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The Nedbank IMC has become Africa's premier integrated marketing conference.
Any marketing person irrespective of role, level or discipline needs to attend this conference.
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Unlocking the power of everyday content
Every marketer knows that content is king, now more than ever, and especially in the social media, short-form video era. But why exactly? Brands are having to keep up with tech-savvy and hyper-informed consumers. Consumers who are always on, engaged and looking for authentic, appealing and personal relationships with brands. 2 Jul 2024 Read more

Staring down challenges... and winning
This year Africa’s biggest marketing conference, the Nedbank IMC, is all about challenges and how to keep pace with an industry constantly catching up to change. In emerging markets, like those on the African continent, these challenges are often intensified by socio-political intricacies, financial constraints and under-developed technologies. 11 Jun 2024 Read more

May the future force be with you... a thinking session that will redefine your approach to tomorrow
These days it’s increasingly hard for brands (or businesses) to think about tomorrow’s plans when they are busy trying to just keep their heads above water today. But with global challenges and a marketing universe that transforms at breakneck speed, they must adapt or die. 28 May 2024 Read more

5 international speakers on world-class marketing conference agenda
In keeping with its own theme of “Challenge yourself”, Africa’s biggest marketing conference, the Nedbank IMC Conference, has delivered an agenda that confirms its reputation as the continent’s most innovative marketing gathering. 15 May 2024 Read more

Challenge yourself to think like a Zoomer. How to sell more to tomorrow’s biggest customers
Marko Stavrou, better known as The Gen Z Guy and CEO of Stavrou Consulting may be young, but he is already one of Africa's leading Generation Z strategists and next-generation business leaders. This 19-year-old consults to big business and many others, on how to better connect with their Generation Z consumers and employees. Like all Gen Zers, Marko documents his life and learnings through many social media channels, reaching more than two million people across all his platforms in 2023. 6 May 2024 Read more

Global creative leader Matthew Bull to present an in-person keynote at Nedbank IMC
Flying in from New York to present exclusively at the conference on the 19th September, Bull’s presentation is titled “Creating a Creating Culture”. 11 Apr 2024 Read more

Helping marketers drive more humanised growth at the Nedbank IMC 2024
Best-selling author of The Global Brand CEO, renowned thought leader and international speaker Frank van den Driest, will be presenting a global keynote in-person at the Conference on the 19 September. 22 Mar 2024 Read more

Africa’s biggest marketing conference opens bookings
The Nedbank IMC is taking place in-person in Johannesburg and online on 19 September. The 2024 theme is: ‘Challenge Yourself. Keep Learning. Keep Leading’. 13 Feb 2024 Read more

Marketing UpClose&Personal: Insights and reflections from the Nedbank IMC 2023 Conference
The Nedbank IMC Conference, in collaboration with Meltwater, the global leader in social and media intelligence, has released its 2023 Conference White Paper. Authored by Louise Burgers and Tendai Mbumbwa, two top academics and lecturers at Red and Yellow Creative School of Business, the White Paper skilfully synthesises and reflects on the event's key take outs and teachings. It's a paper prepared by the industry for the industry. 31 Oct 2023 Read more

World-class content lauded at Nedbank IMC 2023
The Nedbank IMC Conference once again confirmed its top spot as Africa's leading marketing conference on 15 September. Over 2,000 delegates joined the hybrid event with the Joburg in-person venue being sold out two months in advance. 21 Sep 2023 Read more

Sellout Nedbank IMC 2023 offers a waiting list and virtual options
The Nedbank IMC Conference is living up to its reputation as the most prestigious and sought after marketing event in SA. In-person tickets to the event on 15 September have now sold out. But the Nedbank IMC's always-slick virtual alternative, which has seen thousands attend in the past couple of years, remains open, as well as a waiting list for the in-person event. 16 Aug 2023 Read more

The battle of the boardroom at the Nedbank IMC Conference
"There are only two things in a business that make money - innovation and marketing, everything else is a cost," said Peter Drucker, the father of management consulting. Why then is the CMO, the person responsible for marketing, often the one who draws the shortest straw (or is that chair) at the boardroom table? At this year's Nedbank Integrated Marketing Council (IMC) Conference on the 15 September, the popular CEO/CMO discussion series will continue with another panel of heavy hitters. 11 Aug 2023 Read more

Nedbank IMC announces Red & Yellow as official bursary partner
This year's Nedbank Integrated Marketing Council (IMC) Conference, taking place on 15 September, again promises to be the showcase marketing event in Africa that draws thought leaders from all over the world to discuss "Marketing is Business©". One of the IMC's fundamental objectives is equipping the youth with the relevant skills and experience to lead the way in an increasingly competitive marketing sector. 2 Aug 2023 Read more

Nick Law, creative chairperson of Accenture Song, to present global keynote at Nedbank IMC Conference
Creativity now, more than ever, is a key driver to differentiating your brand, engaging meaningfully with your customers and standing out amongst the ever-increasing 'noise' of today's consumer-driven world. Technology is integral to this process but is fast becoming a double-edged sword- offering limitless possibilities for consumer engagement on the one hand, but also bringing with it audiences who are more demanding, more socially-conscious and not afraid to 'voice their choice'. 27 Jul 2023 Read more

The route to CEO via marketing
Doug Place is a man on a mission. As the current chairperson of the Marketing Association of South Africa (Masa) and a leading marketer in SA, he is committed to ramping up professionalism in our marketing industry, and considering how marketing can be leveraged to build robust SA businesses. 20 Jul 2023 Read more

Nedbank IMC has fun with Obi Asika, one of Nigeria's foremost creative dynamos
Obi Asika is a well-respected and well-loved cultural heavyweight who has operated across the breadth of Nigeria's creative industries. The good news is that he will be speaking at this year's Nedbank Integrated Marketing Council (IMC) conference, offering up 10 African insights in 10 minutes. Whether it is his pioneering involvement in the globalisation of Afrobeats from Nigeria, the establishment of international strategic communications and production companies, or as executive producer of major TV reality shows in Nigeria like Big Brother or The Apprentice Africa, Asika has a talent for making things happen. 11 Jul 2023 Read more

Got their attention? Keep it! Find out how at Nedbank IMC 2023
Attention is often described as the new currency in marketing, but it's a complex currency to master and deal in - understanding the different facets of attention and how best to maximise on them in your creative campaigns can be tricky. Orlando Wood, chief innovation officer at System1 Group has been doing just this. In partnership with Joe Public, Wood will be sharing his insights virtually at Nedbank Integrated Marketing Council (IMC) Conference on 15 September. 29 Jun 2023 Read more

Making magic at the Nedbank IMC with Luca Gallarelli
It's time to learn more and get upclose&personal at this year's Nedbank Integrated Marketing Council (IMC) conference and learn to live on the right side of chaos! Luca Gallarelli, group CEO of TBWA\South Africa, will be one of the engaging thought leaders taking to the stage on 15 September. He will talk to delegates about the art of effective integration that delivers magic. Get ready to be inspired! 20 Jun 2023 Read more

IMC teams with global CMO Council to further marketing prowess and performance in Africa
The Integrated Marketing Council (IMC) of South Africa has announced it will partner with the global CMO Council to extend the relevance, content and reach of its upcoming Nedbank IMC Conference to be staged live and virtually on 15 September 2023 from Johannesburg. 6 Jun 2023 Read more

The future of reputation at Nedbank IMC
Emboldened by the real-time social media-driven environment, our customers and consumers have never been as vocally critical of brands as they are today. With this, reputational risk has never been more critical to the long-term management of brands and companies. Yet despite this, many brands still continue to flounder on the rocks of their reputations when the doodoo hits the fan. 31 May 2023 Read more

Up close and personal or miles apart? Find out at the Nedbank IMC 2023
Is your relationship with your client or agency a match made in heaven? Or do you find yourselves at opposite ends of the table, fretting about how you'll ever align? The cornerstone of successful marketing undoubtedly lies in the healthy connection between these cardinal points. But secretly, many of us struggle to find that perfect balance. The good news is that we're not alone and help is at hand! Four powerhouse marketing specialists will join in a panel discussion at the Nedbank IMC 2023, to unpack just how we can optimise these relationships. 4 May 2023 Read more

The 2023 Nedbank Integrated Marketing Conference (IMC) explores the frontiers of marketing
Marketers, brand custodians and creators might well believe that we have reached the zenith of marketing. After all, we've arrived at a time where we understand our clients better than ever before. It's common practice to leverage powerful datasets to pre-empt buying patterns and engage in real-time conversations to gauge client sentiment. The reality is that we're only scratching the surface. The frontiers of marketing continue to expand, and we're just getting started. 19 Apr 2023 Read more

Getting up close and personal with your inner entrepreneur at Nedbank IMC 2023
On 15 September, Shukri Toefy entrepreneur and global speaker, will explain to Nedbank IMC 2023 delegates how to get up close and personal with our inner entrepreneurs. 13 Apr 2023 Read more

Getting to know the Nedbank IMC speakers up close and personal
With more than 20 thought leaders converging in person at this year's hybrid Nedbank Integrated Marketing Council (IMC) conference taking place on 15 September, it's going to be personal. From walking the sometimes lonely journey of an entrepreneur to guiding a team or leading a company, the 2023 cohort of speakers will each provide their unique insight into what it means to get up close and personal in the business of marketing. 7 Mar 2023 Read more

Up close and personal. Nedbank IMC 2023 gets real
This year the Nedbank IMC will be hosting an in-person limited seating event for the first time in four years. While the virtual format did not dim the impact of Nedbank IMC - which saw 2,000 delegates from 15 countries gather online last year - 2023's hybrid format of in person and online is perfectly in tune with the conference theme of Marketing. Up close and personal. 22 Feb 2023 Read more

An industry first: The Nedbank IMC and Effie Awards SA join hands
In an industry first The Nedbank IMC and the Effie Awards South Africa (The Effies) will partner this year with the two industry events coming together on 15 September. 31 Jan 2023 Read more

Dale Hefer is CEO of the IMC (Integrated Marketing Council) which incorporates, Africa’s foremost integrated marketing conference
We are living in a time of flux; not only in South Africa but around the world. For the marketing sector, which thrives at the intersection of people, markets, economies and culture, 2023 will be an interesting yet challenging year. 24 Jan 2023 Read more

Nedbank IMC 2022 conference paper captures marketing relevance
The Nedbank IMC is proud to release the 2022 Conference Paper. The white paper, which is a synthesis of the key insights and reflections shared at the event by South African and global thought leaders, is a valuable resource to help marketers anticipate, understand and frame marketing's complex and fast-changing environment. 23 Sep 2022 Read more

Delegates at Nedbank IMC 2022 learn how to level up relevance
On 29 July 2022, marketers were given a platform on relevance: marketing's 'big ask'. More than 2,000 delegates logged in from 15 countries around the globe to watch the Nedbank Integrated Marketing Conference (IMC). Throughout the day marketers, creatives, and entrepreneurs were entertained and inspired to think differently about marketing relevance. 10 Aug 2022 Read more

The time is now! Nedbank IMC 2022 set to wow audiences on 29 July
If you haven't booked your virtual seat, now is the time. On Friday, 29 July 2022, an array of world-class local and global thought leaders will inform, entertain and inspire as they dig deep in the quest to find out just what it takes to ensure that we remain relevant in our fast-evolving markets. 26 Jul 2022 Read more

Exploring the relevance of TikTok at Nedbank IMC
Scott Thwaites, head of emerging markets for TikTok Global Business Solutions, is one of the international thought leaders who will be inspiring us at this year's Nedbank Integrated Marketing Conference (IMC). 21 Jul 2022 Read more

Mixing marketing with neurons to create powerful relevance
What do neurons have to do with marketing? A lot more than you may think! At this year's Nedbank Integrated Marketing Conference (IMC), a virtual one-day conference that will take place on 29 July, delegates will hear about what neurons - the brain's information messengers - have to do in the development of marketing messages that are deeply relevant to consumers. 6 Jul 2022 Read more

Bringing the power of the collective to over a thousand delegates at Nedbank IMC 2022
To a marketer, entrepreneur or creative, the question of customer relevance is growing in importance and complexity. The always-on, distraction-hungry and algorithm-driven marketplace, from which customer data has never been easier to access, can overwhelm rather than enlighten. At this year's Nedbank Integrated Marketing Conference (IMC), a host of inspiring African and international speakers will provide insights, stories and strategies to help us hit that sweet spot of customer relevance. 4 Jul 2022 Read more

Marketing relevance? Make the world a better place
When embarking on a new business, fresh campaign or product launch, do we as marketers ask whether our efforts are making the world a better place? For Sadika Fakir, integrated media and digital director at Tiger Brands - and one of the speakers at this year's virtual Nedbank IMC (Integrated Marketing Conference) 2022 - this is a non-negotiable question in the discipline of marketing. 3 Jun 2022 Read more

Africa. Relevant or relegated? Find out at this year's Nedbank IMC 2022
On 29 July, at the virtual Nedbank Integrated Marketing Conference (IMC) 2022, one of the stalwarts of South Africa's marketing scene, Thebe Ikalafeng, founder and chairman of Brand Africa and the Brand Leadership Group, will be asking an important question. Is Africa relevant or relegated? 25 May 2022 Read more

Is your brand a beacon of relevance?
Retail is the place where marketers send out their brands to meet the customer. Whether it's online or at the premises - the retail space serves as the final custodian of our products or services, handing them over to our customers. It is in this moment that our customers' own dreams, desires - and trust - seamlessly merge with our brands. If the shopping experience falls short of our customers' expectations, that delicate relationship between customer and brand can weaken. As marketers, we need to fully understand the relevance and power of retail. 29 Apr 2022 Read more

The golden needle of relevance in the unprecedented age of personal brand endorsement
"Never before have we seen such a personal endorsement of brands by our consumers. The issue of relevance becomes the golden needle that knits everything together." So says Xolisa Dyeshana, group creative director at ad agency Joe Public, and this year's co-host of the 2022 Nedbank Integrated Marketing Conference (IMC). In 2021, AdWeek named Xolisa as one of 15 creative leaders from all over the world who are reshaping the advertising industry. 20 Apr 2022 Read more

Don't be relegated to 'flavour of the month' - find your relevance
Marketers today are aware of the fact that their customers are mutating. No longer the passive recipients of products or services, they have matured into watchdogs of corporate actions, who can vocally criticise or commend at a moment's notice. Importantly, they will ditch us at a moment's notice, too. "If we don't want to simply be a 'flavour of the month'," says Dale Hefer, CEO of the Nedbank IMC, "we need to up our relevance stakes." 19 Apr 2022 Read more

Getting frank about the relevance of marketing and CEO buy-in
The Nedbank Integrated Marketing Conference (IMC) is known for its hard-hitting and insightful content. Trademarked as 'Marketing is Business', a key aim of the conference is to enable marketing's seat at the boardroom table. This year, on 29 July 2022, the Nedbank IMC will take the boardroom table to marketing, when Hollard Insurance's chief executive officer and chief marketing officer take part in a frank 'fireside chat' about the relevance of marketing. 7 Apr 2022 Read more

B2B marketing thought leader, educator and Olympic Trials qualifier: Introducing Tyrona Heath at Nedbank IMC 2022
Consumers have millions of choices at their fingertips. There are more than three billion smartphone users worldwide, working, socialising and shopping on their devices. Today's consumer is tech savvy and discerning about where to spend their hard-earned disposable income. So just what makes brands stand out? Targeted digital content that informs, resonates with specific audiences, and is delivered in relevant and meaningful ways at the point when they need it. Tyrona Heath, thought leader, educator, Olympic Trials qualifier - and director at The B2B Institute, LinkedIn's marketing think tank - will tell us how at the Nedbank IMC 2022. 23 Mar 2022 Read more

Mathe Okaba, bringing over two decades of deep-diving relevance to Nedbank IMC 2022
Are there any upsides to a global pandemic? The way our world has changed has in many instances served to ignite a fire in the hearts of entrepreneurs. With millions of brands all vying to acquire and retain new customers, being relevant is a no-brainer. How do brands stay front and centre, remaining connected and appropriate to their tribe in this new normal? 9 Mar 2022 Read more

Greg Hoffman, one of the most creative people in business, set to enthral at Nedbank IMC 2022
Client loyalty is fast being usurped by relevance as a critical driver for marketers, with consumers around the globe increasingly making buying choices based on the relevance of a product to meet their evolving needs. As a marketer, are you confident that your creative output - aligned to your brand's business vision - is expressed through relevant storytelling? 1 Mar 2022 Read more

International go-to finance guru talks creative output and return on investment at the 2022 Nedbank IMC
Just how much are your creative ideas worth? From chief financial officers to kitchen-bench creative entrepreneurs, few are immune to the complexities of this question from a financial and budgetary perspective. But help is at hand. Australian-based international finance guru to the creatives, Kathryn Williams, plans on answering this question and more at the 2022 Nedbank IMC. 22 Feb 2022 Read more

Just how relevant are we? Nedbank IMC 2022 set to challenge marketing's perceptions
Get ready for the Nedbank IMC 2022 conference. Hailed as Africa's most prestigious marketing conference and a world-class event, this year the virtual one-day conference will be asking marketers, and indeed anyone serious about communications, to consider their relevance in a radically changed - and changing - world. 31 Jan 2022 Read more

Measuring the value of social media
Digital marketing has become the top responsibility of marketers today, according to the 27th Edition of The CMO Survey, overtaking all other touchpoints. With marketing budgets devoting almost 60% towards digital, marketers are only too aware that developing consistent and creative social media campaigns is a critical part of the equation. Dale Hefer, CEO of the Nedbank IMC Conference, says that without insightful user-centred monitoring, such campaigns can be sold short on the value and impact they create for the brand. 13 Oct 2021 Read more

Marketers must build back better in the next normal, says Nedbank IMC 2021 conference paper
"You don't need me to tell you that the world we are operating in now is fundamentally different to where we were just 18 months ago. Major changes across industries were implemented virtually overnight and we've spent the last few months getting into a new rhythm, a new normal, the next normal." 16 Sep 2021 Read more

Marketing. The Movie, livestreams to critical acclaim, wows Africa's marketers
The Nedbank IMC 2021, themed Marketing. The Movie and billed as "Thriller. Action. Drama. Always a Love Story", surpassed expectations on Thursday, 29 July 2021 when it streamed a sterling array of marketing stars to more than 1300 delegates from 14 countries. 3 Aug 2021 Read more

A Nedbank IMC 2021 partnership with Sunshine Cinema challenges marketers to pay it forward
Africa's premier marketing conference is pleased to announce a partnership with Sunshine Cinema, Africa's first solar-powered media distribution channel that ignites imaginations and discussion on the continent. The partnership sends out a challenge to South African and African marketers to 'pay it forward'. 23 Jul 2021 Read more

Industry maverick to talk honesty at Nedbank IMC 2021
This year's Nedbank IMC closing speaker is the award-winning CEO of Joburg agency, DNA Brand Architects, Sylvester Chauke. He is a passionate advocate for creativity and author of the book, Stand Against Bland. 14 Jul 2021 Read more

2021 Nedbank IMC Marketing. The Movie.
Africa's leading annual marketing event stars 18 speakers, with four global keynotes, sharing invaluable insight in a must-see one-day virtual conference. 12 Jul 2021 Read more

Beyond stereotype to the invisible conscious consumer
As conscious consumerism rapidly takes hold around the globe, companies are developing new and innovative ways to meet a growing demand for fairer, safer and greener products. But before companies begin a round of high-fives in the boardroom, we need to put a collective ear to the ground. In the race towards winning over the conscious consumer, some critical considerations are being overlooked. So says Dale Hefer, CEO of the annual Nedbank IMC Marketing is Business integrated marketing conference. 30 Jun 2021 Read more

FCB Global CCO, Susan Credle, joins cast of marketing stars at Nedbank IMC 2021
In the year of virtual conferences, the Nedbank IMC in 2020 was critically acclaimed - the one to beat - and this year, the action continues with the conference themed "Marketing. The Movie." The star-studded line-up at this year's event, happening on 29 July 2021, includes four international speakers - all trailblazers. Susan Credle, global chief creative officer of FCB is one to watch - from any device of your choice. 23 Jun 2021 Read more

Jon Youshaei, Instagram's product marketing manager, to open Nedbank IMC 2021: Marketing.The Movie
When it comes to content creation, Jon Youshaei knows his stuff. 15 Jun 2021 Read more

"Let's get better. Not just back to normal": Marcel Marcondes, US CMO Anheuser-Busch, joins Nedbank IMC lineup
Africa's premier marketing conference is rolling out the red carpet on 29 July and is set to be the marketing blockbuster of the year. Themed "Marketing. The Movie", this content-packed one-day virtual event is bringing together some of the biggest local and international A-list marketing stars, including Marcel Marcondes. His topic is Field of Dreams: Our opportunity to get better, not just get back to normal. This will be followed by a 15-minute Q&A session hosted by Andrea Quaye. 2 Jun 2021 Read more

Marketing's A-list stars to feature in forthcoming attraction Marketing. The Movie
On 29 July 2021, you'll get to see the thrills, the action and the love story that is this year's Nedbank IMC Conference, livestreamed to your device of choice. Acclaimed as a virtual conference benchmark in 2020, this year's Nedbank IMC will present 18 speakers including four global keynotes over one day. A-list marketing stars will be coming to you live from Joburg, San Francisco, New York, Nairobi and Cape Town. 10 May 2021 Read more

The Nedbank IMC puts spotlight on scarce skills through bursary programme
Themed 'Marketing. The Movie' and taking place on 29 July 2021, the Nedbank IMC is again offering bursaries to young South Africans and Africans. With marketing skills ranked 52 out of South Africa's top 100 scarce skills, training tomorrow's marketers deserves top billing as both a social and business imperative. 30 Apr 2021 Read more

How to avert a brand crisis on social media in 48H
This year's Nedbank IMC Conference will be tackling real-life issues affecting brands right now. Thanks to the stellar lineup of both local and international speakers, the conference has been touted as the benchmark in virtual conferencing and Africa's premier marketing event. This year the theme is Marketing. The Movie. 17 Mar 2021 Read more

Does your CEO see marketing as an Indecent Proposal?
The Nedbank IMC 2021, taking place virtually on 29 July, is themed Marketing. The Movie. In one of the not-to-be-missed performances of the day, Mike Brown, Nedbank Group CEO, and Khensani Nobanda, Nedbank Group Executive Marketing and Corporate Affairs, will have a frank discussion on How to ensure your CEO doesn't see marketing as an Indecent Proposal. Loeries CEO, Preetesh Sewraj, will be facilitating the discussion. 22 Feb 2021 Read more

Marketing. The movie. The Nedbank IMC 2021 Conference
Africa's premier marketing conference is rolling out the red carpet on 29 July 2021 and is set to be the marketing blockbuster of the year. 1 Dec 2020 Read more

'Reset and reinforce brand purpose', says Nedbank IMC white paper
Rule 1: Everything has changed, change with your customers

Rule 2: Stop calling everybody millennials 13 Oct 2020 Read more

Masa makes the Nedbank IMC 2020 an approved course
The Marketing Association of South Africa (Masa), the Saqa-registered professional body for the marketing industry, has created an online course from the Nedbank IMC 2020. The conference was presented in association with Masa and took place virtually on the 24 July 2020 with 1,200 delegates. The conference was a first of its kind and was described as 'setting the virtual conference benchmark'. 22 Sep 2020 Read more

The Nedbank IMC 2020 sets benchmark with virtual conference
Originally scheduled to take place in March 2020, the sold-out Nedbank IMC 2020 went virtual on 24 July 2020 as the first-of-its-kind virtual marketing conference in Africa. 31 Jul 2020 Read more

The Nedbank IMC 2020 virtual conference gains traction
With less than a month until the virtual Nedbank IMC 2020, the organisers of the marketing event are excited about the take-up of the new format. The first-of-its-kind marketing conference in South Africa will take place virtually on Friday, 24 July 2020. 7 Jul 2020 Read more

The Nedbank IMC Conference 2020 goes virtual
Marketing works. More than ever. Work it. 1 Jun 2020 Read more

The Nedbank IMC Conference 2020 has been postponed
In keeping with the president's address last night and the cabinet guidelines regarding Covid-19, the Nedbank IMC 2020 has been postponed. 16 Mar 2020 Read more

It's time for the youth to tell us how to work it
"It's all about the youth. We need to listen, encourage, connect and uplift." This has been Dale Hefer's mantra since taking over as Nedbank IMC CEO in 2018. 23 Jan 2020 Read more

Does creativity work?
Is 'creativity' a buzzword or a real marketing commodity? We posed some 'creative' questions to three top heavyweights - all of whom are speakers at the Nedbank IMC 2020 happening at the Galleria in Sandton on 19 March, next year. 4 Dec 2019 Read more

First Nedbank IMC Bursary winners are working it
"I am working hard and loving marketing," says Marang Nwako, one of the two winners of the 2019 Nedbank IMC Bursary Programme in which she won a full bursary to study a marketing diploma with Nedbank IMC Bursary partner, MSC Education Holdings. 14 Nov 2019 Read more

Marketing works. If you take action.
At a time when advertising has been rated below politics as a trustworthy profession and when, according to a recent survey, 77% of brands wouldn't be missed if they disappeared overnight, can brands still prosper? 8 Oct 2019 Read more

Marketing works. Work it.
Why doesn't marketing sit with the grown-ups around the boardroom table? 29 Aug 2019 Read more

The Nedbank IMC 2020. Marketing works. Or does it?
Right now, intangible brand assets are worth US$57.3tn globally. That's a lot of rands. Yet, marketing still doesn't sit with the grown-ups around the boardroom table. Why? 31 Jul 2019 Read more

2019 Nedbank IMC Conference ahead of the game with live streaming on Facebook
With under a week left before the 2019 Nedbank IMC Conference kicks off on 14 March 2019, it is set to be the biggest IMC conference to date with over 600 delegates attending. "We are very excited to be welcoming so many industry players and specialists under one roof. The event was sold out over a month ago which shows us that people are really keen for robust conversation around stripping marketing down to the bottom line" says Dale Hefer, CEO of the IMC Academy. 12 Mar 2019 Read more

London-based thenetworkone joins the 2019 Nedbank IMC Conference as sponsor and partner
The debate over independent agency versus global holding company network rages on in the communications world. However, one company is challenging the concept of bigger is better by creating the largest global network of independent agencies worldwide. London-based thenetworkone, advocates for independent agencies and the benefits that go along with working with owner-managed, less cumbersome creative businesses of all kinds. 26 Feb 2019 Read more

Controversial trends and tough questions to be asked at the 2019 Nedbank IMC Conference as marketing gets nak*d
The 2019 Nedbank IMC Conference's agenda will be jam-packed with powerhouse players in the marketing and advertising world who will be sharing their views on trends driving the space in 2019. The conference takes on a TED-talk style format on 14 March 2019 at Joburg's iconic Fox Junction in Newtown. Here are a few insights from a range of speakers on topics that will spark interest and robust conversation on the day. 19 Feb 2019 Read more

20 top industry experts. One day. One stream. TED talk-style
"An absolutely formidable array," is how IMC CEO Dale Hefer describes the speaker line-up for the 2019 Nedbank IMC Conference happening in March 2019. "Our mission was to bring together 20 great marketing minds and it is mission accomplished." 20 Nov 2018 Read more

The 2019 Nedbank IMC Conference welcomes HDI Youth Consultancy as a sponsor
South Africa's HDI Youth Consultancy has come on board as a sponsor for the 2019 Nedbank Integrated Marketing Conference's (IMC) themed "Marketing Gets Nak*d™", which takes place on 14 March 2019 at Fox Junction in Newtown, Johannesburg. 26 Oct 2018 Read more

The Integrated Marketing Conference gets Nak*d with Nedbank
The Integrated Marketing Conference (IMC) is pleased to announce Nedbank as the naming sponsor for its 2019 event, "Marketing Gets Nak*d™", which takes place on 14 March 2019 at the Fox Junction in Newtown, Johannesburg. 10 Oct 2018 Read more

Gender-neutral marketing
Jess Jorgensen, director at Instant Grass International, has been announced as one of the speakers at the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Conference 2018 to be held at Vodaworld on 8 February. Jess and Paul White share their insights on gender-neutral marketing. 24 Jan 2018 Read more

Real secrets of effective influencer marketing campaigns
Stephane Rogovsky, CEO of R-Squared Digital, has been announced as one of the speakers at the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Conference 2018 to be held at Vodaworld on 8 February. He shares his insights on real secrets of effective influencer marketing campaigns. 23 Jan 2018 Read more

Dark days for e-commerce
Dan Matthews, technical architect at Episerver, has been announced as one of the speakers at the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Conference 2018 to be held at Vodaworld on 8 February. He shares his insights on e-commerce and inbound marketing. 19 Jan 2018 Read more

Meeting youth in their need space
Bongani Chinkanda, CEO of HDI Youth Marketeers, has been announced as one of the speakers at the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Conference 2018 to be held at Vodaworld on 8 February. He shares his insights on connecting with township youth. 17 Jan 2018 Read more

Stellar speakers to headline Africa's largest marketing conference
The 13th edition of the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Conference on 8 February at Vodaworld, Midrand, is an opportunity to kickstart 2018 with truly inspirational and actionable learning from the greatest minds in integrated marketing, says spokesperson Dale Hefer. Now Africa's largest marketing conference, it will feature corporate marketers from major brands including McDonalds, Standard Bank and Alexander Forbes, as well as leading local and international agency thought leaders, in a day jam-packed with interactive content, discussion and practical insights. 12 Jan 2018 Read more

The e-mail and SMS marketing juggernaut
Walter Penfold, Managing Director of SaaS marketing automation platform Everlytic, has been announced as one of the speakers at the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Conference 2018 to be held at Vodaworld on 8 February. He shares his insights on e-mail and SMS marketing as a taste of what's to come. 10 Jan 2018 Read more

Finding our new comfort zone in disruptive marketing
Dale Hefer, award-winning marketer, author and spokesperson for the Integrated Marketing Communications Conference 2018 10 Jan 2018 Read more

Evaluate. Consolidate. Integrate - 2018 IMC Conference announced
Every day your team delays using innovative new marketing solutions, you're losing competitive edge. If that makes you panic a little, great. It's time to get your team on its toes and prepare to embrace and integrate the plethora of ever-evolving options and channels available to marketers. 6 Nov 2017 Read more

Creative, tech and insights at the IMC Conference
From creativity, to tech to marketing research, the IMC Conference will deliver it all. Our speakers hail from these three fields to deliver their views on what the future holds. They will condense years' worth of learnings into one mind altering exhibition of ideas. 19 May 2017 Read more

SA's top marketing minds at the Cape Town IMC Conference
Twelve keynote presentations, two heated panel discussions, plenty of networking platforms and learning content all packed into one exhilarating day at the White Space in Salt River, Cape Town. 14 Mar 2017 Read more

New business for you - the "hello" that matters
It all begins with a "hello". 22 Jun 2016 Read more

The JHB edition of the IMC Conference leaves industry buzzing
On 2 and 3 November, marketing and communication professionals gathered at Vodaworld in Midrand for the highly anticipated two-day, Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Conference. 13 Nov 2015 Read more

The most innovative IMC trends presented by industry thought-leaders
If you are a marketing or communication professional, which burning questions are keeping you awake at night? What are the most innovative ways to differentiate your brand in tough economic conditions? How to measure the return on investment for marketing campaigns? What to do with big data and insights? 28 Oct 2015 Read more

The industry's most innovative and inspiring speakers are set for IMC Conference JHB edition
The IMC Conferences is proud to announce that its 5th annual conference will be returning to Johannesburg on 2 - 3 November at the the Vodaworld in Midrand. 16 Oct 2015 Read more

All marketing roads lead to the IMC Cape Town Conference
The IMC Conferences are enabling marketing and communication practitioners to better understand the fundamental requirements in creating any integrated marketing communication campaigns. Recognised as the leading marketing and communication conference in South Africa, this year's conference will deliver the state of the marketing address to attending delegates. 24 Jul 2015 Read more

Platinum Seed - a digital marketing agency that executes and nurtures ideas poised for success
An agency's success is deeply rooted in the way in which it is founded. Platinum Seed was launched in 2009 in truly entrepreneurial fashion - initially a through-the-line agency; it identified the market's need and soon after shifted its focus on digital. The agency's catchy name comes from the belief that every idea starts with a seed of thought and perhaps more importantly - the way in which the idea is executed, pair that together with a high- quality rare commodity - Platinum Seed was born to execute and cultivate ideas that are poised for success. 19 Jun 2015 Read more

IMC Conference comes to the Mother City
The IMC Conference is proud to announce that its 5th annual conference will be returning to Cape Town on the 3rd and 4th of August at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. 29 May 2015 Read more

Phat Brand Activation took the road less travelled and are now reaping the benefits
Rico Wessels and Christopher de Bod are not average entrepreneurs. For one thing, they didn't dream of starting their own business. When they finally did launch their company, Phat Brand Activation, in 2008, they went from an idle discussion about starting something of their own instead of building other people's businesses, to resigning, to start-up in two weeks. They also broke all the rules doing it. How did they do it? Phat did it by freeing themselves from the conformities of the industry. 29 Apr 2015 Read more

A full house for the inaugural Durban edition of the IMC Conference
On 23 and 24 March, marketing and communication professionals gathered at the Southern Sun Elangeni and Maharani Hotel in Durban for the highly anticipated two-day, Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Conference. 14 Apr 2015 Read more

IMC Durban Conference taking place March
With only seven days left until the highly-anticipated Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Conference comes to Durban, make sure you book your tickets to attend! The conference will be taking place at the Southern Sun Elangeni and Maharani Hotel on 23 and 24 March 2015. 16 Mar 2015 Read more

The inaugural IMC Durban conference launches with a high calibre of industry leading speakers
Nine renowned and prominent speakers are set to be featured at the IMC Durban Conference taking place from the 23rd - 24th March 2015 at the Southern Sun Elangeni and Maharani Hotel. 26 Feb 2015 Read more

Book your seats to attend the IMC Durban Conference
The highly anticipated Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Conference will be coming to Durban from 23-24 March 2015, taking place at the Southern Sun Elangeni and Maharani Hotel. 20 Feb 2015 Read more

IMC conference poised for its inaugural Durban conference
The IMC Conferences are proud to announce its highly-anticipated conference will be coming to Durban from the 23-24 March 2015 taking place at the Southern Sun Elangeni and Maharani Hotel. 6 Feb 2015 Read more

Full house for the Johannesburg edition of the 2014 Integrated Marketing Communication Conference
"Attending the 2014 IMC conference in Johannesburg is probably the best decision I've made all year. A professionally crafted event with insightful and stimulating speakers and content. Looking out for the next one! - Caroline Mavuti, Brand Manager, Fuel Card - KenolKobil Limited - Nairobi Kenya 29 Oct 2014 Read more

Final countdown (and lowdown) for the Integrated Marketing Communication Conference
This time next week, the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Conference will be in full swing at The Maslow Hotel in Johannesburg, bringing a host of workshops, keynote speakers and relevant information from the marketing industry, making this one of the most anticipated marketing and communication conferences in the country. 30 Sep 2014 Read more

Meet the guys in front of (and behind) the IMC Conference
With less than two weeks until the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Conference, the team is proud to have big names on stage, including the company that built it. 26 Sep 2014 Read more

Less than one month to go before the Integrated Marketing Communication Conference jet-sets to Johannesburg
With only a few weeks to go, the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Conference is ready to take the stage at the Maslow Hotel on the 6th and 7th October 2014. 19 Sep 2014 Read more

Vserv takes the lead at the IMC Conference in Johannesburg
With another compelling line-up for the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Conference, Vserv has come on board to take the lead sponsor title for the 2014 edition of this much anticipated conference that will be held at The Maslow Hotel on 6 and 7 October 2014. 26 Aug 2014 Read more

IMC Conference announces Silver Sponsors for the City of Gold
Meet the businesses behind the brand. 13 Aug 2014 Read more

World Wide Creative releases exclusive interviews with speakers at the IMC Conference CPT
The World Wide Creative (WWC) team attended the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Conference in Cape Town from the 9th to the 10th of June hosted at the CTICC. During the course of the event, the WWC team conducted a series of exclusive interviews with some of the keynote speakers and workshop hosts from various communication disciplines. 8 Aug 2014 Read more

IMC Conference Johannesburg announces keynote speakers
With just 10 weeks to go, the Johannesburg IMC Conference taking place at The Maslow Hotel from 6-7 October 2014 has confirmed its diverse mix of talented industry leaders. The event is set to challenge core facets of various marketing and communication disciplines and inspire engaging conversation. 6 Aug 2014 Read more