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Unlock your career potential: Join us on 25 Oct at 1pm for our Online Open Day
Want to take the first step to supercharging your career? It starts at Red & Yellow's Online Education Virtual Open Day - and here's why. 24 Oct 2023 Read more

The top 5 skills needed for a career in digital
In an age where emojis speak louder than words, GIFs tell stories, and hashtags are part of our everyday language, it's clear that the digital world is where the action is. And to thrive in this exhilarating realm, you need the right set of skills to conquer the digital universe. Red & Yellow is here to serve as your guide to the top five skills needed today to carve out a successful career in digital tomorrow. 9 Oct 2023 Read more

Leveraging AI Tools: 6 ways to empower SA's content creators
Content continues to dominate the channels and apps we access every day, whether you're browsing TikTok, flipping through reels or catching up on Twitter. As the demand for engaging and high-quality content continues to rise, skilled content creators face the challenge of producing a constant stream of fresh and compelling material. It's a tough gig, with competition at an all-time high - however, with the emergence of artificial intelligence tools, content creation has been revolutionised. 12 Sep 2023 Read more

3 steps for effective account leadership
In the fast-paced world of advertising, account management is crucial. The account manager is the fulcrum on which the entire relationship sits. They need to build strong relationships with their clients, understand their needs, and deliver high-quality work that meets their objectives, by ensuring the right information, inspiration, and processes are in place. The often contentious pivotal point of contact is the brief, which the account manager receives and is supposed to interpret before sending it into the system. 10 Aug 2023 Read more

Overcoming the barriers to entry for youth joining the workforce: Tangible impact is possible now
Bridging the gap between skills and finding employment continues to be a problem for South Africa's growing pool of unemployed youth, with many skilled graduates unable to enter the workforce. That said, closing this gap is not an insurmountable task, and can be addressed right now, bringing tangible impact to South Africa's workforce. 20 Jul 2023 Read more

93% of young graduates find jobs: Red & Yellow releases their Employability Report
Overcoming the challenges of youth unemployment through practical exposure to industry 1 Jun 2023 Read more

The rise and rise of content creators in the world of AI
It is no secret that independent content creators are currently experiencing huge success. Thanks to opportunities offered by social media and Web 3.0 there has been a steady rise in the content creator economy, along with an upward trend of internet users who prefer doing business with their favourite content creators, as opposed to a large corporation. 4 Apr 2023 Read more

The key to your career success? Earning while you learn at Red & Yellow
Furthering your education for tomorrow's working world is more crucial than ever before. A 2019 OECD education report states that the employment rate among 25-64-year-olds in South Africa who hold a tertiary qualification was 85%, a strong indication that tertiary education pays off. 9 Mar 2023 Read more

Red & Yellow Creative School of Business expands into Mauritius and beyond
Red & Yellow Creative School of Business, South Africa's leading authority in digital marketing education, proudly extends its critical skills training to Mauritius-based Honoris Educational Network to offer digital marketing to emerging talent in the country from July 2022. 3 Jun 2022 Read more

Red & Yellow Bursary Programme is cultivating the leaders of tomorrow
Despite the economic hardships presented by Covid-19 restrictions, constant lockdowns and South Africa's high unemployment rate, the private sector is stepping in to ensure South African youth are equipped with the skills, digital expertise and progressive mindsets that will create a better future for the nation. 13 Jul 2021 Read more

Red & Yellow prepares youth for an ever-evolving future
Our youth holds the key to unlocking a brighter future for South Africa. They are the leaders of tomorrow that can guide our country to brand-new heights. But they face many obstacles - a rapidly declining economy, outdated education systems, a lack of trusted leadership, and the growing threat of job displacement due to emerging and disruptive technologies. 28 Jun 2021 Read more

Honoris United Universities welcomes Red & Yellow Creative School of Business to its pan-African network
Red & Yellow enhances Honoris' position as a leading provider of future-oriented learning as the network expands further in South Africa 6 Oct 2020 Read more

Red & Yellow launches 4 new accredited qualifications - fully online
For young professionals who need to skill up, but can't afford the time away from work, The Red & Yellow Creative School of Business has launched four new fully online accredited qualifications in Digital Marketing (based on Red & Yellow's globally acclaimed textbook), User-Centred Design, Strategic Management, and Creating Digital Content. 3 Jul 2020 Read more

Red & Yellow's new education event goes digital and for free
The world is facing a pandemic and everyone's had to adapt. Red & Yellow's purpose has always been to change the world through education - the world needs this now more than ever before. As such, Gearing Schools for The Unpredictable Future will be streamed, online, for all to "attend". The event will take place on 8 April, 3.30 - 5.45pm. 25 Mar 2020 Read more

Red & Yellow interrogates how schools prepare youth for the unpredictable future with a new event
Is the existing SA high school curriculum truly preparing the next-gen workforce with the appropriate digital and tech-focused skills? 26 Feb 2020 Read more

Introducing Red & Yellow's Digital Marketing Employed Online Learnership
Red & Yellow offers a variety of learnerships, but this one is particularly pioneering and unique as it takes place entirely online over the course of 12 months. Now in its third run, learnership students will gain a diverse range of digital, marketing and human skills (like creative and critical thinking), culminating in an NQF-registered qualification. This allows employees to work, learn and earn simultaneously. 11 Nov 2019 Read more

Learning Lego - 5 reasons why structured learning works harder
Structured learning isn't the death of flexibility. You can still do the assignments in your pyjamas, I promise. You can still do them at 3 am. 17 Sep 2019 Read more

The age of the artificial; the proliferation of 'fake'
A threat to democracy, discourse, to truth; 'fake news' has become the buzzword of the last few years. 3 Sep 2019 Read more

Understanding the power of behavioural science in marketing
Behavioural science can unlock better marketing and greater innovation. What is it? 18 Jul 2019 Read more

Conflict resolution made simple
It's natural to use conversation to try and convince others that our opinion is correct and theirs is wrong. But how do we actually deal with conflict situations? 12 Jul 2019 Read more

Anything but soft; EQ is the key to future business success
We know the robots are coming, now what? HR departments have their eyes glued to this development. It's essential that we delve deeper into humanity to keep our insights fresh and relevant. 5 Jul 2019 Read more

The strength and resilience of our youth
Incredible things happen when youth unite. However, in South Africa, this journey hasn't been easy. Taking a look back from 1976, how far have we actually come? 25 Jun 2019 Read more

What makes a good leader? 4 practical steps to help you lead happier teams
A mentor I highly respect once told me that the most difficult thing about being a leader is that you have to make the decisions that bring the most value to the most people. 18 Jun 2019 Read more

The era of effective people management
Talent developers now have the resources to stimulate meaningful changes that can transform the success of their organisations. 24 May 2019 Read more

Digital Agency Showcase 2019 | 1 day. 6 leading digital agencies. In 1 room.
Let's call it like it is. Whether remotely related, or heavily involved, any marketer who is ambitious and determined to stay ahead of the game, would give up a kidney to spend a day learning from SA's top digital agencies. If this isn't something that interests you, you might need to question your role in your organisation, along with the potential value you add. 2 Apr 2019 Read more

Rise of the machine... and the critical need for uniquely human skills
"Uniquely human skills" is a term that's been thrown around a lot, and for good reason. In our rapidly evolving world, the technological leaps we're seeing are causing some significant changes in the way the world operates. A lot of people feel like they're becoming less necessary, but they couldn't be more wrong. The things that set us apart from machines are exactly what keep us relevant. 29 Jan 2019 Read more

Red & Yellow offers five founders' scholarships
As a celebration of its 25th anniversary year, the Red & Yellow Creative School of Business is giving the gift of education to five deserving South African students in the form of full tuition scholarships to any of its Degree, Advanced Diploma or Certificate programmes. 17 Jan 2019 Read more

Is a gap year beneficial? Thought-provoking insights to help you decide
Whether to take a gap year before or after post-school studies is usually a hotly contested topic that raises a considerable amount of polarity. A decade ago it was not even a consideration, but the concept has gained popularity in the last few years. 15 Jan 2019 Read more

Red & Yellow enters its 25th birthday year
1994 was a landmark year for South Africa, with the abolishment of Apartheid finally introducing a new era of hope for South Africa. And as transformational, albeit on a much smaller scale, a few ad industry legends decided to address their frustration with the graduates that conventional academia was producing, by starting what was then known as the "School of Logic and Magic". 14 Dec 2018 Read more

Red & Yellow student wins Financial Mail Adfocus Awards (again!)
For the third time in four years, a student from the Red & Yellow Creative School of Business has been crowned Student of the Year at the prestigious Financial Mail Adfocus Awards. Felicity Davies, already a multi-award-winner during her time at the school, was selected from three finalists (two of the three were Red & Yellow students) to win this coveted award at the star-studded gala event on 27 November 2018. 29 Nov 2018 Read more

Digital Marketing Online Employed Learnership: Delivering critical digital skills to future-focused businesses
Red & Yellow Creative School of Business introduces their unique 12-month Digital Marketing Online Employed Learnership, with registrations open until 30 November 2018. 21 Nov 2018 Read more

Red & Yellow Creative School of Business cements its reputation as a creative leader
The Red & Yellow Creative School of Business consolidated its reputation as a creative leader at last night's Pendoring Awards, with three silver wins in this annual industry competition. Pendoring Awards recognises the best of true South African advertising in any of the 11 languages. 6 Nov 2018 Read more

Red & Yellow's fully booked Digital Agency Showcase proves demand for digital learning
In just one week, all the seats for Red & Yellow's Digital Agency Showcase have been fully booked, highlighting the hunger in the market for improving digital skills. With a wide range of attendees from managers of big brands to start-up marketers looking for that digital edge, this showcase of South Africa's latest digital thinking promises to wow the audience with the insights that have made these creative practitioners the best in digital. 25 Oct 2018 Read more

Red & Yellow gathers top agencies in South Africa for a day of visionary learning
Red & Yellow, in partnership with IAB SA, is delighted to be hosting the Red & Yellow Digital Agency Showcase day on 25 October 2018, on their beautiful Cape Town campus. 8 Oct 2018 Read more

What do mindfulness and finance have in common?
At first glance, absolutely nothing. The former is all about consciousness and 'being in the moment', while the latter is all about cold, hard data. But in reality, they are inextricably linked. 27 Sep 2018 Read more

Red & Yellow's Mandela Day challenge to business: Help change 67 young black entrepreneurs' lives
To coincide with Mandela Day, the Red & Yellow Creative School of Business is challenging corporates, patrons of education and successful SMEs to help empower no less than 67 young, bright and budding entrepreneurs - poised for greatness, while lacking the financial means - with the skills, knowledge and know-how to turn great ideas into successful businesses. 18 Jul 2018 Read more

Red & Yellow School launches Mandela Day Challenge to corporates
The Red & Yellow Creative School of Business has launched a Mandela Day Challenge to corporates in alignment with their social promise - to ensure that at least 10% of their students don't pay for themselves. Red & Yellow's intense commitment to seeing change come about in South Africa, and the world, led to this challenge. 21 Jun 2018 Read more

Red & Yellow launches new Bob Rightford scholarship as part of their scholarship initiative
The Red & Yellow Creative School of Business has been teaching business leaders to think creatively since 1994. The school has long been committed to its social promise that at least 10% of its students will study for free, and is proud that in 2018, this figure is sitting at 17%. 21 May 2018 Read more

Red & Yellow opens early bursary applications for 2019
Effective immediately, a limited number of bursary opportunities for South African citizens has just been released for all 2019 programmes at the Red & Yellow Creative School of Business. 7 May 2018 Read more

The Red & Yellow School launches Advanced Diploma in User-Centred Design
The Red & Yellow Creative School of Business has launched a groundbreaking one-year Advanced Diploma in User-Centred Design at an NQF Level 7. 17 Jan 2018 Read more

Prof John Simpson leaves UCT for Red & Yellow
Professor John Simpson, Emeritus Professor and former Head of UCT's School of Management Studies, has joined the Red & Yellow School as Head of the Management Studies faculty. 14 Dec 2017 Read more

Red & Yellow becomes South Africa's first Creative School of Business
Red & Yellow repositions as SA's first Creative School of Business, to equip school-leavers and working professionals with the essential knowledge and skills for career success in the 21st century. 5 Dec 2017 Read more

Red & Yellow reveals 6th edition of the world's most widely used digital marketing textbook
It is with great excitement that The Red & Yellow School unveils the much-anticipated 6th edition of its digital marketing textbook, eMarketing: The Essential guide to Marketing in a Digital world, as a beta version for review. Proudly celebrating its 10th anniversary when published early 2018, this 600-plus page tome promises to become even more of a trusted resource than its predecessors. 15 Nov 2017 Read more

Come. We dare you. Red & Yellow Graduate Showcase 2017
Behold the Red & Yellow Misfits. Unapologetic and magnificently talented. 6 Nov 2017 Read more

Red & Yellow connects online learning with real-world classrooms
Introducing a one-of-a-kind learning experience with Digital Marketing Amplified, Red & Yellow's flagship Digital Marketing online course combined with eight live classroom sessions at their Cape Town campus or live-streamed to those who can't be there in person. 2 Nov 2017 Read more

Leadership for turbulent times
It's tough out there. Leaders are facing an unpredictable economy, aggressive competitors and complex work dynamics. This reality requires creative solutions and high-performing teams for businesses to succeed. 29 Aug 2017 Read more

Teaching old (executive) dogs new (social media) tricks
Two students' take on Red & Yellow's Exec Ed Workshop on Social Media for Leadership 28 Aug 2017 Read more

A millennial take on things
Two students' view of the Red & Yellow Exec Ed workshop on Social Media for Leadership 25 Aug 2017 Read more

Red & Yellow launches Executive Education Workshop Series
Introducing the R&Y Executive Education Series - a series of two-day intensive workshops designed to give today's leaders the skills for tomorrow. 31 May 2017 Read more

Unlock the MAC Sector B-BBEE Code with skills development
1 March marks the one-year anniversary of the Marketing, Advertising, and Communications (MAC) Sector B-BEE Code updates. However, businesses have yet to unlock the benefits of the code. 14 Feb 2017 Read more

The Red & Yellow School is offering even more bursaries for 2017
The Red & Yellow School has released a further limited number of bursary opportunities for all full-time programmes at their Cape Town campus for 2017. 23 Jan 2017 Read more

Red & Yellow School expands its Cape Town premises, extends the 2017 application deadline
Red & Yellow will open the doors to its brand new Cape Town campus in 2017. Not only is the new campus bigger and better, it also has room for more students. After many requests from students impacted by the #feesmustfall protests, Red & Yellow have extended their 2017 application deadline for a very limited number of places on their full-time programmes. 13 Jan 2017 Read more

Student of the Year: Carina Bonse wins AdFocus
Fondly nicknamed "The Wizard" for her seemingly magical ability to push her work further than anyone else, final year Red & Yeller Carina Bonse has proven that she really is capable of extraordinary creative magic. 29 Nov 2016 Read more

MAC Live 2016: Inspire, create, grow, deliver
56 students. 10-minute talks. Two days of game-changing topics. 15 Nov 2016 Read more

Red & Yellow's School for Magnificent Peculiars - Grad Showcase 2016
There's something to be said for being peculiar. It's the link between the logic and magic that we believe in, and what our students do best. 4 Nov 2016 Read more

Swift copy - a free masterclass for non-copywriters
The Red & Yellow School is running a copywriting workshop for non-copywriters at our Cape Town campus on 11 October 2016, and at our Johannesburg campus on 19 October 2016. 29 Sep 2016 Read more

Red & Yellow School set to launch its Alumni Association
Red & Yellow opened its doors back in 1994 with the aim of producing students who were well equipped to tackle the industry head-on. 26 Sep 2016 Read more

Red & Yellow launches industry-driven creative diploma at JHB campus
Following 22 years of unprecedented alumni success in the advertising industry, the Red & Yellow School is bringing its popular three-year diploma in Graphic Design & Art Direction (GDAD) to Johannesburg in 2017. 30 Aug 2016 Read more

67 industry hours for local NGOs and SMEs - Mandela Day at the Red & Yellow School
For Mandela Day 2016, the Red & Yellow School, South Africa's premier advertising college, will give back a collective 67 industry hours to local NGOs, NPOs and SMEs in both Cape Town and Johannesburg. 17 Jun 2016 Read more

Web development to the rescue - Bridging our skills gap one learnership at a time
South Africa needs coders, South Africans need jobs. It seems a simple equation, and an area of immense possibility for creating employment, changing lives, and growing our economy. 26 May 2016 Read more

It all begins with a pencil x logic and magic
"It all begins with a pencil" according to D&AD. But at Red & Yellow, it began with a little (okay, a lot) of logic and magic before even reaching the pencil stage. 28 Apr 2016 Read more

The MAC Charter - What you need to know
The B-BBEE Sector Code for the Marketing, Advertising and Communications (MAC) sector is now in effect, including stricter requirements and increased incentives. Here's how Red & Yellow can help you make the most of it. 22 Apr 2016 Read more

Social video - Take the plunge with Red & Yellow's free workshop
Just when social media marketers have conquered everything that's come at them - new platforms, algorithms, ads and mobile executions - a new frontier appears. This time, it's social video. 6 Apr 2016 Read more

#FeesMustFall - Red & Yellow releases more bursaries for 2016
The Red & Yellow School has listened to South Africa's call for education and will this year offer a greater number of bursaries for all its full- and part-time programmes in Marketing and Advertising. 12 Jan 2016 Read more

Red & Yellow School announces new programmes for 2016
The Red & Yellow School is proud to announce that it will be offering certificate, degree and advanced diploma programmes in 2016 - a first in its 21-year history. 15 Dec 2015 Read more

A new breed of creative talent - Red & Yellow students shine in 2015
"Come and see why our bark is as big as our bite." 27 Nov 2015 Read more

Introducing the National Certificate in Advertising
A gateway to the advertising world for matrics, this brand new program offers an entry-level qualification with which to begin a career or pursue further studies in an industry-related field. 9 Oct 2015 Read more

Red & Yellow Springboard graduates ready to take on the industry
As part of our mission to grow the pool of talent and transform the South African marketing and advertising industry, the Red & Yellow School launched its Springboard Marketing Institute in October 2014. The Springboard learnership programme offers young students (who would not otherwise be able to afford to do so) the opportunity to complete the National Certificate of Advertising, and be exposed to new and exciting opportunities within the industry. 28 Sep 2015 Read more

Goodness, is it black?
Unsweetened peanut butter smoothies, superfoods, lots of kale, and goodness, is it black? Design lecturer and Kauai fan, Carmen Schaefer, takes a look at Kauai's rebranding. 18 Sep 2015 Read more

Red & Yellow Springboard launches in Jozi
At Red & Yellow, we are always looking for fresh young talent to inspire, motivate and educate, which is why we are happy to announce the successful launch of the Red & Yellow Springboard Learnership in Johannesburg. 14 Sep 2015 Read more

Digital Masterminds executive workshop
A one-day workshop at the beautiful Lanzerac that will give you the tools and insights you need to play a key leadership role in digitally enabling your organisation 1 Sep 2015 Read more

Red & Yellow launches a series of design-focused courses
The Red & Yellow Marketing School is excited to announce the launch of a series of design-focused courses. 23 Sep 2014 Read more

Become a better lifelong learner in eight steps
More and more, people are being told to be lifelong learners, but why should you become one (especially if you hated school), and how can you do it effectively? 1 Sep 2014 Read more

The changing face of travel: Part 2
Tourism marketers need to optimise for multi-screen and keep up with their target audience. 11 Jul 2014 Read more

The changing face of travel
Consider the following: in 2012, South Africa received over 200,000 online bookings, 9 million visitors, and online sales totalled more than R700m. These numbers, from the E-tourism Africa Summit 2013 further reveal that 98% of travellers start researching potential destinations online, and reviews and referrals are the number-one driver behind people's choice of destination. 27 Jun 2014 Read more

Introducing new marketing courses for your integrated marketing strategy
The Red & Yellow School is proud to announce four new part-time online courses that will be added to its existing portfolio of over 15 professional marketing courses. 17 Jun 2014 Read more

Marketing and game design
Those who were lucky enough to attend this year's Net Prophet would probably have been quite curious about finding two game designers in the list of scheduled speakers. What could marketers and entrepreneurs learn from people whose job it is to sell play? 29 May 2014 Read more

Common project management failures and ways to avoid them
Project failure is never what project managers aim for, but it is unfortunately common, and, with improper planning, almost certainly inevitable. 14 Apr 2014 Read more

How much has digital changed since 2011?
It's a tired cliché that the world of digital technology is changing at an ever-increasing pace - but when you take a moment to reflect, it truly is astounding how many of the digital tools and practices we rely on today didn't exist two years ago, and how old stalwarts have evolved beyond recognition. 26 Mar 2014 Read more

Cambridge Marketing College endorses Quirk Education's digital marketing courses
The Cambridge Marketing College - one of Europe's leading providers of distance learning and classroom-based marketing training and education - has signed an agreement to market Quirk Education's digital marketing courses to its students. 10 Sep 2013 Read more

eLearning institution Quirk Education, are offering you, as a Bizcommunity reader, an exclusive discount on our upcoming flagship course in Digital Marketing. 8 Apr 2013 Read more