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Making the most of Orientation Week

There are a few milestones in one's life, and starting tertiary student life is one of them. IIE Rosebank College's Orientation Week (O-Week) will take place between the 21 and 25 February at all campuses. Our campuses are ready for the 2022 academic year and all our staff have prepared accordingly. We are excited to meet our new cohort of students and welcome our returning students, back on campus.
Making the most of Orientation Week

Orientation week is a chance to get to know your campus, familiarise yourself with all our facilities and make friends before the academic year begins. It is also a chance to mentally prepare yourself for the year ahead. Transitioning from high school to tertiary education is challenging. Many students may be living away from home for the first time. This type of freedom can present various challenges if you are not prepared sufficiently or mentally ready. Make the most of O-Week, to easily settle into the 2022 academic year.

How to make the most of Orientation Week?

Campus tour

Get to know the campus, especially the lecture venues. This will ensure that you are on time for your first class. Find thelibrary, cyber centre, bookshop, printing facilities and more. A campus tour will also assist you with identifying the safety measures on campus.

Student wellness

All campuses are staffed with Student Wellness Managers who are qualified social workers or psychologists. For some students, tertiary life can be an experience and overwhelming at the same time. The pandemic has made it even more evident that we need others to help us cope. Sharing can lighten the load. The student wellness managers are there to help younavigate challenges and feel less overwhelmed. Seeking help in the form of counselling is always encouraged. A healthy mind is essential to forging through your tertiary years. The counselling sessions are free and confidential.

Campus communication channels

You matter. Your voice matters. So find the communication channels on campus to ensure that you communicate effectively. Get to know the Campus Life Committee members (student council)on campus and know the activities available for students to enrich your tertiary experience. Academics are essential. This is the primary reason that you enrolled at our institution. It is, however, enriching to enjoy your tertiary experience and have fun – part of the fun is getting to know others and sharing ideas.

Find ways of giving back

Making others smile is not only enriching, it is part of what IIE Rosebank College stands for - to change lives. Most campuses have community outreach programmes which enable students to contribute to our communities. Whether working with children or the elderly, the opportunity to give back and follow your passion is there.


O-Week is an opportunity for you to meet other students who may be looking for roommates, allowing you to share the costs and perhaps find a study partner.

Complete your student admin

There is always that one thing that you forget to fill in or hand in, which may affect you when it's time to graduate. Ensure that you have handed in all your registration documents, set up your e-mail account, download your digital student card and view your student portal.

Get to know your surroundings

During O-Week use the opportunity to get to know the area surrounding your campus. Check your transport routes and plan your semester accordingly.

Plan your academic year

Planning is key to ensure you increase your chances of improving your semester mark and ease the pressure at assessment time. Orientation Week is an opportunity to download your timetable and diarize yourassignments and assessments.

Your first yearis a clean slate. You will be in a new environment with new people from different backgrounds. You can use this as an opportunity to reset and re-invent yourself and position yourself for your dream career.

2022 Registration is open at IIE Rosebank College.

22 Feb 2022 13:58