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icandi adds creative intelligence to their brand

icandiCQ, previously icandi COMMUNICATIONS, has reshaped their brand. As a communication, marketing and brand agency, icandiCQ delivers fresh, intelligent and creative results for clients like Nedbank, KPMG, Arrowhead, Basil Read, Hendler&Hart, HiP, Tower Bridge Trade Services, GroFin, Old Mutual, Nestle and many other blue-chip companies.

The agency applied the same principles that they apply in interrogating a client's brand to evolve their brand to better reflect the company's essence, culture and service. As a result, the name has evolved to icandiCQ with a new look and logo to reflect the brand.

CQ is the CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE the agency brings to any marketing, brand or communication challenge. CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE is the ability to combine imaginative, inventive and inspiring thoughts. It's not about thinking outside the box - it's about breaking the box and moulding a new shape so that the agency's creative thinking aligns to their clients' changing business needs.

The new logo is red and silver, capturing the brand personality - red reflecting action, confidence, courage, vitality, passion and creativity; silver reflecting security, reliability, intelligence and maturity.

The agency then chose the triangle as the creative device or element to further develop the physical presence of the brand. As the foundation of mathematics and design, the study of the triangle is described by mathematicians as creating 'beautiful results and unexpected connections'. At icandiCQ creating beautiful results for clients that cause unexpected, but positive connections from CEO to frontline service provider to consumer; is what the team delivers every day.

As part of the rebranding exercise, icandiCQ conducted a touchpoint audit and updated all channels - electronic and printed stationary, the website is currently being reshaped, all promotional material is being aligned to the new brand, the agency's offices are undergoing a revamp and signage is being updated.

As specialists in internal communication and branding, employees at icandiCQ each played a part in the rebranding exercise and collectively the team evolved the brand through a series of brand workshops and then as part of the implementation of the new brand. The icandiCQ team is onboard and 'walking the icandiCQ talk'.

Says Kim Nelson (Managing Director), "Our creative intelligence agency has been adding CQ (creative intelligence) to our clients' marketing, communication and branding needs for a number of years. Now we've added CQ to our brand. We're still the same agency, with a talented dedicated team offering the same services. We've just evolved our brand to better capture who we are and what we do."

Whether its strategic marketing, brand and communication development, research, creative design and production or meticulous implementation, add icandiCQ for imaginative innovative inspiration.

5 Apr 2012 11:15