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How can you successfully learn new languages?

Learning any new language takes a lot of dedication, practice and time, but all of that pays off when you are able to express yourself in a new and exciting way.
How can you successfully learn new languages?

Learning English has limitless advantages: job opportunities increase, exam results go up and new friends are made. You will benefit greatly from learning English, simply because so many people speak the English language. Use the following tips to help you in your language learning process.

Know your motive – Why do you want to learn English? Is it to help you with your studies, in your business or with travel? Identify your reason and remember it when the going gets tough.

Set goals – Set goals for yourself, whether it is to learn twenty new words a week or to give a presentation in English at work next month. Goals will keep you motivated.

Study a little each day – Studying formally for at least 30 to 60 minutes a day will help you to retain what you learn. At the beginning of each study session, review what you learned in the previous lesson.

Work out a set study schedule – Set aside a specific time for study each day. You are less likely to skip your lessons when you do that.

Study out loud – Pronounce the words out loud to yourself as you study. You will remember them more easily and you will be able to practise your pronunciation at the same time.

Use different learning methods – Language can be learned through different activities such as speaking, reading, writing and associating pictures with words. Find out which method works best for you and use a variety of other methods for practice.

Don’t be afraid – Never be afraid to try speaking to people even though you will make mistakes. They will appreciate your efforts.

Surround yourself – Surround yourself with English. Read it, listen to it, watch it, and most importantly, speak at every opportunity.

Don’t get stuck – If you don’t know a certain word, work your way around it. Use different words and actions to explain it, but don’t give up.

Be patient and give yourself credit – Language learning does not happen overnight. It requires regular, consistent study and practice, and gradually, with time, you will improve. It’s also not always easy to see your own improvement, especially when you become more advanced, but remember that as long as you put in the effort, you will reap the rewards. Encourage yourself, praise yourself for your hard work and dedication, and have fun!

Apart from English, the language school at Wits Plus also offers courses in Asian and European languages, as well as South African Sign Language.

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