DUO gains third international accolade for tech PR and digital marketing

DUO Marketing + Communications, a specialist provider of public relations and digital marketing services to B2B technology companies in Africa, has been selected as 'Best Tech Focused PR & Digital Marketing Agency - Africa' at the 2021 Media Innovator Awards - the third award the agency has secured this year.
DUO gains third international accolade for tech PR and digital marketing

"The world of media is highly captivating, with the ability to transform a customer’s perspective of business to be more accessible and desirable. A mixture of audio, visual, and multimedia, the industry moves very quickly, even despite the Covid-19 pandemic forcing many other industries to go slower. 2021 saw a rise in streaming media, and a need for business to be accessible from home in a digital space, and the need for innovation was increased.

“With all this in mind, we have hosted this year’s programme to acknowledge those who look to innovate and define the future of the industry," says awards coordinator Holly Morris.

Founded in 2004, DUO has a 17-year track record as a niche PR and digital marketing agency that specialises in servicing B2B tech brands in sub-Saharan Africa. The company represents growing South African tech companies who are ready to scale into the continent, as well as international companies that are looking to strengthen their brand in Africa.

"Alcurtis Turner, the ex-professional basketball player once said, 'The more you practice the better you'll be, the harder you train, the great in you they'll see.' After 17 years of practicing hard, 2021 has been our year to be acknowledged. Our challenge now is to sustain these results," says Judith Middleton, CEO at DUO.

This is the third award that DUO has secured in 2021, including 'Best African Tech PR Agency for 2020' at the MEA Business Awards, awarded in March, and 'Best Tech PR and Digital Marketing Agency for 2021' at the African Excellence Awards, awarded in August. Both of these awards were secured as a result of nominations from clients, rather than through an internal awards submission process.

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