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We are a leading, strategically orientated creative agency, specialising in branding, packaging and innovation. We deliver results-driven solutions to clients both locally and internationally.
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Local whisky comes of age. Time-honoured mastery with so much to savour before the first sip
In the world of luxury spirits, creating a sense of status and scarcity are the secrets to success. Just Design specialises in packaging that conceptually elevates brands, adding value and desirability through meaningful embellishments and design storytelling that enhances the drinking experience. 21 Nov 2022 Read more

Enterprise. When packaging design truly exemplifies 'less is more.'
Like many of our South African heritage brands, Enterprise had followed a rather stable and fairly predictable visual path - up until last year, that is. With a change in ownership came a change in tack, and a total packaging makeover. 7 Mar 2022 Read more

Status deodorant makes a bold statement with their new pack upgrade by Just Design Jhb
Status deodorant has bravely leaped from safe, old and expected to trendy, young and authentically African. A bold move. And one that will change the South African deodorant category forever. 2 Feb 2022 Read more

Just Design Jhb and Energade 'step up their game', with an invigorating new pack design
Energade came out of the starting blocks 28 years ago, in 1993. It was the first drink of its kind in South Africa - targeted at sportsmen and - women - with the aim of improving physical performance through formulated hydration. 11 Oct 2021 Read more

Epic Lion and building brands with heart
We open at a pivot point for humanity and the globe. Values and worldviews are radically changing, and today's brands need to fundamentally adapt to survive and thrive. Enter Epic Lion - the brand and digital design agency that is succeeding in this exciting new era. 19 Jul 2021 Read more

Oh oh oh oh Yes! Oros gets a trendy new upgrade
Just Design Jhb brings retro-futurism to a family favourite. 3 Dec 2020 Read more

Just Branding makes its mark
2019 has been an exciting year for the Just Design branding team. 2 Dec 2019 Read more

SA creative meets Scotch inspiration and Soweto Heart is born
New Ltd Edition by Just Design captures Scottish Leader through the eyes of local creative collective I See A Different You. 15 Nov 2019 Read more

There's nothing half-baked about it
Just Design Jhb ties the knot on Blue Ribbon's brand-new look 23 Sep 2019 Read more

Three Ships Whisky Oloroso and the art of packaging limited editions by Just Design
In the world of luxury spirits, achieving credibility and desirability for small batch releases is all about status. Just Design specialises in creating packaging that conveys all the right cues through sophisticated layering. 1 Jul 2019 Read more

Jewel 'shines bright like a diamond'
Take a look at Just Design Jhb's sparkling new design 27 May 2019 Read more

Designing Bain's international passport to status
The recent trend in global whiskies has been to launch high-end limited releases in Duty Free that do a badge job for the brand. The world's first and multi-awarded grain whisky follows suit with an extraordinary 15 Year Old. To set the offering apart, partner packaging agency Just Design created a concept that builds on the brand story, amplifies the brand assets and adds layers of premiumness to the visual identity. 6 May 2019 Read more

Egg-stra! Egg-stra! Read all about it...
Cadbury Fluffies. Delivering more than just packaging. 8 Apr 2019 Read more

New heights for Harrier
Just Design successfully brings this classic whisky pack into a contemporary space with impressive results. 25 Mar 2019 Read more

Capturing the African sunset
Just Design Jhb joins the craft revolution with Kaleido Gin 28 Feb 2019 Read more

P.S. I Love You. In every language
Just Design Jhb confesses its love with Cadbury P.S. 14 Feb 2019 Read more

Deck the halls with bells and baubles...
Cadbury and Just Design decorate South African trees this year 12 Dec 2018 Read more

Simply Wonder-ful
Wonder fertilisers and plant food gets a boost from Just Design Jhb 5 Nov 2018 Read more

Cadbury Dairy Milk celebrates 80 joyous years in SA
Just Design Jhb designs eight vintage collection wrappers 22 Oct 2018 Read more

Too much of cute for Marltons
Just Design Jhb goes a little bit 'Elmyra' for pet care 15 Oct 2018 Read more

Choc-Mint Hugs to beat the winter chills
House of Coffees Hug-in-a-Mug releases a new flavour 6 Aug 2018 Read more

A fresh new look for one of Kenya's favourite fruit juices
Just Design recycled photography and added clean white space to deliver fruity results for Yatta 23 Jul 2018 Read more

Health hacks to new packs
Citro-Soda gets a much-needed refresh from Just Design Jhb 16 Jul 2018 Read more

Just Design broadens its creative offering
Introducing Just Design's new Head of Branding 9 Jul 2018 Read more

The Cadbury Martians have landed!
Limited edition slabs designed especially for South Africa 25 Jun 2018 Read more

Bain's forges ahead with a distinctive new look
Packaging specialists Just Design dial up the brand's whisky decorum 30 Apr 2018 Read more

Making history with a brave new upgrade for Cuticura
Cuticura is no stranger to a South African girl's beauty regime. Having been around for over 150 years, the Cuticura brand is a legacy brand - passed down from mothers to daughters. 20 Apr 2018 Read more

Cadbury tells the tale of Peter Rabbit this Easter
For many of us, Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-Tail and Peter are familiar childhood favourites. We all immersed ourselves in the beautiful garden world created by Beatrix Potter in her famous books, and we were recently given the opportunity to bring this world to life on pack. 5 Mar 2018 Read more

An out-of-this-world upgrade for Astros
Just Design Jhb jets into deep space for this one 4 Dec 2017 Read more

Creativity without limits has the potential to set new standards
Keldermeester Versameling labels earn Pendoring Award for Just Design 29 Nov 2017 Read more

Clere Active gets a real workout from Just Design Jhb
"We are going to witness more change in the world of healthcare, wellness and fitness in the next five years than we have seen in the previous one hundred years." - Jim Carroll, Trend Futurist 9 Nov 2017 Read more

Savanna - The flavour adventure continues
Introducing SA's first rum-flavoured cider 8 Nov 2017 Read more

Choc-HO HO HO-late for the silly season
Cadbury and Just Design gear up for December festivities 2 Nov 2017 Read more

Clover Duo - Double the goodness
Don't recognise the name? Most of us will know this product as Danao - Clover's fruit and yoghurt flavoured dairy mix. The Just Design JHB team was tasked with giving the brand a much-needed upgrade and a brand-new name - Duo. 26 Sep 2017 Read more

Keldermeester Versameling - Wine inspired by legends
As the second oldest European settlement in South Africa, Stellenbosch is a charming town that is steeped in rich history - from famous pioneers and historical buildings to streets lined with oak trees. Lanzerac wine estate, situated in the picturesque Jonkershoek Valley, forms part of this heritage. 18 Sep 2017 Read more

Celebrating our heritage with All Gold
A limited edition collector's item 11 Sep 2017 Read more

Putting the fun back into jam
Just Design and Tiger Brands innovate beyond spreading 4 Aug 2017 Read more

Leading Edge thinking from Hunter's
Just Design and Hunter's combine the best of both worlds. 26 Jun 2017 Read more

#Winning with the new Cadbury P.S. bar
Just Design takes chocolate into social media cyberspace 2 Jun 2017 Read more

Tropika's slimmer sister
Clover works with its packaging partners to design its new product range - Tropika Slenda 2 May 2017 Read more

Fresh-baked ideas and packaging for SASKO flour
Just Design uses their packaging expertise to build on the successful SASKO bread upgrade, leveraging the brand's position across the local retail space. 23 Nov 2016 Read more

Three Ships Whisky launches a world first
When a big name brand wants to launch a rare and unusual new offering, they turn to their trusted packaging partners, Just Design. 17 Nov 2016 Read more

Just Design catches Tropika fever
Clover works with packaging specialists for a smoooth seventh season of Tropika Island of Treasure 26 Sep 2016 Read more

Three Ships 10-Year-Old does things differently in design
Packaging experts, Just Design, helped create a discerningly different look for a distinctive new single malt. 12 Sep 2016 Read more

All-new pack upgrade for All Gold
Just Design helps to re-affirm this iconic brand 22 Aug 2016 Read more

Can new products be given an advantage at launch?
When Weiman brought their Magic Eraser to SA they partnered with Just Design to ensure the product's success in local markets. 6 Jul 2016 Read more

Just Design cracks a Dieline Award
A re-imagined festive gift earns local packaging specialists a coveted international award. 7 Jun 2016 Read more

Roxton by Brampton wines takes the bull by the horns
Just Design works with the Brampton team to take creativity to the next level in labelling and packaging. 12 May 2016 Read more

Local packaging agency joins global innovation forum
Just Design now part of a prestigious UK-based Open Innovation Forum 20 Apr 2016 Read more

Great new innovations for good old favourite, Mrs Ball's
Iconic chutney brand works with packaging experts, Just Design, to launch new flavours and range extensions 8 Apr 2016 Read more

Caveman Café offers an all-new fuel stop for cyclists
Just Design collaborates with Conrad Stoltz to carve a unique brand experience targeting Stellenbosch's fast-growing cycling community 24 Mar 2016 Read more

Savanna goes Loco
Introducing SA's first tequila-flavoured cider 15 Mar 2016 Read more

Refreshing a breakfast table favourite
Just Design creates a distinct new look for Nature's Source. 8 Mar 2016 Read more

A limited edition design with limitless appeal
First release of Three Ships PX Cask is a huge hit 2 Dec 2015 Read more

New horizons for Three Ships Whisky
Award-winning whisky gets a pack upgrade from experts Just Design 1 Dec 2015 Read more

What's happening in Joburg?
New account for JD Joburg 30 Oct 2015 Read more

Fresh-baked pack for Sasko
Packaging specialists, Just Design, upgrade South Africa's favourite bread 27 Oct 2015 Read more

New year, new news
Just Design partners with three great new clients 8 Dec 2014 Read more

Progress for ProNutro - Just Design upgrades another of SA's iconic brands
Food choices and diet are a hot topic in an ever more health-conscious society. Ideas around nutrition may have changed somewhat since the sixties, when one of SA's leading cereal brands was developed, but it turns out that ProNutro was well ahead of its time. 29 Oct 2014 Read more

The pros of partnering with packaging specialists
Certain circumstances call for specialist expertise. Packaging design may not be brain surgery but it nonetheless requires expert thinking. Still, many companies unknowingly turn to generalist design or branding agencies when they have a packaging design brief. We explore what separates the experts from the jack-of-all-trades. 3 Jun 2014 Read more

Game-changer enters the Joburg design scene
Just Design, one of the country's top packaging agencies, has opened its doors in Joburg. With the likes of Adcock Ingram and Tiger Brands already on the books, the company is aiming to build on the recognition and continuing success of its Cape Town office, now in its 15th year of business. 28 Mar 2014 Read more

Fresh new look for SA's frozen favourite, I&J
I&J recently revealed their all-new packaging upgrade, which is already appearing in stores countrywide. Irvin & Johnson, better known as I&J, has been a household name and leader in the frozen foods category for over 100 years. As with all great brands, they face the ongoing challenge of retaining their rich heritage whilst moving with the times. When the times called for a major packaging upgrade, they approached brand design specialist agency, Just Design. 10 Dec 2012 Read more

Liqui Fruit juices up their appearance
Established more than 30 years ago and famously known by the slogan 'Nothing but Fruit', South African beverage manufacturer Liqui Fruit, the originator of long shelf life pure fruit juice has had to reassess their corporate branding to maintain their competitive advantage. Liqui Fruit approached Just Design, a brand design agency head quartered in Stellenbosch, to assist with upgrading their branding. 18 Oct 2012 Read more

Just Design changes the look of Craft Beer
Devil's Peak Brewing Company (DPBC), a boutique-sized craft beer brewery situated in Cape Town, recently appointed Just Design, a Stellenbosch-headquartered brand design agency, to conceptualise and 'package' a look and feel for their new-to-market craft beer range. Just Design were not given brief specifics, which afforded the opportunity to think freely and led to the success of the assignment. 13 Jun 2012 Read more

Cape-based brand design agency expands footprint to Gauteng
Twelve-year-old, independently-owned Just Design has opened shop in Johannesburg prompted by growing demand for their strategic-led approach to design and a solid understanding of blue-chip client needs. Their extended footprint offers the FMCG, financial services, mining and manufacturing industries the opportunity to take advantage of an owner-managed, hands-on service. Just Design has expertise and a proven brand design track record in big brand tobacco, plus the alcoholic beverage and FMCG sectors. 24 Feb 2012 Read more

Arômes De La Motte joins the La Motte family
Situated in the picturesque town of Franschoek, La Motte Wine Estate, a world renowned producer of exceptional cultivars and cut flowers, is named after the French village La Motte d'Aigues. La Motte recently expanded their farming division to produce ethereal oils from the flowers within their nursery. These oils are used to produce the Arômes De La Motte product range including moisturising hand wash, rejuvenating shower and bath gel, luxurious body and hand lotion, natural room fresheners and aromatic palm oil soap. 18 Jan 2012 Read more

Paying too much for a great design? You might be. An image is worth a thousand words but needn't be at a cost of thousands of rands. Yet in the same breath, few people appreciate the importance of a solid company logo or corporate image. As with all public communications, it needs to be well thought out, relevant and true to the company's ethos. 14 Dec 2011 Read more

Over the past ten years, Just Design has established its strategic and design credibility in the big brand beverage and tobacco industries; a decade of invaluable experience that this dynamic group of thinkers now applies to brands throughout Africa, the Middle East and Europe. 23 May 2011 Read more

Just Design and the Hunters rebrand - refreshing the refresher
The call to repackage Hunter's and its brand extensions went out to Just Design last year. An updated, contemporary look with clear emphasis on the premium nature of the brand had to be achieved in an effort to generate new consumers. The familiar brand iconography and the sociability of the product, as well as its comfortable resonance in both male and female consumers had to be maintained in order to retain the current consumer base. 17 Mar 2011 Read more