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We are a close-knit team of digital marketing and Shopify experts based in South Africa and the United Kingdom. As one of 4 accredited Shopify experts in South Africa, we work with over 130+ online retailers to deliver a holistic e-commerce and digital marketing solution, gearing their brands for success in a competitive online space.
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5 things Temu can teach e-commerce businesses
Temu’s disruptive marketing strategy is loud, and it is captivating consumers. These insights and digital marketing techniques from a digital marketing expert will help your business navigate its e-commerce journey. 20 Jun 2024 Read more

8 key Meltwater take outs and how they should shape digital strategy
The key to successful marketing is meeting your consumers where they are – and when it comes to South Africans, that means online. According to Meltwater’s highly anticipated annual State of Digital Report, South Africa ranked number one globally for time spent using the internet – a whopping 9 hours and 24 minutes – with a large percentage of that time spent scrolling social media platforms. 9 May 2024 Read more

Retailer insights: Why Shopify makes sense
Whether your e-commerce interests are in the “mom-and-pop” arena or on a more macro scale, you’ll know how relevant an agile, highly functioning sales platform is to your business – and how crucial the right sales funnel development, technical support and payment gateway mechanisms are too. For the average small retailer, juggling the complexities of an online business is a challenge to say the least. Add to that the slew of software variables, updates and intricacies, and it gets even more complicated. 16 Apr 2024 Read more

Prioritise client and team relationships, and other valuable lessons from a media director
Melissa Humphry is a media director at The Digital Media Collective (TDMC), one of South Africa’s most successful digital agencies, where she heads up a team of more than 20, with a focus on strategy and media buying in the social media space. 26 Mar 2024 Read more

TDMC named Google Premier Partner for 3rd consecutive year
The Digital Media Collective (TDMC), one of South Africa’s leading independent e-commerce and performance marketing agencies, is thrilled to announce that it has been named a Google Premier Partner across Southern Africa for the third consecutive year. This prestigious accreditation highlights TDMC’s commitment to excellence and industry-leading expertise and underscores the premise that powerful results and deep knowledge are not exclusive to large network agencies. 29 Feb 2024 Read more

How to maintain a startup culture when your business grows
Startup culture is synonymous with innovation, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of success. However, as businesses transition from fledgling ventures to established entities, they often face the challenge of preserving the entrepreneurial spirit that propelled their initial growth. 20 Feb 2024 Read more

The power of curiosity – and other lessons I’ve learnt
Duncan Colville is development director at The Digital Media Collective (TDMC) and heads up their team of development experts who focus on building and optimising effective e-commerce stores. An entrepreneur at heart, Duncan has been a key member of the TDMC team for nearly a decade. His insights into the evolution of e-commerce, an undoubted skill for sophisticated site builds and deep knowledge of their influence on the paid digital media landscape are extensive. 7 Feb 2024 Read more

10 e-commerce trends to look out for in 2024
The digital media landscape changes daily and in the last twelve months advances have rocketed. Here the team from The Digital Media Collective (TDMC) share some of their insights and predictions in the e-commerce space and what to implement into your own business strategy. 15 Jan 2024 Read more

Keeping it real
User generated content (UGC) has enormous marketing potential for your brand – here’s how to lean into this resource as an effective amplifier on social media and why it should be an important part of your strategy. 4 Dec 2023 Read more

Get your e-comm brand Black Friday ready
If you have an e-commerce business, Black Friday may well be one of your most important trading days. Here's why it's essential to get your house in order now - plus why it's not always about the actual sales. 30 Oct 2023 Read more

Caleb Shepard: From intern to director
Caleb Shepard might be just 25 years old, but his list of accomplishments reads more like someone two decades his senior. The born and raised Durbanite is one of two media directors at The Digital Media Collective (TDMC), and he is currently leading the digital agency's new Cape Town office. Besides also being an award-winning photographer who has had his work published in Africa Geographic, Caleb was recently named as a finalist in TransUnion's respected Rising Star Awards. We talk to Caleb about his path to success and industry insights. 27 Oct 2023 Read more

The Digital Media Collective appoints strategic account director Zandile Dlamini
It's been a busy year for TDMC, with a second office opening in Cape Town, significant growth in client acquisitions, industry recognition in a number of awards, as well as expansion of their dynamic talent pool. The digital agency has a reputation for noticing and nurturing young talent, and the appointment of Zandile Dlamini is a case in point. She comes to The Digital Media Collective with noteworthy experience as a copywriter, TV and radio production professional and crucially as a content creator. Dlamini will bring her unique insights into black consumer preferences and behaviours in South Africa to the agency. 18 Oct 2023 Read more

Why email should form a key part of your e-commerce marketing strategy
Did you know that around key sales dates like Black Friday, email marketing can yield a more than 4% sales conversion success rate, and that the global average of cart abandonment is 70%, but with reminder emails we can see a 40-50% open rate. These are just some of the reasons why an email avenue of sales is not just a nice-to-have, it is an absolute essential for any e-commerce business, says Caleb Shepard, digital media director at The Digital Media Collective. 22 Aug 2023 Read more

E-commerce: How tertiary education must change to meet needs of industry
In an industry that is evolving so rapidly, tertiary institutions need to keep up with the pace of change in e-commerce and ensure their graduates are equipped with the right skills when they enter the working world. Cheryl Ingram, founder and head of The Digital Media Collective, outlines changes she would like to see implemented in South African universities and colleges and how her award-winning digital agency is addressing these shortfalls. 21 Aug 2023 Read more

So, you want to be an influencer? 6 expert insights from a leading SA brand strategist
Influencer marketing continues to grow as more and more brands turn to influencers - big and small - to help them win over new customers and retain existing ones. Nicola Ashe, director and partner at award-winning agency, The Digital Media Collective (TDMC) shares her expert insights on everything influencers need to know to grow their profiles and woo brands. 18 Aug 2023 Read more

E-commerce insider: How to identify a true expert marketing partner for your business
The e-commerce playing field moves at a breakneck speedand for businesses with an online shopping division or one that is completely online, keeping up with the ever-changing algorithms and platform developments is a fulltime job. In this cutthroat arena, the right digital marketing strategy and choosing a vetted paid media partner can be the difference between success and countless missed opportunities. 17 Aug 2023 Read more

TDMC takes on some of SA's biggest advertising agencies - and wins Gold at the Smarties Awards
Last night team TDMC took Gold at one of South Africa's most prestigious digital media awards, The Smarties. The Digital Media Collective (TDMC) was awarded the accolade in the E-Commerce Marketing: Integrated E-Commerce Innovation Category for their 2022 performance marketing campaign, on behalf of their client Futurelife. 31 Mar 2023 Read more

The impact of AI-powered ChatGPT on digital media agencies and e-commerce
Since its launch in November last year, ChatGPT has been dominating conversations amongst marketers, educators, journalists and technologists, thanks to its remarkable human-like ability to produce well written topic-specific content in seconds. Many question whether AI-powered ChatGPT is coming for their jobs and the far-reaching impact it will have on society. 29 Mar 2023 Read more

Source: © George Milton
Influencer marketing is not new, but the role that influencers - large and small - can play for brands has shifted since the onset of the pandemic. Therefore it is important for brands to relook at their influencer strategies - and why, if they haven't got one, they need to put one in place. 21 Dec 2022 Read more

How to get your brand ahead this Black Friday
Black Friday is an international sales beast that is gaining marked traction in the South African retail landscape. Savvy online buyers and sellers alike have got plenty to gain around this sales period... 21 Nov 2022 Read more

TDMC takes the lead
How women bring different eyes to business and why it has worked for leading South African digital agency TDMC 27 Oct 2022 Read more

The role of influencers for ecommerce brands
For South African consumers, the shift from bricks-and-mortar shopping to online retail has traditionally been slow. Although half the population has access to the internet and mobile services, online sales have accounted for less than 2% of retail purchases. Until 2020. Nicola Ashe, from TDMC, takes a closer look at the role of influencers in the ecommerce space. 11 Oct 2022 Read more

TDMC's Cheryl Ingram explains how Covid-19 has fast-tracked the adoption of ecommerce for both consumers and retailers
As a predominantly e-commerce focussed business that started in 2013, it's fair to say that the first four years of our existence often felt like we were swimming upstream. Why? Because the South African retail sector was relatively slow in adopting e-commerce - largely as a result of the high cost of entry and the challenging associated logistics. 6 Oct 2022 Read more

Forget winter, Black Friday is coming...
Get your business BFCM ready! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are relatively new concepts in the South African market. That being said, 87% (almost 9 out of 10) consumers in South Africa know what Black Friday is. There are some mind-blowing stats that have come out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday in South Africa. 1 Oct 2022 Read more