We don't have time for pretence, and patience for arrogance is patience wasted. We let knowledge, not egos, go to our heads and our fingers are firmly on the pulse of the advertising industry.

Red & Yellow is who you would want to sit next to at a dinner party, a young, intelligent mover with a sense of humour you wish was on tap, or that eccentric genius who discovered a new blend of life-saving coffee.

Red & Yellow is not knowledge without wisdom, the guy who has all the facts but none of the truths, or the stuffy businessman who can't break down a spreadsheet without making board members bored members.

So step forward and offer us the only introduction that really matters - yours.

Mother City magic.
Our campus

Boots on the ground, magic in our hearts and logic on the brain, The Red & Yellow School prepares students for the industry by immersing them in it. Our campus is a hive of activity, from the creative studio to boardroom strat meetings. Stop and take a breath - this is where things happen.

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