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Amped up for facial recognition

With the onset of Black Friday last year, Techsys Digital were inspired to do something groundbreaking using facial recognition technology in order to drive excitement around The Foschini Group's Black Friday promotion and build their CRM database.
Amped up for facial recognition

The campaign required consumers to take a selfie of their most ‘amped up’ face and upload it, after which our emotion API would analyse the faces in the photo and awarding users a score based on their happiness levels.

The campaign ran for only five days and the results were outstanding, with 53,115 selfies uploaded, 231,344 page views generated and 20,446 unique entries!

A great deal of traffic came from Facebook and Twitter where the game was shared 9,586 times, clearly demonstrating that the facial recognition technology is new and exciting to consumers.

Lucky consumers were rewarded with vouchers between R50-R300 for scoring anything above 60%, to keep them excited and drive sales.

Biometric information:

The platform also automatically populated a large portion of each consumer's CRM profile by detecting gender, age, race and other biometric characteristics and storing them against the consumer profile.

If you like the sound of this and would like to partner with Techsys on a project, contact us today on 021 788 6896 or az.oc.syshcet@ofni. Or visit our website, blog or Facebook page!

19 Jan 2017 15:30