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about us
The ESG Africa conference aims to create a platform for industry leaders and experts across Africa to discuss, debate and find solutions to some of the common challenges faced in embedding ESG practices within organisations. The main theme of the conference is a 'Sustainable Future Through Leadership'; highlighting the significant role leaders can and should play in ensuring their organisations better integrate ESG principles into their value system and overall organisational strategy.

How is this Conference different?
  1. Existing conferences focus on one aspect of ESG, with most focusing on the investment and financing aspects linked to ESG. This conference will take a more integrated and systemic approach to this topic.

  2. The conference will aim to unpack issues across ESG and how these principles can be made more relevant from an African and developing world perspective.

  3. The theme of the event will be 'A sustainable future through African leadership' and topics will focus on how leaders can play a bigger role in driving ESG. This makes it unique in terms of its approach to this topic.

  4. The organisers are planning a series of master classes before and after the conference, to delve into some of these topics in greater detail and help ensure that there is a common understanding as to what ESG is, why it is important and how to go about driving it's adoption.

  5. The organisers aim to create a dialogue and to have specific outcomes at the end of each event, which could be monitored and reviewed over time to ensure the event does not become a 'talking shop'

  6. Community of practise which we launched in 2022, and includes a series of educational platforms, networking events and online groups, to help professionals with an interest in ESG to network, learn and grow.