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About Us

Eventworx has evolved into The Worx Group.

From humble yet enthusiastic beginnings over a decade ago with a simple portfolio of event-related work, The Worx Group has matured into a much deeper and richer set of expertise and experiences. And we now believe that it is time for that change not just to reflect through our work but to stretch throughout everything that represents us. So we are changing our name and our office, we're building our talented team, we're changing our leaders. We're changing expectations and we're expanding what we can offer our clients.

Our growing team has been matched with significant investment in capacity, so our engine is ready to handle so much more for our clients. We offer design, production, digital marketing and activations in addition to our well-run events.

While she has effectively been in the hot seat for some time now, we are also delighted to officially introduce Jessica Heaney as our Group Managing Director. Jessica effortlessly matches her ability to apply a creative approach with meticulous attention to the detail of delivery for the perfect balance.

Jess takes over from the unstoppable Kim Winstanley - now installed as our Chief Growth Officer. Kim is dedicating her considerable energy into finding more creative, smarter and effective ways for the work we do to grow the outcomes we achieve for our clients. Kim is swift, direct and bold. Every time.
These two driven women will be the force behind our journey as The Worx Group as they continue our proud tradition of an understated, let's-nail-this approach to everything we do.

The Worx Group logo represents a solid, balanced and multi-faceted company. Its shape reflects a marketing solutions business that is driven by a meticulously constructed team of talented individuals.
The simplicity and strength of the black logo symbolise our ability to succinctly define that key growth opportunity we need to explore and unlock on behalf of our clients; an ability that we have honed over time.

It's not really our style to talk-up what we do, we far prefer to be behind the scenes and let the work we do tell our story. So experience a new dimension with us as a new chapter of our story unfolds.