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Mediaheads 360 - 2022 a year of growth

Three years after their rebrand, MediaHeads 360 continues to grow!
Mediaheads 360 - 2022 a year of growth

MediaHeads 360’s evolution is evident in the opportunities they have created for clients. Through generating authentic conversations for brands on more mediums, and elevating them from the clutter, their ground-breaking offerings continue to push the boundaries of content integration. “Invite people in by telling stories that are genuinely entertaining, uniquely engaging, and memorable. This tops paying for their divided attention through interruption” is how Candy Dempers, MediaHeads 360 managing director, describes their methodology. On this front, they’ve added two new TV properties to their portfolio: uBettina Wethu Season 2 and Battle of the Sports, back for another season after huge success in 2020 and 2021 respectively. Flexing their technical muscles, the team also stepped into the radio station syndication arena again on an exciting new project.

However, last year wasn’t all about expanding the empire for MediaHeads 360, at least not just their own. In keeping with their culture of learning that inspires their constant curiosity, they celebrated Women’s Month 2021 by putting the spotlight on the power of education and awarded five bursaries to empower and uplift women working in the media industry.

Though 2021 was another in a series of tough years shaped by the pandemic, MediaHeads 360 reinvigorated their purpose of being ‘solutionist’ in their thinking and approach. To them, being a solutionist means to find a path, whether you unearth or adapt an existing one, or have to blaze one anew. This idea does not only apply when tackling client briefs, it’s also central to their values - to be part of the solution on a larger scale. Within South Africa particularly, making an impact through a dedication to transformation and diversity is always foremost in the team’s daily dealings, so they’re especially proud of their Level 1 BEE status. In fact, fuelled by their belief in transformation, their very own internship program has doubled. “It’s important to us to grow, not just in size, but in impact. For us, growth and transformation go hand in hand to allow for equal opportunity.” Dempers, said.

In 2022, MediaHeads 360 is excited about new opportunities and pushing the boundaries even further. “We are always looking to develop the next big idea, daring ourselves to make ‘mission impossible’, possible!” Dempers concluded.

21 Feb 2022 10:28