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Standout with The IIE Postgraduate Diploma available at IIE Rosebank College in 2023

Why not spend 2023 working towards your postgraduate diploma? IIE Rosebank College, a brand of the Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), is proud to announce a first in 2023 - the IIE Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Business is now open for 2023 application at IIE Rosebank College.
Standout with The IIE Postgraduate Diploma available at IIE Rosebank College in 2023

In our drive to contribute to lifelong learning, we are launching the IIE Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Business to mold digital entrepreneurs and contribute towards improved client experience through enhanced digital experiences.

Digital is the future and can improve efficiencies within businesses, communities, and the world. The IIE Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Business will provide the essential skills to feed into the concept of improved customer experience through digital experiences.

Students of the IIE Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Business will be equipped to look for innovation possibilities, improve processes and find ways of saving costs through innovation in the industry, in non-profit organisations, and communities. Individuals with this IIE qualification can work as digital business analysts, digital sales managers, brand operations managers, business development managers, or digital marketers.

The benefits of having a postgraduate diploma

Nurture your 21st century skills

Life is about experiences and broadening one’s perspective, and education significantly contributes to improving self and the world. A postgraduate diploma will assist with refining your 21st century skills, such as research, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, flexibility, leadership, productivity, social skills, and communication. With AI and robotics looking to take over, there are skills one can learn to help steer your career. Having and refining these skills will give you an edge whether employed or starting your own business.

Stand out

With the unemployment rate now sitting at 29% (for those actively seeking employment), the job market is even more competitive than before. There are not enough jobs, and employers are looking for employees with an edge to take their businesses forward and save costs. A postgraduate diploma will make you more qualified than many in the market. It will also give you the edge most businesses need today, the digital edge.

Advance your career

Lifelong learning will help you stay relevant and highly employable. We live in a dynamic world, and skills need to be refined. A postgraduate diploma is a good step after a degree, but not the last. We must continuously ensure that we are learning to find solutions to the world we will find ourselves living in years to come.

We need to think of the customer, not in terms of today, but in the next five to ten years. What do we need to do today to ensure we are at the forefront of client experience, creating economies of scale and saving costs? These are issues that can be addressed with further learning.

The IIE Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Business is available face-to-face at all IIE Rosebank College campuses and through IIE Distance (online). As an IIE distance student you will receive all your support online from a dedicated team of IIE Rosebank College online tutors. Get the edge in 2023 with an accredited IIE qualification at a registered private higher education institution.

9 Jan 2023 13:21