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Why a great AV tech supplier can be the key to success

We've all been there: you're in the throes of planning a big event, the budget is feeling a little tight, and you're searching for a good place to cut costs. With your eyes scrolling over the budget, you come across a line: AV tech supplier. Hang on, why are you paying an AV tech supplier? The venue will definitely have a PA system, and using that is pretty much the same thing, right?
Why a great AV tech supplier can be the key to success

In a word, no. We know the temptation is there to go with the seemingly cheaper option, but as with many aspects of eventing, our experience has taught us that cutting this particular corner can often end up actually costing you more in the long-run – both in immediate costs, and in unsatisfied clients. For example, spending your budget on key note speakers, a top MC, or a slick video production, only to have the audience unable to hear or have to sit through technical glitches, is not only a waste of resources and skills but will probably cause considerable awkwardness. With this in mind, we always suggest fitting in a dry-run or technical rehearsal before your event goes live, so that you can solve any tech related issues ahead of time.

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25 May 2018 15:08