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about us
We combine community and digital research specialisms with expertise in technology and big data and a focus on elevating the communication of Insight. Through our unique approach we're able to help our clients:
  • CLOSENESS: Develop continuous streams of insight about consumers
  • INNOVATION: Deliver more successful Innovation, starting with customer needs and using Iterative research to develop and refine propositions
  • BRAND: Create better brand executions through microscopic, always-on understanding of customers, categories and behaviours
  • SEMIOTICS, CULTURE & TRENDS: Understand local cultures and brands and evolving consumer needs for Insight and foresight
  • SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE: Deliver thematic analysis of large unstructured data sets from across the world
  • CX: Improve customer experience management by adding the ability to diagnose root causes of problems and develop solutions with customers
This makes Verve the go-to agency for customer collaboration with a broad range of leading brands - including the likes of Samsung, Uber, Prime Video and Shell - and we do it all at pace and global scale! We don't do indifferent - we really do give a damn about getting things done for our clients, with our clients. We do great research with all the deliberation, energy and commitment it deserves. If you're impatient to get great things done we'd love to go on that journey with you - with energy, passion and, of course...Verve!