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End 2022 strong

October 2022. You started the race off fast, and now it is time to maintain the momentum and ensure you ace your studies. Every semester counts and should contribute to the successful completion of your qualification.
End 2022 strong

There is a lot to think about, and coping can be difficult in challenging times. As a student, you face many challenges, such as budget constraints, preparing for your first-time employment, family challenges, relationship challenges, time constraints and more. The is always a silver lining, people willing to assist and listen; you need to reach out and ask for help.

At IIE Rosebank College, a brand of The Independent Institute of Education, we believe that a well-rounded student experience is a key to completing a qualification. IIE Rosebank College students have access to wellness services such as counselling and more to assist with coping and getting through their academic journey. Here are some hacks that one can use to lighten the load.

Keep connected

Connected does not only entail social media and chatting on WhatsApp; this means asking for help and learning to speak out. We carry a lot as we journey through this life; it is essential to ask for help and connect with like-minded individuals and individuals who are different to us to increase our network and see life differently. Different perspectives are a brilliant way to learn and challenge one's goals. Seeing things differently and applying our minds to reach our full potential is beautiful. It is not just about connecting, but whom you connect with and how that connection contributes to your current and future goals.

Build your digital resume

We can showcase our talents and skills to anyone worldwide in the exciting times we live in. You can now reach any employer and potential business partner via the internet. Your online profiles speak for you when you can and can be the difference between securing a job or partnering with an influential business partner. Put a strategy together for your online resume and ensure that you are on the right platforms to reach your goals or build a network that will contribute to your aspirations. You do not need to post everything you do; there is an advantage to keeping some information to yourself. Showcase what aligns and contributes to your goals. Always put your best foot forward as first impressions count; you will thank yourself later.

Be bold

The internet makes some of our wildest dreams reachable, so why not be bold? Fear is no longer an option when opportunities extend beyond our borders. Reach out to people you would love to have in your network, no matter who they are. Join forums online and speak out, join networks that align with your goals and brand, and do not be afraid to ask for advice. Many influential people love paying it forward and investing time in empowering others. As Nike says, just do it.


The internet affords us many opportunities but also makes us vulnerable as we can now easily compare ourselves to others online. We forget that we are different and that we matter. We also forget that we are in control of our story, how we choose to tell it, and to whom we choose to say it. Celebrate your milestones, no matter how small they are. Instead of comparing yourself to others, use their success as a catalyst to reach your goals.

It is time to be the best version of you. Use those around you, focus on your goals and strengths, and act.

13 Oct 2022 15:00