Who are the Event Architects?
Eventworx does far more than merely stage an event: we meticulously plan it, design it, craft it and construct it into a creation that stands out from all the lesser events that surround it in the market place.

A sophisticated team of talented individuals, coming together to create memorable events focussed on the clients objectives, meeting their budgets, on time and above expectations, The Eventworx team has been meticulously constructed to have a wide range of talents, expertise and most importantly creativity all combined within a single solid team. Our wide array of skills and expertise allow us to conceptualise and construct a wide range of events, be it Harley Davidson's through Cape Town or helicopters over the Masai Mara - it's about the details and understanding the balance of an event.

The Eventworx Logo explains this balance that The Event Architects bring to every event, made up of four squares representing the 'building blocks' of a successful event. The two silver blocks represent the talent and expertise of the in house team as well as the relationships forged with clients and external suppliers that provide the cement for the project. The solid black block symbolises the immutable factors that can't be changed such as budget and the orange block - Eventworx's signature colour - represents the big creative idea.

No event leaves the Eventworx design table without satisfying the balance of all four blocks. Being able to supply all the elements to create a great event should be a given, it's something any event company worth its salt is bringing to the table anyway. The differentiation comes after that has been established, an Event Architect is thinking beyond those elements - delving deeper into creating events that stand out in the eventing landscape, both for guests and clients alike.