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WhatsApp for brands... with facial recognition!

Did you know that the average user checks WhatsApp more than 23 times per day? WhatsApp has truly revolutionised the way in which we communicate with our friends, family and now brands. Techsys Digital saw this opportunity to develop a platform that will facilitate more engaging and meaningful marketing interactions.

Andrew Walmsley, founder and managing director of Techsys says: “We are a South African based digital agency but we are making global waves by demonstrating that WhatsApp can go far beyond just text and image based messaging, making it far more useful to our clients for valuable exchanges with their customers.”

WhatsApp for brands... with facial recognition!

Access our demo

To celebrate our launch of a world first, we're offering our friends and partner agencies a first look at our exciting new WhatsApp bot platform through a live demo.

To see our Whatsapp bot is action, you can access the demo in the following ways:

    - If you are reading this on mobile, click this link.- Alternatively, SMS the word “demo” to 32388.

Why is WhatsApp so exciting for brands?

WhatsApp for brands... with facial recognition!
WhatsApp for brands... with facial recognition!

Why do consumers love engaging with WhatsApp?

    - It’s almost free
    - It’s easy to activate
    - It’s highly interactive

    - It’s rewarding

Download the document

We've summarized all our goodness into one downloadable document!

WhatsApp for brands... with facial recognition!

Download here to find out more about all the opportunities our WhatsApp Bot offers your brand or service, or watch our video.

We’d love to hear from you! Contact az.oc.syshcet@ofni for further information about how we can assist your brand, or call us on 021 788 6896.

27 Jun 2019 13:06