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Alastair is half geek, half journalist. He's worked for numerous newspapers and magazines over the years but has a not-so-secret passion for digital media. These days he is mostly focused on journalism training and Media Hack (, a project that tracks and experiments with the rapidly changing media world. Email Alastair at and follow him on Twitter at @alastairotter.
Alastair Otter
Seven reasons why editors should be on Twitter

I recently began looking at how many of South Africa's newspaper editors were on Twitter, having taken it for granted that there is inherent value for editors to be on Twitter. In the process of compiling the that list, I began thinking about why it was important for editors to be on Twitter.

By Alastair Otter 19 Aug 2011 12:05

Alastair Otter
SA's top Twittering editors

Prompted by a Twitter discussion with journalist Jonathan Ancer last week and a comment by Business Day editor Peter Bruce, who urged more South African executives to join Twitter, I decided to track down some of SA's top editors (mostly print) and compare how they were faring in the world of Twitter.

By Alastair Otter 5 Aug 2011 09:47

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