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Verve launches 'The state of the nation's wellbeing' - A 2023 Mzansi Review

Global insights agency Verve uncovers the state of South African's wellbeing with the launch of 'Culture & Trends Mzansi Review 2023 - The state of the nation's wellbeing'.
Verve launches 'The state of the nation's wellbeing' - A 2023 Mzansi Review

Wellness as a concept has been increasing in popularity since the 1960s/70s. In recent years, we’ve seen a distinct shift where wellness is no longer understood and experienced merely as the absence of illness and disease; instead seen ‘as the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health’.

After a once-in-a-lifetime global pandemic, wellness is at the forefront for many. Taking an outside-in approach Verve has identified cultural shifts and emerging trends among South African consumers that will define the direction of the booming wellness industry for the year ahead and beyond.

The report considers wellness across three core dimensions: physical wellbeing, emotional and mental wellbeing, and social wellbeing - revealing what actions consumers are taking (or not taking) to make improvements, with examples from market-leading brands in multiple categories.

Summarised in seven key learnings for local brands, there are clear opportunities to develop authentic initiatives that resonate with South African consumers.

Don’t want to miss out – access the free report here!

17 Jan 2023 10:30