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Pongrácz and Amanda du-Pont shake things up

Move over Frank Sinatra - Amanda du-Pont and Pongrácz are here to add some new life to an old favourite.
Pongrácz and Amanda du-Pont shake things up

It’s a new year, and it brings with it a bold new look for Pongrácz. To celebrate, they’ve recreated a rousing rendition of Sinatra’s classic song, “My Way.” It’s a fitting, uplifting anthem to those individuals living their lives and celebrating their success on their own terms.

Who better to embody this campaign than the fierce and fabulous Amanda du-Pont? A model, actress, businesswoman and self-made maven of a booming skincare line, lelive. – Amanda’s journey to success (like so many women) has not been easy or straightforward, but that’s what makes it all the more worth celebrating.

“This campaign resonated with me so strongly because I’ve always done things my way,” says Amanda. “It’s a celebration of living a life that is authentically yours.”

Three more influential South African women who personify Pongrácz’ celebration of bold, beautiful, bespoke confidence are also part of the new campaign: renowned stylist and photographer, Gabbi Kannemeyer, founder of Hermosa Flora cosmetic range, Mbali Sebapu, and founder of Love Kinks haircare, Sinovuyo Mondliwa. Each, adding their unique flair and interpretation to what it means to truly live life your own way.

Raising a glass to one of the world’s fastest growing music genres (local born Amapiano), Pongrácz’s remixed version of “My Way” is both a universally infectious groove whilst clearly earthed in South Africa.

“We knew if we got the music right everything else would fall into place,” says director, Monde Gumede. “So we deconstructed the track with the composer Chris Snyman, restructured the lyrics and built the film around the musical drive shaft. In the end, it’s become something we’re all really proud of.”

The end result: a feel-good, bopping jam (and seriously good looking bottles of Pongrácz) just in time for a brand new year.

“We really wanted to celebrate our new look, as well as the fact that life is best lived on one’s own terms,” says Reagan Clay, Pongrácz brand manager. “Especially considering the last few years we’ve all had, it’s time to break out the bubbly while breaking out of the moulds we used to feel pressured to fit into.”

Exquisitely sung by Mariechan Luiters, the song and indeed the entire campaign leave an impression that’s as fresh and invigorating as the bubbles themselves.

Here’s to living life your way: cheers!

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24 Feb 2022 12:47