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about us

Established in 1996 in Cape Town, CityVarsity rapidly cemented itself as the go-to media and creative arts school in South Africa. Simultaneously, the demand for quality private tertiary media education facilitated us opening the doors to our Newtown campus in 2007.

Our students' lifestyles are enriched by the proximity to media and creative industries surrounding these campuses. The increasing numbers of international students at both of our campuses bear increasing testimony to the positive reputation we continue to spread at a global level.

With a strong emphasis on practical work across all media disciplines, our graduates walk out of our doors with a portfolio of relevant work to prospective employers. This constant hands-on approach provides our graduates with a distinct advantage in the career market.

Over the years, CityVarsity's dominance at national awards ceremonies across various disciplines have demonstrated the distinctive edge that our students possess.

The academic staff is encouraged to freelance within their disciplines. This highly successful strategy results in a perpetual awareness of the trends, needs and challenges within each industry from a top-down approach.

Annual industry indabas ensure a mid- to long-term guidance system for syllabus structure, content and direction. These are just two ways in which our students are constantly in touch with the pulse of their chosen profession.

Our students' interaction with peers from other departments produces vital networking skills and opportunities which have led to many of them forming successful independent production companies after their studies.

CityVarsity is a fully accredited Higher Education institution, offering certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas. All our curricula are registered with SAQA while the qualifications are accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE). In addition to this, CityVarsity is registered with the Department of Education (DOE) for the qualifications shown on Certificate no. 01 HB04.

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