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South Africa's unemployment nightmare: The burden on its people
According to the recent Ipsos What Worries the World survey, a total of 69% of South Africans cite unemployment as their top worry, as opposed to 41% of the rest of world who chose inflation as their top worry. 9 May 2023 Read more

Global survey shows shrinking trust in internet
An international survey reveals that internet users' trust in the internet has dropped significantly since 2019. This is one of the key findings of a 20-country Ipsos survey released by The New Institute in Hamburg, Germany. 29 Nov 2022 Read more

Almost a quarter of the world's women are not comfortable talking about menopause
Menopause is a natural life stage that half of the planet will potentially experience, and yet is still something of a taboo to many... 11 Nov 2022 Read more

Ipsos in South Africa 'corners' the brand market with newly appointed brand health service line lead
Global market research company, Ipsos, is pleased to announce the appointment of Kim Larsen as service line lead: brand health tracking for Ipsos in South Africa. Kim replaces Julitha Tseka, who is transferring to client officer, remaining in the Ipsos South Africa business. Julitha served as service line lead: brand health tracking for Ipsos South Africa since (September 2018). 15 Aug 2022 Read more

Consistency in voting in the three most contested metros
With feelings of unsatisfactory choices for political parties in 2016, did South Africans vote the same again? 2 Nov 2021 Read more

Ipsos wins Radio Audience Measurement Survey contract in South Africa
The Broadcast Research Council (BRC) of South Africa has awarded Ipsos the contract to perform the official radio research in South Africa for the next five years. 3 May 2021 Read more

Ipsos launches its new creative assessment solution - Creative|Spark on Ipsos.Digital Platform in South Africa
Ipsos announces the launch of Creative|Spark, its new online solution to evaluate video creative in South Africa, which enables faster, better creative decisions to deliver business impact. 15 Sep 2020 Read more

Advertising in a time of crisis. What we've learnt so far...
As we emerge from lockdown, it's unlikely that we will resume pre-2020 behaviours, and the full impact that this has on advertising and brands continues to evolve. 19 Jun 2020 Read more

Ipsos poll: Online South Africans have more confidence in government than in business
A majority of online South Africans are confident that the national government is effectively addressing the threat posed by the spread of the coronavirus, even as lockdowns and closures force millions to isolate themselves. They also expressed their confidence in international institutions in handling the crisis. 7 Apr 2020 Read more

Close to 3 in 10 men say sexual jokes or stories at work are acceptable
Nearly three in ten men (28%) around the world think it's acceptable to tell jokes or stories of a sexual nature at work, according to a new global survey to mark International Women's Day on 8 March 2020. 6 Mar 2020 Read more

A hard day's work: Global attitudes to gender equality in the workplace
A new global study carried out in 27 countries by Ipsos MORI in the UK, in collaboration with the Global Institute for Women's Leadership at King's College London for International Women's Day shows men and women remain divided about gender equality in the workplace. The online survey of carried out with 20,204 adults aged 16-74 year olds finds: 6 Mar 2020 Read more

Cyril Ramaphosa popular amongst South Africans, but political parties questionable
A majority of six in every 10 (62%) South Africans think President Cyril Ramaphosa is doing his job well. This is despite the almost four in 10 (39%) saying that there is no political party in the country representing their views. These are some of the most important findings from a Pulse of the People™ survey conducted by Ipsos towards the end of 2019. 12 Feb 2020 Read more

South Africans unsure of what to expect in 2020
To many South Africans, it would seem as if 2020 is likely to bring "more of the same" - drought, economic woes and a low growth rate, political uncertainty and squabbling within and between political parties, loadshedding and concerns about unemployment. So, it is no surprise that South Africans view the year ahead with trepidation. However, not everyone feels the same and although working and non-working people are almost unanimous in their views, younger South Africans are more optimistic than older people, and political party allegiance does make a difference to views on the future. 20 Jan 2020 Read more

South Africans weigh in on attitudes towards women
With the focus on women during August, the demonstrations in Cape Town at the same time as the WEF conference on Africa and the attention in the media the last few weeks on incidents of gender-based violence, Ipsos examines the diverse opinions that South Africans have towards issues of women's place in marital relations as well as violence towards women. 9 Sep 2019 Read more

Survey: Most Influential Brands in South Africa
Ipsos South Africa has released the results of its inaugural survey measuring the influence that brands have on South Africans at an event held at Melrose Arch on Friday, 16 November. 20 Nov 2018 Read more

Canada, the US and South Africa have the most inclusive view of nationality: Ipsos poll
Ipsos's Inclusiveness Index compares countries' acceptance of social and cultural diversity 26 Jun 2018 Read more

Ipsos poll: Who will be watching the 2018 FIFA World Cup?
Although South Africa is not one of the countries to contest the 2018 FIFA World Cup, almost eight in every 10 (78%) South Africans with internet access1 have indicated that they are aware of its starting later this week in Russia. Looking at this group who are aware of the World Cup, South African opinions about the soccer spectacle are divided in four comparable groups: 13 Jun 2018 Read more

Brand building in Africa: Demystifying the African marketplace
Why have some companies succeeded and others failed in Africa? International brands have extended their business models into Africa, and set up shop: investing in infrastructure by means of supply chains and distribution networks, creating employment, and relentlessly driving their brands on the market, only to close-up shop when great expectations floundered. 25 Apr 2018 Read more

The decline of the Zuma years
"I resign as president of the Republic with immediate effect. Even though I disagree with the decision of the leadership of my organisation." These words of ex-president Jacob Zuma brought to end nine difficult years in the short history of the South African democracy. 16 Feb 2018 Read more

Toyota comes out top in SA vehicle quality survey with 10 Gold awards
With its extensive model range Toyota has come out on top in terms of the number of Gold awards won in the latest vehicle quality survey conducted in South Africa by Ipsos, the international market research company. The recently-announced results are derived from a detailed survey conducted in 2016 and involving more than 7,000 owners of vehicles from 17 brands. 1 Nov 2017 Read more

Seven ways to embed your EFM programme to drive sales
Today's C-suite executives are familiar with customer feedback in ways that colleagues in previous eras could only dream of. They have measurement and management programs at their fingertips that allow them to actively manage the experience and, if done properly, to drive sales in an organisation. 26 Oct 2017 Read more

Ipsos launches DUEL: A System 1/System 2 rapid testing approach
Ipsos Marketing expands innovation offer with next-generation approach to screening simple stimulii 12 Oct 2017 Read more

Ipsos' award-winning paper emphasises message that radio is still king on the continent
Nanzala Mwaura, head of Ipsos Connect, was awarded Best Paper at the PAMRO Conference (Pan-African Media Research Organisation) for her talk on “The African Middle Class”. The paper looked at how marketers can define a middle class, across 54 diverse countries on the continent. The African Lions project, conducted by UCT Unilever and Ipsos, in 10 cities across Africa over 18 months. The research encompassed both qualitative and quantitative research waves and has yielded massive amounts of information into this market. 20 Sep 2017 Read more

Sub-Saharan middle class: R1.3tn per month and growing
Groundbreaking study on the world's fastest-growing middle class 22 May 2017 Read more

Global perceptions of gender equality - Poll
In the interest of International Women's Day, new data from Ipsos Global @dvisor shows that although the clear majority in 24 countries around the world say they believe men and women should be treated equally (88% on average), most still think the current situation is one of inequality in terms of social, political and/or economic rights (72% on average). 8 Mar 2017 Read more

Ipsos poll: Economic difficulties and a small ray of hope
Three in every 10 believe that their families will be better off in a year's time 22 Feb 2017 Read more

Ipsos launches LIFE Path to understand consumer dynamics along the path to purchase
Recognising that the consumer's path to purchase is more convoluted and more complex than ever before, Ipsos Marketing has launched LIFE Path to help clients understand and impact consumer choices along their journey. LIFE Path offers a holistic, modular approach to path to purchase understanding that involves social media intelligence, passive metering, and qualitative and quantitative research - so marketers can assess which touchpoints are most influential in generating sales. 25 Oct 2016 Read more

Brands don't buy brands, people do
Businesses want to know how they can grow their brands. This is a simple question with complex answers, answers that start with people in real life - how they choose brands and, most importantly, how you can influence them to choose your brand more. Brands exist in a constantly changing world and, at the same time, human behaviour is undergoing a revolution - which makes it challenging to manage a brand. In the end, in order for brands to grow they need to attract more people, more easily and more often. Yet, how can you ensure that more people will buy your brand more often and more easily? 13 Oct 2016 Read more

Ipsos launches Sense*Suite to guide early-stage product development
Ipsos ProductQuest expands offer with holistic R&D solutions 27 Sep 2016 Read more

Ipsos pre-election forecasting on the mark nationally
Ipsos in South Africa again delivered a very close forecast on the final local election results. At its latest release of its poll findings (released Monday, 1 August), Ipsos suggested that the ANC would garner 54% of the votes, the DA 26% and the EFF 8%. 23 Aug 2016 Read more

Ipsos South Africa announces new Country Manager
Ipsos in South Africa is pleased to announce the appointment of its new Country Manager - Nick Coates, following the departure of previous County Manager, Ryan Gould. 20 Jul 2016 Read more

Volkswagen Group tops in customer satisfaction in SA
The Volkswagen Group may be having problems with its image in many global markets in the backwash of the so-called Dieselgate emissions scandal, but here in South Africa Audi and Volkswagen are leaders in the field of customer care. This situation is very evident in the results of the latest Ipsos survey of customer purchasing and servicing experiences in 2015. 31 May 2016 Read more

Ipsos South Africa receives Digital Genius Award
Ipsos was recently recognised at the Unilever Agency Day 25 Apr 2016 Read more

Ipsos and UCT Unilever Institute of Strategic Marketing partner to uncover the potential of the sub-Saharan Africa middle class
The continent of Africa is largely viewed as the next big opportunity for business growth yet details remain sketchy, from articles denying its very existence to dramatic generalisation of what this market is all about. 31 Mar 2016 Read more

Why the customer journey is important
Using typical interaction points to delight your customers 26 Feb 2016 Read more

Shrinking confidence amongst South Africans that the government is doing its job well
Only about half of adult South Africans (48%) are of the opinion that the National Government is doing its job well. This is down 8 percentage points from May 2009, when President Zuma took office. 11 Feb 2016 Read more

Denting President Jacob Zuma's popularity and reputation
Three Ministers of Finance in five days is totally unheard of - however, this was exactly the news dominating the headlines the past few days. With the South African rand basically in a free fall since President Zuma's sudden announcement on 9 December 2015 that the Minister of Finance, Nhlanhla Nene, will immediately be replaced by the largely unknown David van Rooyen, the country was in uproar. 15 Dec 2015 Read more

Latest Ipsos quality study shows SA motor industry puts quality first
Ipsos South Africa has announced the 2015 Product Quality Awards. This follows the Quality Awards Purchasing and Servicing Quality Awards which were announced in June this year. In 2014, the results of both surveys were announced simultaneously. 23 Oct 2015 Read more

Demographics and attitudes play a significant role in customer satisfaction
Demographics play a significant role in customer satisfaction in terms of the purchasing and servicing experience of vehicle owners in South Africa. This is clear in the detailed breakdown of the latest Ipsos Competitive Customer Experience which is the result of telephonic interviews with more than 25,000 owners of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles over a 12-month period. 10 Jun 2015 Read more

Usual suspects continue to excel in Ipsos sales and service survey
The Volkswagen Group once again fared very well in the recently announced 2015 Ipsos Competitive Customer Experience (CCE) for people buying or servicing a vehicle in South Africa. 3 Jun 2015 Read more

How to begin optimising your customer retention
Retaining customers is a big focus in every business, and every business wants to make sure that their customers are happy and loyal - so that they buy more and buy more often. The way to do this is obviously through positive engagement, meeting their needs, and meeting needs better than the competition. This ongoing and increasing spend or share of wallet drives profitability and market share growth. 12 May 2015 Read more

Ipsos South Africa announces new country manager
Ipsos in South Africa is pleased to announce the appointment of its new country manager - Ryan Gould. This follows the announcement of Harald Hasselmann's departure. Hasselmann will be leading Ipsos's Nordics cluster in Scandinavia. 19 Mar 2015 Read more

Ipsos launches Ipsos Connect for brand communication, advertising and media services
Ipsos is pleased to announce the launch of Ipsos Connect, a global specialised business to coordinate Ipsos' services in the domains of brand communication, advertising and media. Ipsos Connect amalgamates the legacy brands of Ipsos ASI and Ipsos MediaCT. 27 Feb 2015 Read more

63% of online South Africans believe that violence against children has become more frequent
The majority of South Africans with access to the internet (63%) believe that violence against children has become more frequent in the last five years. This is in line with the global average of 62% in 28 countries believing that violence against children has become more frequent. This is an important finding in view of yesterday being International Human Rights Day and also the last day of the 16 days of Activism Against Violence Against Women and Children. 11 Dec 2014 Read more

Are we settling for mediocre customer service?
The voice of the consumer has come to the fore in the last week with the dramatic events surrounding the banner that was erected by a disgruntled Cell C customer. The banner proclaimed Cell C to be "The most useless service provider in SA - Cell C Sandton City" and has brought the issue of customer experience under scrutiny. 19 Nov 2014 Read more

Brand reputation important for low-cost vehicle purchases
One in every three South African owners rated price as the most important purchase decision influencer, according to a recent study conducted by Ipsos. Price is followed by brand reputation, with roughly 16% of car owners placing great importance on the latter aspect. 17 Sep 2014 Read more

Ipsos study puts SA motor industry in very good light
Ipsos South Africa (part of the second largest survey-based market research company in the world), and its 12 local syndicate members representing 18 brands, have announced both the 2014 product quality and customer experience (service received when purchasing or servicing) awards at the same time. Previously the results were announced separately. 28 Aug 2014 Read more

Ipsos presents new thinking on share of wallet
In a time when the economy is so volatile, it is important to understand customers' spending patterns. "Focussing on retaining customers alone does not have a big enough impact on a company's bottom line," states Rentia Kramer, Head of Ipsos Loyalty in South Africa. Even though your brand could be receiving high satisfaction and recommendation ratings from customers, it could still be losing sales if customers are more satisfied with, and more likely to recommend, a competitor. It is valuable and important to measure how happy your customers are and how likely they would be to recommend your brand, however it doesn't shed any light on how customers are dividing their spending between your brand and its competitors. 24 Jul 2014 Read more

Low level brand loyalty and the new brand image in the automotive market
More than a third (35%) of current car owners who are considering purchasing a new car in the near future say they will possibly purchase a different car brand to the one that they have, according to a recent study by Ipsos. A third of car owners feel undecided. 8 Jul 2014 Read more

Ipsos pre-election projections on the mark
Ipsos in South Africa has proved its research accuracy through recent pre-election polls that have been conducted by the company. At its latest release of its poll findings (released Friday 2 May), the poll suggested that at a moderate voter turnout, ANC would garner 63% of the votes, and the DA 22%. 14 May 2014 Read more

Ipsos survey: Provincial political party support in a moderate voter turnout scenario
In a press release issued last week Ipsos stated that: "...voters intend, to a much greater degree than in previous elections, to split their votes - i.e. vote for different parties on the national and provincial ballots." 16 Jan 2014 Read more

Ipsos survey: Political party support six months ahead of the election
The ruling party is currently less popular with eligible voters than in November 2008.1 14 Jan 2014 Read more

Lukewarm adoption of e-toll tags amongst motorists in Gauteng
Only one in every ten (10%) drivers in Gauteng "strongly agree" with the statement "I have bought an e-toll tag already or intend to buy one". 2 Dec 2013 Read more

Ipsos global president visits South Africa, reinforces focus on South African market
The South African market research industry continues to be one of key focus for Ipsos globally, says Didier Truchot, global co-president of the international market research company Ipsos. 20 Sep 2013 Read more

Women's Day 2013: "Glass ceiling" still intact
More women than men are looking for work whilst caring for young children and when working, they generally earn less than men. Many South Africans still believe that education is more important for a boy than a girl and that a woman "should be kept in her place"! 12 Aug 2013 Read more

Ipsos ASI creates a 'smart' new research app to measure brand touchpoints in real-time
New Brand Shout Research Solution Taps into Smartphone Technology, 'Always Connected' Culture to Capture 'In-the-Moment' Insights 4 Jul 2013 Read more

Ipsos survey: Youth Day: Moderate optimism and views on the direction in which the country is going
In public opinion surveys worldwide the youth are generally expressing more optimistic views about issues than older people, but young people in South Africa are only slightly more optimistic than older people. 18 Jun 2013 Read more

Ipsos announces Quality Award Winners 2013
Ipsos has announced the 2013 Ipsos Quality Awards for Sales and Service experience in the automotive industry. These awards have been awarded to the industry for the past nine years and have become the benchmark in customer experience in the automotive industry. 10 Jun 2013 Read more

Ipsos Survey: Performance rating of national government declines
According to the latest poll by opinion and market research company, Ipsos, just over half of adult South Africans (52%) indicated that, in their view, the national government was performing "well". Four provinces, namely the Western Cape, North West, Mpumalanga and the Free State outperformed the national government when their performances were evaluated. 15 Feb 2013 Read more

Ipsos poll measures public satisfaction with government performance in key policy areas
The government has not significantly impressed the public in terms of their performance in any of the policy areas, according to the latest poll by market and opinion research company, Ipsos. "There has actually been a deterioration in public perception of how well the government is doing since this time last year," states Mari Harris, Director of Public Affairs at Ipsos South Africa. This time last year, 14 out of the 25 policy areas were rated below 50%. This year this has increased to 17 policy areas which the public rate as below the "pass mark". "There are definite improvements in the evaluation of some of the areas but overall, the picture is one of dissatisfaction with most of the key policy areas," states Harris. 14 Feb 2013 Read more

More than half (53%) of adult South Africans and 52% of ANC supporters agree that the future of the ANC is uncertain because of the leadership issues within the party. Only two in every ten ANC supporters (19%) disagreed. 10 Dec 2012 Read more

Ipsos appoints Nick Coates head of Marketing Business Unit in South Africa
Global Market Research company, Ipsos, has appointed Nick Coates as Head of the Marketing Business Unit of its South African operation. 6 Dec 2012 Read more

Ipsos appoints Harald Hasselmann head of South Africa
Global Market Research company, Ipsos, has appointed Harald Hasselmann as Country Manager of its South African operation. As Country Manager, Hasselmann will be succeeding Jake Orpen who is leaving the company. Orpen had been with the business since 2004 and had led the successful combination of the Ipsos and Synovate businesses in South Africa following Ipsos's acquisition of the latter in 2011. 30 Nov 2012 Read more

The Ipsos Quality Awards 2012 have revealed outstanding results with the lowest scores in the history of the survey. The Ipsos Quality Awards were previously known as the Synovate Quality Awards and have been awarded to the industry for the past eight years. They are the benchmark in measuring the customer perspective on the experiences and vehicle quality in the South African automotive industry. 12 Nov 2012 Read more

With Heritage Day around the corner, Ipsos releases poll results revealing that four out of every five South Africans say they are proud to be South African. 27 Sep 2012 Read more

Ipsos survey reveals global interest in the Olympic Games. 30 Jul 2012 Read more

According to the latest poll by opinion and market research company, Ipsos, 60% of South Africans indicated that, in their view, the president was performing "well". This remains virtually unchanged from our last reading (61%) at the end of 2011, but has dropped from two-thirds (66%) in May 2011. 12 Jun 2012 Read more

Only 16% of Gauteng residents have bought, or intend to buy an e-toll tag. This is according to an Ipsos poll investigating the attitudes of the public towards the e-tolling plans. The research was conducted prior to the interdict against the e-tolling as passed in early May this year. 11 Jun 2012 Read more

Most global internet users turn to the web for emails (85%) and social networking sites (62%) 4 Apr 2012 Read more

Six in ten (64%) global citizens think they need to live better, finds a new survey by global research company Ipsos on behalf of Reuters News, but eight in ten (81%) say they wish they had a recipe or plan for living better. 22 Mar 2012 Read more

Less than four in every ten (38%) adult South Africans believe that the government is doing "very well" or "fairly well" in its efforts to control the cost of living in the country. 23 Feb 2012 Read more

National economic assessments are up on the global aggregate level and in every region. This is the first time since April 2010 that all geographic regions included in the survey have displayed an improvement in economic outlook. 22 Feb 2012 Read more

Although most adult South Africans were unaware of the possible exploration for natural gas in the Karoo, when introduced to the concept, the majority said that they are in favour of determining the presence of natural gas in the Karoo. Respondents wanted the pressing issues of job creation, economic development and environmental concerns to be addressed in the process. The prospect of natural gas development creating a reliable domestic energy source that would give more South Africans access to electricity was also of paramount importance. 21 Feb 2012 Read more

The government did not perform according to a "green light standard" in any of the policy areas measured recently, according to the latest poll by market research company, Ipsos. This indicates that 2012 will have to be a year of "delivery" before the important ANC party conference at the end of the year in Mangaung. 10 Feb 2012 Read more

Global market research company, Ipsos, has appointed Jake Orpen as Country Manager of its South African operation. 8 Nov 2011 Read more

Synovate's record rugby pass
Global Market Research company, Synovate, is attempting to complete the longest rugby pass during the Rugby World Cup 2011. 3 Oct 2011 Read more

With the fast-approaching Census, Synovate takes a look at some of the detail and complexity surrounding such an enormous project. 22 Sep 2011 Read more

Synovate Customer Experience, Synovate's global practice dedicated to customer experience research and consulting, has announced that it has joined the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) as a Founding Corporate Member. The CXPA is a global industry trade group whose members are responsible for creating and maintaining an overall positive customer experience - a vital objective for any organisation that offers products or services for sale. 29 Jul 2011 Read more

Today Aegis Group plc, parent company of top four global custom market research firm Synovate, issued an announcement to the London Stock Exchange indicating that it has agreed the sale of Synovate, excluding Synovate Aztec, and the Aegis Board has recommended that shareholders approve the deal. 27 Jul 2011 Read more

Two-thirds of South Africans polled in Synovate's latest survey believe that increasing the legal drinking age to 21 will be effective in decreasing both underage drinking and alcohol abuse. 7 Jul 2011 Read more

Synovate has announced the 2011 Synovate Quality Awards for Sales and Service experience in the automotive industry. These awards recognise service excellence and are acknowledged as the highest accolade for customer service in the South African motor industry. Gold Award winners include Audi, Toyota, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Chevrolet and Lexus. 31 May 2011 Read more

A new study from top four global custom market research firm Synovate on 'green' behaviour shows that women and older consumers across the world are more environmentally conscious overall. How people feel about the future and their family, and which country they live in, are less important factors in determining their green habits. 6 May 2011 Read more

Synovate appoints Darren Smith as new operations director for Synovate Pan Africa
Global market research firm Synovate, one of the big four custom research firms, has announced that Darren Smith has been promoted to operations director for Synovate Pan-Africa. 21 Apr 2011 Read more

Synovate appoints Global Heads of Brand & Communications and Customer Experience research
Top four global custom market research company Synovate has announced that it has appointed Global Heads of its Brand & Communications and Customer Experience practices. Jon Harper is now Global Head of Brand & Communications and John Carroll III is Global Head of Customer Experience. 1 Apr 2011 Read more

Synovate speaks to Gauteng motorists on the costs and impact of proposed toll fees. 10 Mar 2011 Read more

Synovate appoints Jake Orpen head of South Africa
Global market research firm Synovate, one of the big four custom research firms, yesterday announced that Jake Orpen has joined the company as managing director for Synovate South Africa. 14 Jan 2011 Read more

Synovate in South Africa has enhanced its Mystery Shopping offering to clients and prospects with the launch of a dedicated Mystery Shopping business unit. 25 Nov 2010 Read more

Global market research company Synovate explores the landscape of the South African mobile user. 15 Oct 2010 Read more

On Wednesday 25th August, Synovate successfully launched its revolutionary new customer relationship insights and performance management system. Over 100 marketing and research professionals gathered to listen to Dr Jannie Hofmeyr present Synovate's new innovation and how it challenges market research theories that have long been held as real. 2 Sep 2010 Read more

Market research company Synovate uncovers the online spending habits of South African Internet users. 20 Aug 2010 Read more

77% of South Africans state that they are concerned about Climate Change compared to a global average of 69%. 4 Jun 2010 Read more

Synovate in South Africa has established a Qualitative Business Unit, headed by newly appointed Qualitative Director, Maree Fouché. 18 May 2010 Read more

84% of South Africans ‘cannot live' without their cell phone. This is according to latest findings by market research company, Synovate. 10 Mar 2010 Read more

Synovate has again demonstrated their commitment to quality and the company is now compliant with the requirements of ISO 20252. Synovate is the first marketing research company in South Africa to achieve this status. 27 Nov 2009 Read more

Global market intelligence firm, Synovate, has released data from its global money and finance survey, revealing more than half all respondents across 16 markets have permanently changed their attitudes to saving as a result of the credit crunch, 22% have written or revised budgets in the past six months and six percent have even delayed having a baby. 4 Nov 2009 Read more

Synovate in South Africa celebrates its 20-year birthday
The 15th September marked Synovate South Africa's 20-year anniversary. Synovators celebrated by giving back to the community. 150 Synovators reached out to 13 charities in total, mostly in Johannesburg but also including some in Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth. 21 Sep 2009 Read more

Global market research firm Synovate has introduced Synovate Community Panels, an online solution that allows companies to reach customers directly for research purposes, and which also quickly and cost-effectively integrates qualitative and quantitative research with unique applications. 8 Sep 2009 Read more

85% of our lower LSM South Africans deem the 31% electricity tariff hike as unacceptable, according to a survey released by market research company, Synovate. The lower hike of 15%, which applies to lower income earners, was also not received with any enthusiasm - 70% stating that it is unacceptable. 20 Jul 2009 Read more

Synovate has announced the 2009 Synovate Quality Awards for Sales and Service Satisfaction in the automotive industry. These awards recognise service excellence and are acknowledged as the highest accolade for customer service in the South African motor industry. 29 May 2009 Read more

Rage on our roads has maintained a similar level over the last year, according to a recent survey by Synovate. In 2005, road rage in South Africa was at a record high amongst the other members of the globe. Reports of aggressive or threatening driving behaviour have stabilised at 51% over the last two readings (August 2008 and April 2009). Even though this is lower than reported in 2005, this still means that one out of two drivers on South African roads are experiencing aggressive/threatening driving behaviour. 28 Apr 2009 Read more

Leading global market intelligence firm Synovate has released results from a new study on women and financial independence, which found that nearly six in ten (58%) women across 12 diverse countries believe themselves to be financially independent. 6 Mar 2009 Read more

Leading global market intelligence company Synovate, has released findings from a global male beauty survey showing that 81% of Greek men feel sexy, Italian men are rated as the best-looking and 56% of all male respondents use beauty products created for, and marketed to, men. 8 Dec 2008 Read more

New CEO of Synovate Africa announced
International market research company, Synovate, recently announced the promotion of Jon Salters to the position of CEO of Synovate Africa. 1 Dec 2008 Read more

Charlotte Jackson named new Managing Director of Synovate South Africa
Leading global market research company, Synovate, has announced the promotion of Charlotte Jackson to Managing Director of Synovate South Africa, effective early 2009. 28 Nov 2008 Read more

South Africa's young, techno-savvy adults have set the record straight in a study conducted by global market research company, Synovate. 4 Nov 2008 Read more

High performance and sports car drivers are most likely to be victims of road rage, according to a recent road rage survey by Synovate. This is true of road rage behaviours including persistent flashing headlights, hooting, rude gestures and insults, as well as aggressive driving behaviour. Of those that have reported being the victim of road rage where another driver actually got out of their vehicles, most are reported by drivers of small cars. 10 Sep 2008 Read more

Across 17 markets of the world, well over half of the population (58%) do not know what social networking is. This is according to Synovate's recent global survey on the subject of online communication and social networking. 5 Sep 2008 Read more

Over two thirds of all South Africans say that beauty is essentially about non-physical attributes but this does not mean that they don't have plans to improve their looks. Top of their list would be personal shoppers and self-indulgent treatments, according to a recent global study on beauty conducted by Synovate. 28 Aug 2008 Read more

77% of South Africans have expressed their concern about climate change, according to a global survey conducted by BBC World News and Synovate. This is 5% higher than the global average of 72% across all markets surveyed. 26 Aug 2008 Read more

Does being a man mean that you are more likely to complain about service or be less satisfied when buying a car? Does being younger mean that you have less experience and are more easily satisfied when you buy or service your car? Not necessarily, according to market research company Synovate's recently published Sales and Service Satisfaction results. 4 Jul 2008 Read more

Synovate, the market research division of Aegis Group plc, has announced that it has acquired the Steadman Group, a leading provider of market research, media monitoring and strategic management consulting. 2 Jul 2008 Read more

According to a recent survey by global market research company, Synovate, 20% of South Africans are definitely planning on emigrating or seriously considering it. 22 May 2008 Read more

Above all else, South Africans define financial success as being able to provide the basics of food and shelter for their families. This is according to a global study carried out by market research company Synovate. 5 May 2008 Read more

Recent loadshedding activity has led 90% of South Africans to cut down on electricity usage, according to a recent survey conducted by global marketing research company, Synovate. 16 Apr 2008 Read more

Global market research company Synovate has announced that it has just launched a new solution called Market Barriers. The system which can be added to clients' existing tracking programmes quantifies the degree to which brand performance is a function of factors beyond brand relationship. 8 Apr 2008 Read more

Sixty two percent of South Africans keep a keen eye on the jeans brands worn by others on the street. This is compared to a 26% global average, according to a recent global study conducted by Synovate. 4 Mar 2008 Read more

Thirty nine percent of South Africans pay someone else to clean their homes, according to a global study conducted by market research company Synovate. This is compared to a 27% average in emerging markets and a 12% average in developed markets. 21 Feb 2008 Read more

Chester Williams is the favourite for the new Springbok coach, according to a recent Synovate survey where respondents were asked their opinions on a number of issues recently confronting the national teams. 8 Jan 2008 Read more

50% of South African drivers have experienced aggressive or threatening driving behaviour from other drivers in the past 12 months, according to Synovate's recent road rage study. This is a 4% decrease since the last measurement in May 2007. 19 Dec 2007 Read more

Synovate has released the results of their survey on the impact of the new National Credit Act (NCA) on ordinary South Africans. Synovate contacted 676 people in metropolitan areas to investigate perceptions of the NCA. Of those, 177 had never even heard of the law. The remaining 499 respondents had heard of the law and 41% believed they had been personally affected by the new law. 28 Nov 2007 Read more

Leading global market research firm Synovate has announced its acquisition of Research Solutions, one of New Zealand's largest independent full-service research agencies. Headquartered in Auckland, Research Solutions provides market intelligence services backed by a team of 45 full-time staff and a field force of over 200 interviewers. 5 Nov 2007 Read more

Synovate has announced the winners of the Synovate Quality Awards for Product Quality. Looking at the problems that customers are most commonly reporting, it appears that any major problems with reliability are a thing of the past. 25 Oct 2007 Read more

Synovate has announced the winners of the Synovate Quality Awards 2007 for Product Quality. “This year has been an exceptional one for vehicle quality,” states Richard Rice, Automotive Client Services Director at Synovate. 23 Oct 2007 Read more

More than half the people surveyed in a global opinion poll for BBC World believe that terrorism can destroy democracy. The survey of 12,000 people across 15 countries on five continents was carried out in August by the international market research company Synovate. 11 Oct 2007 Read more

A recent global study conducted by Synovate has revealed that out of 15 markets surveyed across the globe, South Africa is one of the least in favour of smoking bans. While the percentage of those pro smoking bans (72%) is fairly high, it is the Italians (96%), Thais (96%) and Taiwanese (93%) that are most supportive of wide-range smoking bans. Bulgaria and the Netherlands exhibit the most resistance to smoking bans, gathering 63% and 64% yes votes for the bans respectively. Globally this figure stands at 80%. 25 Sep 2007 Read more

Satisfaction in domestic tourism during the South African autumn/winter quarter yielded a constant rating of 78%, according to recent results from Synovate's Domestic Tourism Barometer. The findings of this unique study represent the views of a sample of 1202 respondents, who have travelled within South Africa during the second quarter of 2007. 31 Aug 2007 Read more

Recent statistics published by the Star Alliance, of which SAA has recently become a member (Lufthansa Magazine, 05/2007) have raised some interesting issues regarding South African Airlines' operations in comparison to other member airlines globally. 7 Aug 2007 Read more

Music piracy remains an ongoing problem in Asia according to the Branded, MTV and Synovate Music Matters survey released at the 2007 Music Matters Asia Pacific Music Forum in Hong Kong. 11 Jun 2007 Read more

Convenience, convergence and growth opportunities from connecting with consumers are the three big trends driving the consumer music market in Asia according to the Branded, MTV and Synovate Music Matters survey released today at the 2007 Music Matters Asia Pacific Music Forum in Hong Kong. 8 Jun 2007 Read more

Synovate has introduced a leading-edge suite of models and simulators for quantifying the market potential of a product or service. 5 Jun 2007 Read more

More than a half (54%) of South African drivers claim to have been on the receiving end of aggressive or threatening driving behaviour in the past 12 months, according to a recent study by Synovate. 1 Jun 2007 Read more

The first quarter of 2007 has seen little fluctuation satisfaction amongst domestic travellers, according to the latest results from Synovate’s Domestic Tourism Barometer, a unique study focusing on the more affluent domestic traveller. 10 May 2007 Read more

Synovate strikes global panel partnership with GMI
Global market research company Synovate has entered a worldwide partnership with GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.), one of the world’s leading panel and market research software providers. This partnership gives Synovate access to over six million panellists across the globe. Combined with its existing ViewsNet panels, this partnership now enables Synovate to offer panel research in more than 50 markets. 20 Apr 2007 Read more

While almost 60 percent of consumers in emerging market countries would buy a local brand over an international brand if both products were of equal price, consumers in these ‘Hotspots’ countries have the same brand preferences for cars (Toyota), fast food (McDonalds) and hotels (Hilton) as developed market consumers, reveals global market research company Synovate. 17 Apr 2007 Read more

International market research firm Synovate have announced the key findings of its first global opinion survey carried out in conjunction with the 24-hour international news and information channel BBC World. 11 Apr 2007 Read more

Aegis Group plc, which owns global market research company Synovate, has reported 2006 preliminary results showing another year of excellent progress as business positioning and product investment deliver a tenth straight year of market outperformance. 3 Apr 2007 Read more

The Synovate Quality Awards have once again resulted in a close battle between South Africa’s vehicle manufacturers to reach the top of the ranking in Synovate’s annual survey of Sales and Service satisfaction in the local motor industry. 2 Apr 2007 Read more

The vast majority (91%) of South African parents teach their children to save money, reveals global market research company Synovate. American parents expect their children to do chores for their pocket money, while more than half of parents in Cyprus teach their kids about the stock market. 19 Mar 2007 Read more

Satisfaction with domestic tourism stabilised over the last six months of 2006, according to the latest results from Synovate’s Domestic Tourism Barometer. Overall satisfaction when travelling within South Africa remains at 78%. 7 Mar 2007 Read more

More than a third of motorsports fans in our country state that they would be influenced by a manufacturer’s success on the racing circuit when buying a car or motorcycle, according to a recent global survey by Synovate. 5 Mar 2007 Read more

BBC World and Synovate launch global survey partnership
International market research firm Synovate, has announced details of its new global survey partnership with 24-hour international news and information channel BBC World. 13 Feb 2007 Read more

Only 12% of South Africans have used the Internet to find love. This is compared to 29% of the French and 21% of Filipinos interviewed in a global survey about dating perceptions, use of the Internet to find a romantic partner and the level of success that they have had. 8 Feb 2007 Read more

Synovate, the market research arm of Aegis Group plc, has announced that it has acquired Interview-NSS, The Netherlands' largest independent full-service market research company. Amsterdam-based Interview-NSS employs 110 members of staff and has particular expertise in contact and channel management, media and branding research.  31 Jan 2007 Read more

Synovate has launched a revolutionary new market research system which allows brand owners to consistently predict the sales impact of their marketing investments.  1 Dec 2006 Read more

30% of Gauteng motorists believe that the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) strategy could work in reducing traffic congestion, according to the recent Synovate Rush Hour Survey.  27 Nov 2006 Read more

The Synovate SAS Index™ (South African Satisfaction Index) results for the telecommunications industry have been released, showing an increase in customer satisfaction with customer service across all the telecommunication providers. Overall satisfaction in the industry has increased from 79% in November 2005 to 82% this year.  9 Nov 2006 Read more

Synovate has announced the winners of The Synovate Quality Awards 2006 for Product Quality. The highly coveted 2006 Synovate Quality Awards have been hotly contested, with the traditional stalwarts vying amongst themselves and against new entrants for top positions.  16 Oct 2006 Read more

Recent new security restrictions at many airports will deter some consumers from air travel, but it's the ongoing threat of terrorism that will have a greater effect on their travel habits, according to a new survey by Synovate.  12 Oct 2006 Read more

As South Africa celebrated Tourism Month in September, Synovate released its third reading of Synovate's Domestic Tourism Barometer.  10 Oct 2006 Read more

Every generation of young women faces some identity struggles, but a recent study suggests that today's women are feeling more pressure than ever before to succeed both personally and professionally. According to a recent study conducted in the US and Canada by global market research firm Synovate, a growing number of young women today are in a constant identity struggle to be viewed as both the "hot", desired girl as well as the successful, independent woman.  11 Aug 2006 Read more

Synovate has launched a major initiative to promote growth and better align the company with the needs of global clients. Called 'From Now to Wow', the programme will apply across all business units, support services and operations.  10 Aug 2006 Read more

Anything that makes food taste better is fine, according to 62 percent of South Africans who are familiar with genetically modified foods, global market research company Synovate has revealed. That statement is sure to be abhorrent to the 89 percent of corresponding Greeks who believe such products may be harmful. 7 Aug 2006 Read more

Leading global research firm Synovate has announced an expansion of its media research services. The new global group will be based in London and led by Steve Garton, currently Director, Media Research for Synovate in Asia Pacific.  23 Jul 2006 Read more

Almost half of us think new technology looks cool even if we don't understand it, according to a recent Synovate survey. The global market research company also learned that while a mobile phone is the gadget most people could not live without, almost one-quarter of respondents claim they could live without any of their high-tech toys. 6 Jul 2006 Read more

Mobile number portability - how loyal are you to your network?
Twenty one percent of cellphone users believe that they will change networks once mobile number portability (MNP) comes into play, a recent Synovate survey has revealed. 27 Jun 2006 Read more

Despite the numerous petrol price increases South Africa has undergone this year (approximately 18% since the start of the year), awareness and adoption of alternative fuel engine technologies are fairly low, according to a recent Synovate survey. 8 Jun 2006 Read more

World Cup fever
38% of South Africans are prepared to call in sick to watch the World Cup, according to a recent global Synovate survey. 7 Jun 2006 Read more

It is possible to move the needle on customer loyalty, says Larry Crosby, CEO of Synovate Loyalty, but doing so requires a holistic approach. Speaking at an event hosted by Synovate South Africa last week, Dr Crosby discussed what leading companies are doing today to move customer loyalty to the centre of their business strategy. 30 May 2006 Read more

"Measuring customer satisfaction alone cannot guarantee that your contact centre is a good one," states Jon Salters, Managing Director of Synovate Sub-Saharan Africa. "The secret lies in firstly, measuring the right things - those that really make an impact on customers - and secondly, using the information on an ongoing basis and linking the measurement to an improvement in contact centres."  8 May 2006 Read more

Forty percent of employees think it's no longer possible to be as loyal to a company as in the past, with the French - at 56 percent - expressing the highest such sentiment, a recent Synovate survey has found. 4 May 2006 Read more

Only 48% of current Tshwane - Johannesburg car commuters are likely or extremely likely to use the Gautrain, which means one of the project's main objectives - alleviating traffic congestion - may not be achieved, a recent Synovate survey reveals... 12 Apr 2006 Read more

MTV booty-shaking minx or Sophia Loren? In a recent Synovate survey of seniors aged 55 or older, there is no contest - nearly 40% of men in 12 key markets said older women were just as attractive as their younger counterparts. In a day and age when Hollywood roles for older actresses are in rapid decline and Botox use starts in the teenage years, this is refreshing news.  11 Apr 2006 Read more

Nissan has worked its way to the top of the Synovate Quality Awards in a closely-contested and high-scoring annual survey of sales and service satisfaction in South Africa's motor industry. 3 Apr 2006 Read more

What works best for market research tracking surveys: telephone or mail questionnaires? Synovate tackled this sometimes contentious subject at the SAMRA conference this past week. 19 Mar 2006 Read more

Leading brand commitment expert Jan H. Hofmeyr has been appointed Global Head of Insights for Synovate Brand & Communications, the company's newest practice, effective April 1st. 16 Mar 2006 Read more

Travel consumers want atmosphere, memories, escapism, responsive hosts and their expectations met, according to Synovate's first measurement of the South African Domestic Tourism Barometer, a unique study focusing on the upper LSM's. 15 Mar 2006 Read more

Almost half of Indonesians and Turks have stopped eating chicken as a result of the threat of bird flu, a recent Synovate survey has discovered.  2 Mar 2006 Read more

Synovate, the global market research firm which forms part of Aegis Group plc, has announced the launch of its new speciality practice, Synovate Loyalty.  1 Mar 2006 Read more

Mention the Gautrain and you are likely to be met with a lot of strong opinions. Much commentary has been made on the proposed high speed train in Gauteng. 23 Feb 2006 Read more

Only one in eight respondents from the US and key markets in Europe think highly of the quality of products made in China and Korea, a recent Synovate survey showed. 9 Feb 2006 Read more

Aegis Group plc ("Aegis" or "Group") - the media communications and market research group - has announced that it has acquired Roland Berger Market Research, the custom market research subsidiary of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, based in Munich, Germany; Plus REMARK, the largest independent full service market research company in Turkey; and, the Scandinavian market research group, Univero, the holding company for MMI Univero (Norway), TEMO Univero and LUI Univero (Sweden), Vilstrup Univero (Denmark) and Fieldwork Scandinavia. 19 Jan 2006 Read more

Today everything is media but we do not control the dialogue, the consumer does. We need to know who today's consumers are as people and when and where we can find them in the mood to welcome a brand message. 9 Jan 2006 Read more

Most South Africans claim that our traffic problems are mostly due to selfish and uneducated drivers. 73% of South African respondents in a recent Synovate survey attribute South Africa's worsening traffic problem to people who don't know how to drive or those who drive selfishly, second only to rocketing private car ownership.  8 Dec 2005 Read more

According to Synovate's SAS Index™ results released this week, Vodacom has again been conclusively named as number one in service excellence for customers in the telecommunications market. 27 Nov 2005 Read more

Synovate's definitive ranking of customer satisfaction with South African banks was released yesterday - identifying ABSA as tops in delighting its customers. 7 Nov 2005 Read more

The 2005 Synovate Product Quality Awards has seen great jostling for positions amongst the tried and tested vehicle brands, but the imported newcomers to the study stole the show this year. 23 Oct 2005 Read more

It is long overdue, but the South African marketing industry is being exposed to the thinking on the psycho-dynamic approach to research and what it can do for marketing. On Tuesday, Synovate was delighted and honoured to host a global authority on consumer behaviour and motivation, Mr Jan Callebaut.  27 Sep 2005 Read more

Market Research company, Synovate, added a prestigious award to its accomplishments when it received the Professional Management Review (PMR) Golden Arrow for Outsourced Call Centres. 12 Sep 2005 Read more

Eleven percent of South African drivers claim to have been at the receiving end of threatening behaviour in the past 12 months, where the aggressor got out of the vehicle to confront them, according to a new survey by Synovate. 15 Aug 2005 Read more

Synovate, the market research arm of Aegis Group plc, has announced its acquisition of Italian market research company, AMT Consulting Srl. 5 Jul 2005 Read more

Aegis Group plc ("Aegis" or "Group") - the media communications and market research group - has announced that it has acquired the French market research group, ARTeam, the holding company for QCG and Socioscan. ARTeam will become part of Synovate, Aegis's fast growing global research network. 2 Jun 2005 Read more

Synovate releases the South African motor industry's latest Customer Satisfaction Research results. 18 May 2005 Read more

Dr. Lawrence A. Crosby, CEO of Symmetrics, the global customer loyalty management practice of Synovate, presented the specifics of his Measure, Model, Manage framework to a group of marketing management professionals in Johannesburg and Cape Town on 12 and 13 May. 17 May 2005 Read more

Synovate, a leading market research company, has released the results of a global study into perceptions of budget air travel and corresponding consumer behaviour. 15 May 2005 Read more

In its fourth year of existence, the 2005 SAS Index has measured two new industries - Medical Schemes and Municipalities - revealing that, overall, these industries have a big gap for improvement potential. 5 Apr 2005 Read more

Good news for consumers is that organisations now have an increased focus on tracking customer satisfaction and to listening what they have to say. This is according to the latest Merchants Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report, which is produced by Dimension Data and global research company Synovate, which is also the South Africa's biggest market research company. 18 Feb 2005 Read more

Good news for consumers is that organisations have an increased focus on customer satisfaction. This is according to the latest Merchants Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report produced by Dimension Data and Synovate, a global research company.  17 Feb 2005 Read more

Synovate South Africa has announced that its locally designed research technology and methodology will be used, in part, to improve customer loyalty in the US automotive industry. 30 Jan 2005 Read more

The past few weeks have seen the release of research results by Synovate relating to the quality of new vehicles sold in South Africa - the first time this sort of information has been available here. 15 Oct 2004 Read more

Proactive Insight has announced that it has joined Synovate, one of the largest market research companies in the world. "This acquisition expands Synovate's global reach into Southern Africa, complementing our existing operations in North and West Africa," said Synovate CEO, Adrian Chedore. 28 Jun 2004 Read more

The South African Advertising Research Foundation (SAARF) has awarded a substantial portion of its media industry research contract to a BEE company. This decision has ended a 30-year monopoly of the contract by a single research supplier.  11 May 2004 Read more