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Justdiggit and Havas Media take home gold at Luum Awards 2021

The success of the Justdiggit campaign, in partnership with Havas, showcases why meaningful media is the future.
Justdiggit and Havas Media take home gold at Luum Awards 2021

The Luum Awards is the first of its kind in the world to award communication centred on social, environmental and animal rights awareness. Since its conception five years ago the Luum Awards have brought much-needed industry recognition to the most creative, disrupting and creative environmental and animal welfare campaigns. Unlike most other media awards the Luum Awards exclusively hand out gold medals for only the very best campaigns. This year Havas Lemz and Havas Media Africa were awarded the gold medal in the Planet/Climate Action category for their ongoing awareness campaign to highlight the outstanding work of non-profit organisation Justdiggit.

Justdiggit works with millions of farmers across Africa to rehabilitate arid land. These projects directly empower local farmers by rejuvenating the land that Africans need to prosper and so safeguard the future of the continent.

Justdiggit is on a mission to turn the tide in the fight against climate change and regreen degraded lands throughout Africa. The partnership is an ideal fit for the agency and showcases Havas’ commitment to meaningful media. Justdiggit Global Marketing & Communications director Wessel van Eeden says, “The partnership with Havas is essential to the recent growth of Justdiggit, as communication is key to inspire and activate smallhold farmers to regreen their own land. It is also important to promote these simple regreening solutions to people across the world, to give hope and inspiration in regards to climate change. We would not be where we are today without the support of Havas.”

Present at the ceremony to accept the Luum Award was Justdiggit co-founder, Dennis Karpes; Global Justdiggit marketing & communications director, Wessel van Eeden; Havas Lemz creative director, Chester de Vries; Alix de Baudreuil, Havas Media South Africa partnerships & agency operations manager.

19 Nov 2021 12:09