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Refreshing a breakfast table favourite

Just Design creates a distinct new look for Nature's Source.
Refreshing a breakfast table favourite

Not all pack upgrades require revolutionary thinking to improve shelf impact and maximise value perceptions, as was the case with Just Design’s recent work on Nature’s Source.

Building on the strong circular architecture they’d previously put in place the aim was to improve longevity and strongly evolve the brand into the future. To do this, Just Design retained and refined the key elements the consumers associated with the brand whilst improving the visual balance of the pack.

Each tier was re-looked to be made more engaging and distinguishable. From the bright colours used within the ‘Crunch’ range through to the richer more indulgent tones and golds used within the ‘Luxury’ range, consumers can now easily navigate through the tiers and choose a range based on their personal tastes.

Finally, in addition to the graphical changes the brand also underwent a structural change with the introduction of a new re-sealable pack format. The new bag also features a sturdier base allowing the packs to stand proudly on shelf to showcase the new graphics.

About Nature’s Source

Nature’s Source is the ultimate muesli, offering something for all tastes. With its quality ingredients and wholesome approach, the upgraded packaging shows just how carefully the Nature’s Source brand team consider their consistent provision of goodness for their consumers. This trusted brand aims to add vitality and flavour to the breakfast table for a balanced approach to life and health.

About Just Design

For fifteen years, Just Design has proven time and again that good thinking leads to great creative. With a national footprint and accounts across Africa, Middle East and Europe, they are the strategic design partners for many blue-chip clients and global brands, and are one of the top packaging design agencies in South Africa.

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8 Mar 2016 10:06