Leanne Freeman

Consumer research manager at BMi Research
Location:South Africa


    Leanne Freeman is the Consumer Research Manager at BMi Research (www.bmi.co.za). She has been involved in market research for over 13 years, having worked internationally as well as locally across all methodologies. Leanne heads up BMi Research's Consumer Research Division and can be contacted on tel +27 (0)11 615 7000 ext 3023; or email .
    The in-store experience: Still the most powerful differentiator in the competitive retail space

    These days, in a tough economic climate where competitors fight for control of consumers' hard-earned rands, the retail environment has to work that much harder to keep its customers, and keep them happy...

    By Leanne Freeman, Issued by BMi Research 25 Nov 2015

    [2012 trends] The new frontiers of market research

    I think 2012 will be a fascinating year for market research in South Africa, as more specialist tools and techniques are increasingly absorbed into mainstream methodologies. New technology will be a key driver, but this will be carefully balanced by efforts to really understand consumer behaviour by directly engaging respondents.

    By Leanne Freeman 20 Jan 2012

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