Irvine Partners launches international office exchange programme

Integrated marketing agency Irvine Partners has announced the launch of its international office exchange programme.
Irvine Partners launches international office exchange programme

Founded in 2010 in Cape Town, the company has since expanded across the continent and internationally. In addition to its Cape Town offices, it has a presence in Johannesburg, Nairobi, Lagos, Accra, and London. While some team members specialise in specific markets, most work across geographies.

“While we’ve always had cross-geographic teams, they really came into their own over the past couple of years,” says company founder and CEO Rachel Irvine. “Covid-19 was a great leveller when it came to seamless international collaboration.”

“Through the course of the pandemic, a lot of strong bonds were formed within those teams,” she adds. “By giving those team members the chance to work together in person, we know that those bonds will only be further cemented.”

The programme also gives participants a chance to broaden their professional horizons, taking lessons from other markets and bringing them back to their home countries.

Irvine Partners launches international office exchange programme

The office exchange initiative is the latest addition to a well-established employee happiness programme which also includes a dedicated anonymous mental health counselling service, skills development courses, and an extended leave policy.

“The pandemic highlighted to us exactly how valuable a committed and engaged team is,” says Irvine. “We’re committed to ensuring that our employees are given every opportunity to grow and thrive as professionals and individuals.”

The office exchange programme will kick off this July 2022, with four members of the Irvine Partners team exchanging to Cape Town, Nairobi and Lagos.

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