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Maybelline's WhatsApp selfie superstars snap up latest 'Fit Me' campaign

Maybelline South Africa wanted to run a campaign that rewards their consumers, or 'Baybellines', for buying their 'Fit Me' Matte+Poreless Foundation. Not only do they stand to win incredible prizes, but they also have the chance to see their face on Maybelline's nationwide billboards and buildings. The mechanic? An ultra-innovative WhatsApp line using all-new features like buttons and menus - making entering as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Maybelline's WhatsApp selfie superstars snap up latest 'Fit Me' campaign

In its first two weeks, the campaign has already seen a whopping 3,450 selfies of consumers with their 'Fit Me' Matte+Poreless Foundations as well as the till slips from the stores that they bought their foundation from.

Andrew Walmsley, head of innovation of Techsys Digital, underscores the efficacy of Whatsapp as a campaign platform saying: “The inclusion of consumers at the heart of the campaign was really important to our client, and this mechanic is a really authentic demonstration of that. To be able to receive high-quality images of Maybelline’s customer base at scale, with the till slips they bought the product with, really brings Whatsapp’s powerful functionality to life. Our team implemented brand-new navigation functionality like buttons and menu’s on Buildabot, our innovative Whatsapp product, to ensure both a seamless and exciting experience for customers.”

The uptake of this fun campaign offers Maybelline the unique opportunity to celebrate customers, reward their loyalty and feature them on billboards across the country and make them the stars of the show.

To take part, simply Whatsapp “Hi” to 27 31 834 8838 to get started. Then send a selfie of yourself with your Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation as well as the till slip where you purchased your product – and you’re in!

Maybelline's WhatsApp selfie superstars snap up latest 'Fit Me' campaign

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14 Sep 2021 08:18