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About G&G Advocacy

Our experienced and passionate consultancy team, proprietary Content Capsule™ learning methodology, and eLearning platform enable us to provide innovative solutions to our clients' online learning and training needs to elevate learning and development into their competitive advantage.

G&G Advocacy provides a complete managed service from needs analysis to interactive learning content development and implementation on our bespoke eLearning platform. We use ongoing communication, monthly analysis, insights, and evaluation to drive engagement and success.

Consulting and Strategy

Using our proprietary consulting methodology, we understand our clients' business needs and the learning needs for each employee. Our strategic approach ensures that all learning solutions align with the business goals and objectives.

Bespoke Solutions

From simple custom eLearning courses to complex enterprise-wide learning programmes, we partner with clients to reskill and upskill their teams to achieve learning outcomes and drive business forward.

Content Capsules™

Deep, effective learning experiences tailored with the busy adult learner in mind. Content CapsulesTM are interactive, bite-sized information packages that empower employees to continuously learn, improve and excel, without distracting them from their core roles and responsibilities.


We engage learners and promote behaviour changes using game mechanics such as badges, achievements, leaderboards, meters, animations, and healthy competition. Gamification ignites interest, drives completion, and builds a culture of learning in organisations.

Learner Platform

All learning, training, and incentive activities are done on a single platform, tailored to each client, to deliver immersive learning experiences, enhanced measurability, and reporting capabilities to ensure objectives are met, and real returns are achieved.

Content Development

Learning architects, strategists, and passionate writers and designers ensure that learning content, videos, infographics, quizzes, webinars, and mentorship events are fascinating and interactive, so learners assimilate, recall, and apply new information and skills through multi-sensorial learning.

Analytics and Reporting

Report against your ROI with rich, real-time data and insights via a tailored dashboard that provides a single view of employees' behavior to easily assess their progress and identify knowledge and skills gaps.