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Eventworx evolves into The Worx Group

After more than a decade of building a solid business based on carefully thought-out events, Eventworx has evolved into The Worx Group. The rebrand is effective immediately.
Eventworx evolves into The Worx Group

Jessica Heaney, who has been named as MD of The Worx Group, says that the move formalises an extended offering which has been in place with clients for a while. "We are all about keeping our clients at the heart of our business and this has meant that we have had opportunities to add value to our clients in a few different ways. It time for that change to be reflected throughout everything that represents us, not just through our work," she says.

The Worx Group is changing its name and its office and has made significant investment in capacity, to ensure that its engine is ready to expand what it offers to clients. "We offer design, production, digital marketing and activations in addition to our well-run events," explains Heaney.

The new Worx Group logo represents a solid, balanced and multi-faceted company. Its shape reflects a marketing solutions business that is driven by a meticulously constructed team of talented individuals.

The simplicity and strength of the black logo symbolises the company's ability to succinctly define the key growth opportunity that needs to be explored and unlocked on behalf of clients.

Heaney is excited about what the future holds but stops short of explaining the rebrand in too much detail. "It's not really our style to talk-up what we do, we far prefer to be behind the scenes and let the work we do tell our story. We invite our clients and extended team of suppliers to experience a new dimension with us as a new chapter of our story unfolds," she says.

4 Nov 2014 12:11