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The Litter Boom demonstrates how innovative solutions can improve our world

It's truly inspiring to see the positive strides we're making towards cleaner oceans! Instead of feeling overwhelmed, it's heartwarming to know that action is being taken to tackle waste, especially plastic, which doesn't belong in our natural surroundings or landfills. Fortunately, plastic is highly recyclable!
The Litter Boom demonstrates how innovative solutions can improve our world

At Safripol, we are leading the charge with a cheerful initiative. Recognising that much of the ocean's plastic originates in rivers, we have partnered with local heroes (Green Corridors & Tri-Eco) to address the issue at its source. Introducing the ingenious Litter Boom – a floating barrier made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) designed to catch waste and guide it to the riverbank. With 17 sites across KZN, these trials have been a resounding success in reclaiming waste before it reaches the ocean.

Thanks to these litter booms, there is a wave of excitement about expanding this success story across South Africa. In the past year alone, the Litter Booms have been a superhero, rescuing 6.6 tonnes of potential ocean plastic, with 3.9 tonnes of that being transformed into new products.

And the impact doesn't end there! The non-recyclable plastic is finding a new purpose in applications like stylish paving blocks. The Litter Boom is a shining example of how waste reclamation can bring joy by generating income for riverside communities, promoting the circular economy, and creating jobs. It's a practical, cost-effective, and remarkably efficient system that promotes healthier living and better sanitation.

The Litter Boom demonstrates how innovative solutions and a dedication to sustainability can improve our world for future generations to enjoy.

13 Mar 2024 15:36