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Joe Public Cape Town puts 'eats' into everything in latest Uber Eats TVC

In a time where everyone is busy with school, work and side hustles, there is a need to get food and other home essentials more conveniently. Uber Eats, a leader in on-demand food delivery and non-food items, is excited to announce its expansion into the world of product delivery (groceries, convenience items, and even alcohol), offering customers a one-stop solution for all their daily needs - aligned to 'get anything effortlessly'.
Joe Public Cape Town puts 'eats' into everything in latest Uber Eats TVC

In driving awareness around this, Uber Eats, in partnership with Joe Public Cape Town, recently launched a TV and social media campaign that effectively (and humorously) conveys the message. When asked about the creative concept behind the campaign, executive creative director at Joe Public Cape Town, Brendan Hoffmann, said: “It's all about ensuring that people understand the platform is now for more than just 'Eats'.

“Everyone associates Uber Eats with food. So, we asked ourselves: what does it mean if Uber Eats now delivers all sorts of other things, such as groceries and other essential items? That's how we came up with the concept – to ensure we drive home the strategic positioning ‘More than Eats’. Our execution was centred around the fact that Uber Eats now delivers anything, so we decided to have some fun with the confusion this might cause and put ‘eats’ into everything,” comments Hoffmann.

The TVC showcases some of SA’s favourite celebs, including DJ Zinhle, Nomzamo Mbatha, Marc Lottering, and others, to drive the message home. The idea was to incorporate a play on the word 'eats' in every touchpoint. In one scene, comedian Schalk Bezuidenhout holds up a piece of biltong and refers to it as ‘Uber Meats’. Marc Lottering also jokingly refers to a cleaning product as ‘Uber Neats’. This hilarious TVC is sure to bring smiles to the faces of South Africans.

Mel Gischen, head of marketing South Africa at Uber, said: “Uber Eats is more than just food; it's a lifestyle. We've partnered with the best in the industry to deliver a message that goes beyond 'Eats’. We’re excited to showcase how Uber Eats delivers so much more. This is a new era of convenience, and we're doing it in style.”

View the new TVC here:

17 Nov 2023 09:11