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about us

The DMASA is a highly proactive leader in this vital, flourishing industry that contributes substantially to South Africa's economy.

As such, we adhere to a strong Code of Practice which is fully compliant with all existing laws pertaining to the industry and its practitioners. We also ensure the protection of consumers through our Hotline, where complaints against DMASA members are resolved timeously. Further protection is offered through the Do Not Contact facility held by the Association.

Our Centres of Excellence are highly popular, as those who take advantage of the audits have met with the required standards, ensuring any business dealings can be undertaken with confidence.
The acclaimed Assegai Awards recognise brilliance within the industry, with the many entries continuing to showcase the high standard of campaigns delivered by talented agencies.

Benchmark surveys are held to provide much-needed research data on IDM in South Africa, a first within the industry.

Networking opportunities are promoted at informative workshops and events, while monthly Newsletters and weekly Newsflashes keep or members up to date with industry developments.

Media partnerships give a voice to the DMASA and its members. Thought leadership articles and press releases are published; events and workshops receive publicity; and the DMASA is therefore an acknowledged leader within the IDM industry.

Committees comprised of experts from each aspect of the IDM industry meet regularly to discuss developments within their specific discipline. This ensures an educated overseeing of the principles and practices of IDM in general and of the DMASA in particular.