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Sullivan joins Verve to roll out their 'Holy Sh*t' insights proposition in New York

Verve, the experts in combining cultural intelligence, human intelligence, and artificial intelligence to create supercharged insight and communities, have hired Deidre Sullivan as senior vice president, North America.
Sullivan joins Verve to roll out their 'Holy Sh*t' insights proposition in New York

Based in downtown New York, Sullivan brings a wealth of experience from the brand strategy world, combined with senior partner roles at Flamingo and Hall & Partners.

Sullivan will bring Verve’s proven ‘Holy Sh*t' insights’ proposition to brand and marketing clients and agencies who are looking for more powerful human truths than those delivered by traditional market research providers.

Sullivan comments: “I am thrilled to be joining Verve, a company that is pioneering some of the most rigorous and innovative mixed method approaches in the industry. Verve’s combined expertise across human, cultural, and artificial intelligence feels like the right approach at the right time as brands are seeking partners to help them navigate a new landscape of possibility.”

Verve has in-house experts in semiotics, AI, behavioural science, anthropology, and social intelligence, alongside the full range of qual, quant and community research. Bringing these multiple lenses together allows them to blend human, cultural, and artificial intelligence to ‘supercharge insight’ for strategy and innovation.

Central to the Verve offer is Ignite AI – AI-powered consultancy which 'unlocks the power of unstructured datasets to create new value'. Taking unstructured information and content from any source, Ignite AI scans and summarises data sets, uncovering implicit emotions, patterns, and cultural codes to create 'semiotics at scale'.

It can also transform carefully curated raw data sets into detailed AI-generated consumer audiences ('intelligent personas') which can be used bring segmentations to life and facilitate innovation, customer centricity and more.

Andrew Cooper, Verve founder and CEO adds: “We want to create 'Holy Sh*t insight moments' for our clients – going beyond just providing relevant insight for their stakeholders and moving towards providing emotional and energising inspiration for action. And our range of ‘smart tech plus smart humans’ approaches can deliver on this big aspiration.”

28 Sep 2023 09:26