fact that a select number of wine enthusiasts have told us, at recent industry events, that our Pinotage is the best they have ever had,” adds Agarwal.

Having studied and worked in cities like Paris and London, the founders both had the exposure and the experience to successfully create the Ujva brand.

Agarwal concludes: “We bring you the best of South African wine at an accessible price. Ujva means ‘The Right Way’ and it is our belief that wine should be enjoyed as part of occasions and celebrations to create the best memories.”

To find out more about Ujva Wines and try out any of the wines, visit their website,

28 Jul 2022 14:44