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Safety on campus: Someone should always know your whereabouts

If you are a movie fan, you will know the heart-wrenching movie called 127 Hours. 127 Hours stars James Franco and is a 2010 biographical film directed by Danny Boyle. While the movie is a little over a decade old, the lesson remains the same - it is essential to let someone know where you are going.
Safety on campus: Someone should always know your whereabouts

Tertiary life can be exciting, however, it can also be daunting as you will be away from your family's protection. How safe you feel on campus can affect your academic success as well as your well-being. The safer you feel, the more engaged and the better your productivity will be. We have noted a few pointers below on some necessary safety measures you can implement.

Get to know the security measures on campus

Ensure you know where to go when in need of assistance. Feeling safe is essential to ensure you enjoy your tertiary years and complete your qualification. Most campuses are access controlled to ensure all students can be accounted for in an emergency and ensure your safety while on campus. Know where the security office or emergency room is in case you need urgent help.

Use your student card

Your student card is your gateway onto campus. Keep it with your phone, wallet or keys to ensure you never forget it. These days technology has made life easier with digital student cards. The campus security needs to monitor all students coming in and out of the campus to ensure everyone's safety.

Don't walk alone

A buddy system is essential. Campus life may be so good that you may lose track of time and leave slightly late – in these times, ensure that you do not walk alone to ensure your safety.

Transport routes

Learn the transport routes and times to ensure you are never left without transport to get home safely. Ensure you leave on time for your bus or taxi or make the necessary arrangements if you know you will be going to campus late or attending an event. Having multiple transport options is very important.

Save important numbers on your phone

Save numbers of the nearest hospital, police station and fire department so you can easily find them in the event of an emergency. Apps like Namola are free and very helpful in case of an emergency.

Next of kin

Ensure the institution and your friends have a family member's contact details should they need to contact them. In the era of social media, news travels faster than lighting. It is, therefore, essential for your loved ones to receive the correct information from a credible source.

Keep your valuables concealed

Do not walk around with your valuables in view. Make sure you conceal your devices and wallet while on campus or walking to and from campus. These days a phone is a mini-computer and has crucial information about your life, finances and family. Minimise the chances of your phone getting lost or stolen by safely keeping it concealed when in public and having a password or complex pattern to unlock.

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