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Media rentals: Long-term cost benefit + short-term flexibility

When it comes to advertising on fixed, physical structures like parking lot paves or in-store hanging systems, there is something for everyone. There is the brand who wants static highway exposure with slowly fading artwork over time. The brand who wants quick punchy short-term campaign signage at store level to tie in with a larger through-the-line campaign. And the brand who knows they need to advertise but can't work out whether the short-term route is more effective than the long-term approach.


Both long and short-term advertising has its benefits. Short-term advertising offers brands the ability to push campaign messaging, run a promotion, introduce a new flavour or offer a fleeting price-product promotion. But short-term advertising generally comes with a higher production cost. Whereas longer-term advertising offers lower production rates and is great for top-of-mind promotion of repeat business. However, this generally comes with zero flexibility to switch out prints and keep the message fresh.

In understanding the “duration dilemma”, MegaVision Media, a national branding and advertising company, offers brands and agencies the best of both; long-term cost benefit combined with short-term flexibility.

MegaVision Media owns two media structures available at all national Makro stores that provide brands with this delightful cocktail of long-term / short-term advertising, namely, Makro BrandingBoards and Makro MegaPaves.


Makro BrandingBoards

MegaVision Media manages over 10,000 BrandingBoard fixtures across 21 Makro stores nationally. These boards are fixed to the gantry and sit directly above product on the shelf and in the aisles. The BrandingBoard faces are printed on long-lasting vinyl and applied to sturdy ABS boards to ensure it lasts in the bustling store for a period of 12 months.

Here is the good news; in addition, brands have the opportunity to use these boards for promotional offers at special reduced rates. These ads are printed on high quality paper which last up to three months. It is a fast efficient and affordable way to implement powerful short-term campaigns in between the generic brand messaging.

Media rentals: Long-term cost benefit + short-term flexibility

Makro MegaPaves

The MegaPaves are situated strategically at the entrance and parking lots of Makro stores. MegaVision Media is currently expanding the MegaPave footprint (see below to win!). There are two MegaPaves located at each Makro store nationwide, with two faces per structure for brands to advertise; front and back. MegaPaves’ most successful campaigns are used for communicating promotions happening in store. They are also effective for clients in the general merchandise category whose products are not situated in the aisles such as liquor brands, home appliances, audio visual equipment, stationary, sporting goods, paint and hardware. The size of the MegaPave’s print is 1.6m heigh and 1m wide which offers visually impactful advertising opportunities to shoppers with an estimated ROI (opportunity to see) of 5 520 768 per month. These prints can last up to 12 months.

Media rentals: Long-term cost benefit + short-term flexibility


Be the first to book the brand new MegaPave fixtures at Makro stores and receive 10 FREE branding boards at each store. T&Cs apply and offer subject to availability. Contact MegaVision Media today for pricing, store list and more information.

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MegaVision Media believes that brand awareness and product communication are the most important aspects in moving your products off the shelf. With 70% of purchase decisions being made at the point of sale, it has always been our drive to remain industry experts and focus on FMCG brands within the store environment. With over 18 years of retail and wholesale advertising experience, MegaVision Media understands in-store marketing and branding at point of sale.

The company owns and manages 20 000 advertising spaces across all major retail, wholesale and spaza chains and take pride in enhancing the largest FMCG brands advertising efforts at store level.

11 May 2022 12:43