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Feel the fire with Chicken Licken's hottest offering

There are few things that are guaranteed in life, and a cinematic and entertaining advert from Chicken Licken® is one of them. This time, in the form of a visual feast for Chicken Licken®'s Rock My Soul®.
Feel the fire with Chicken Licken's hottest offering

Rock My Soul® is Chicken Licken®’s hottest offering. It comes in one flavour, SoulFire®, and it’s sure to bring on the heat while it rocks the soul. This gave the creative team their elusive ‘aha’ moment.

We follow the story of Khwezi, an average actor who wants to live up to his name and become a big star. Played by Atandwa Kani of Black Panther fame, Khwezi’s journey is a little bit different to that of his in real life. Khwezi just can’t ‘feel’ the roles he’s playing.

Fortunately, he meets a flamboyant and overzealous acting agent Razz Matazz, ‘real name, no gimmicks’. Played by Josias Moleele, Razz introduces Khwezi to a secret that unlocks his emotional range and helps him achieve his ambitions. We see Khwezi shine bright until he takes it all the way to Hollywood, baby!

“Chicken Licken®’s fans on social media are constantly asking us to make a movie, so we decided to give them six mini-movies in this rollercoaster of emotions commercial that highlight the heat and flavour of the Rock My Soul®,” explains Martin Schlumpf, executive creative director at Joe Public, “By using the product intrinsic as their focus, the creative team was able to bring ‘Feel the Fire’ to life in a new and entertaining way.”

This inception-like ad of films within a film was shot by Romance Films with Greg Gray in the director’s chair and Adam Bentel as the DOP.

Check out the ad here.

4 Sep 2023 15:49